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5 Common Uses of Your Gallery

by charmedex


As an avid gallery collector, I have browsed through a myriad of unique galleries and have seen many different uses of the space available. Hopefully I can help you to decide what to do with your gallery with this short list of the five commonest uses of the space available: A collection of your favourite items, an entry for the spotlight, a display of your neopoint or neocash items up for trade or even as a safety deposit box. Read to find out more!

1) A Collection of your Favourite Items

Lots of Neopians use their gallery as a collection of their favourite items or just as a display of their most expensive prettiest items. These collections are always nice to browse through, particularly if they are well ranked. Possible ranking schemes that are effective include arranging the items by colour or by shape. Unfortunately, by just using your gallery for such a collection, chances of spotlight are rather slim. However, on the plus side, you are not limited to one theme, so any item you’re proud of can be displayed. Common items collected and displayed include paintbrushes, petpets, codestones and faerie items. These collections tend to make other Neopians Ooooo and Ahhhh with jealousy if well done!

2) Aiming for Spotlight

You can tell those who have used their gallery to try for spotlight apart from those who are just displaying their favourite items by the fact that there is usually just one theme which has been specifically collected for. Unfortunately, this does limit the items which can be on show. Many lovely items that you may own just don’t fit into the theme and so just look out of place if included. Aiming for spotlight also requires a lot of perseverance. Firstly you must come up with a theme that is unique or that you like enough to stick with it. Gathering the appropriate items, ranking them to be aesthetically pleasing and designing an appropriate layout can take up a lot of your time and also neopoints. Even upgrading your gallery to fit all the relevant items can become rather pricey.

I find choosing a theme to be the most troublesome step for most individuals. There are a plethora of different options, though, from common pet and plushie themes to more abstract themes based on tv shows, jobs or even the zodiac signs! These galleries are always fun to collect for and to browse through, though, so they are well worth the trouble. If you’re having problems coming up with a theme, you can always browse through some gallery directories or just post on the gallery spotlight chat boards.

3) Displaying your Unbuyable Neopoint Up For Trade Items

‘Unbuyable’ refers to those items that are priced at over 100 000 neopoints so can not be bought via the shop wizard. The only way to sell these items is by using the trading post. Talented restockers can keep their items on the trading post where they can be searched up easily . However, there are those who are so talented at restocking that their trading post space is used up! Alternatively, some people prefer to put their items on sale in their gallery to prevent the price from deflating. Useful categorising for these galleries is by rarity or by item type (e.g. books separated from toys). Users that frequent the auction and trading chat boards most commonly use their gallery for this purpose. Once all your for-sale items have been appropriately displayed in your gallery, you can then more easily advertise your items on your trading and auctions thread by posting the link to your gallery.

4) Displaying your Neocash Up For Trade Items

Similarly, there are many galleries that are put to good use by displaying a Neopian’s neocash items that they have to trade . Neocash items are bought with real life currency and can only be traded for other neocash items. As a result, there is no way to display them on the trading post or anywhere else on the Neopets site. Putting all your neocash items on show in your gallery makes it easier for other Neopians to see if you have an item they want. The best categorising for these galleries is to separate the buyable from the retired and limited edition neocash items. Again, after arranging your for trade neocash items appropriately, you can then start your own thread or post on other peoples' threads in the NC mall chat board with a link to your gallery. All you need to do then is to negotiate a trade!

5) As a Safety Deposit Box

I really don’t recommend this; after all, you do have a safety deposit box, so why not use that instead. However, I have seen some Neopians using their galleries just to place their random event awarded items or other items they own in a mish mash once they’ve run out of room in their inventory. This also prevents your items from getting stolen by the Pant Devil or from being zapped by the ominous Doctor Sloth himself. However, it quickly gets expensive to upgrade your gallery space whilst the space in your actual safety deposit box is thankfully still free. In my opinion, your gallery space would be better spent on a different project... but each to their own!

I hope this article has given you a brief review of all the possible uses of your gallery. Remember you are in no way limited to just one use. Often Neopians use their gallery as a collection of their favourite things and also have a separate section for their neocash trades. Alternatively users may have their restocked neopoint items for trade in one section of their gallery and base the rest of their gallery around a specific theme to aim for spotlight. Thankfully, the categorising tool allows for multiple uses of your gallery and you could use yours for all five of the above if you wanted to! What you do with your gallery is up to you. Enjoying your own collection is what counts!

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