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Tips On Solving The Daily Puzzle

by sweetcarebear09


About the Daily Puzzle:

So what exactly is the Daily Puzzle of which I speak?

The Daily Puzzle is a Neopets related multiple choice daily question for all Neopets users to have the chance to answer; it's located under the Main section of your Pet Central toolbar tab.

Answering the question correctly can not only give you fabulous prizes such as neopoints and items for your efforts, but it is also a fantastic way to learn about pets, items, worlds, and more!

Keep in mind you can only participate in the Daily Puzzle on your main account and you only get one chance per day, so make those answers count!

Solving the Daily Puzzle:

How you go about solving the Daily Puzzle will all depend on the type of question.

Item Questions:

In most Daily Puzzle questions, the Search Neopets bar will be your greatest ally.

For example, let’s say the Daily Puzzle is asking the name of a character in a book... never heard of the book or come across it? No problem! Just type the name of the book into the Search Neopets area, click the correct item and any information such as the rarity, weight, or character information you need to know is displayed.

Not only do you have the answers in just a snap, you also get to learn more about the various items around Neopets. Perhaps the descriptions or items could even inspire you to start a Gallery based on them; you never know when inspiration could strike you.

Occasionally the search bar will turn up empty because what you are searching for is either something that is considered rare or there are no articles or information pertaining directly to what you need to find.

In the case of a rare item, I recommend using the Shop Wizard, searching through the Trading Post search option, or searching through the Auctions Auction Genie.

So now that you have found that rare item in a shop, trade, or auction, what do you need to do next?

You just need to hover your cursor right over the image of the item and voila, the item's description is right there for your viewing pleasure and hopefully it will contain the answer you seek.

Lands Questions:

Item questions are not the only ones that will pop up on the Daily Puzzle; there can also be questions about lands, shops within the lands, or places within the lands.

For questions regarding shops or areas within lands that you have possibly never heard of, you could try to use process of elimination.

For example, a question regarding the shopkeeper of “Faerie Furniture” can most likely be found in Faerieland or a question in regards to Smuggler‘s Cove might be found at Mystery Island, Krawk Island, or Roo Island.

Who knows, you might even come across a rare item to buy in one of the shops or get a lucky Random Event while you are browsing through all of the lands and areas.

Character, Pet Species, And Battledome Questions:

The Neopedia and Battlepedia are extremely helpful when dealing with pet species, characters, or battledome items you have no inkling about.

The Neopedia can be found right above the Daily Puzzle! How useful is that? Within the Neopedia is a link straight to the Battlepedia!

The Neopedia is where you will find character and pet species information such as how a pet species came to be or stories of all the troubles, twists, and turns a character has been through and overcome.

The Battlepedia contains a list of Battledome items and their uses along with approximate prices and the descriptions of the items. You might come across a Battledome item you never knew you wanted!

Petpet Questions:

Is the Daily Puzzle asking about a petpet species that you never knew even existed?

When the petpet question is regarding anything about a petpet's coloring, the Rainbow Pool is the place to go! The Rainbow Pool can be found in the Neopia Central section of your Shops toolbar tab. Once at the Rainbow Pool, just click the All Petpet Colours option. There you can see all petpet species along with all colors they can be painted!

The Rainbow Pool can also be useful when narrowing down a Daily Puzzle question regarding what petpet is in a picture; everything that you need is right there!

Well, what if the petpet is not listed there? Do the same searching options that are mentioned in the Item Questions Section.

Help Boards:

Still can’t locate what the Daily Puzzle is asking about? Try the Help Boards! If you are a Premium Member, then I recommend trying both standard and premium Help Boards. At the Help Boards, you can find plenty of helpful Neopians who would be willing to help on your Daily Puzzle search and just might know about that rare item that is just too elusive to locate or that shop that seems non existent!

The End:

If worse comes to worst, just take a guess; you could know more than you think!

Do not fret if you get the answer wrong. There is a new puzzle to try every single day.

Have a day where you don’t want to bother doing the puzzle? Just think about the fact that that day might be the one where you win the item that will just perfect your gallery, or be the day that you can get that last little bit of neopoints to buy that special paint brush you have always wanted! Every neopoint truly does count.

The more that you explore throughout the site to find the Daily Puzzle answers, the more Neo-Knowledgeable you will become. The more Neo-Knowledgeable you become, the better your Neopets experience will be. You can come across the most amazing things when you were not even expecting it.

I hope you have enjoyed my Daily Puzzle solving tips and good luck on all of your Daily Puzzle solving.

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