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Your Complete Guide to NC Trading!

by roboticc


It’s all happened to us NC-lovers at least once. You’re browsing through the site, or you’re looking at Customisation Spotlight entries, or just looking at some random person’s lookup, and there it is: Their pet is wearing an amazing item that you just have to have. Its animation proves it’s a Neocash item, so you run to the mall to see if you can buy it. But...

It’s not there!

You’re sure it’s a Neocash item, but if you can’t buy it, how can you get it?

The answer is simple: Neocash Trading.


When the wonderful Basic Gift Boxes first came out, they were used for gifting. Then a new concept – a wonderful concept, an ingenious idea – came up: what if we were to use these boxes to trade our NC items?

The question was, of course, asked to TNT, to make sure no NC Mallers did anything they shouldn’t have. When this trading was deemed as acceptable, NC Mallers were rejoicing. This was an answer to many problems – a way to get rid of unwanted or less-liked items while getting items you want as well. Today, many NC Mallers have been caught up in NC Trading and have had many wishes granted thanks to it.


Interested in NC Trading? Well, I can’t blame you; it’s great! But before you get out there and start trading, there’s a couple of things you’re going to have to know.

1. To trade, you need boxes. Basic Gift Boxes are not purchasable from the mall; instead, you get them when you redeem a Neocash Card. As of now, the ratio is one box for $5. So if you buy a $10 card, you’ll get two boxes. For a $15 card, you’ll get three boxes. A $25 card means you’ll get five boxes.

*NOTE: Neocash Cards are the only way to get boxes!

2. Only one item per box. Don’t think that you can put multiple items in one box: only one item will fit, regardless of the item. If you want to offer multiple items, then that’s fine, but you’ll need to get those many boxes.

3. Not all items have equal values. Keep this in mind! There are different types of items: Retired items are the items that are no longer available for purchase from the mall (remember the astounding item in the introduction to this guide?). Buyable items are any item currently purchasable from the NC Mall. The other type is LE items – Limited Edition. These can be the Limited Edition item from a capsule or a Superpack. In general, Retired or LE items are ‘worth’ more. When trying to trade for these, you’re best off offering another Retired or LE item.

4. This is super important: Neocash items can not, under ANY circumstances, be traded for anything other than a Neocash item! This means no requesting Neopoint items for your Neocash items and no offering on Neocash items with Neopoint items.

NC Trading Abbreviations:

Abbreviations used in general and not specific to NC are ‘nty’ (no thank you), ‘glt’ (good luck trading), ‘yw’ (you’re welcome).

In NC Trading, people frequently come up with short forms for an item’s name to avoid writing out the entire name. Examples are ToT BG, which stands for Trick or Treat Doorstep Background, or AoTR, which stands for Attack of the Revenge Background. These are only two examples from tons of short forms. If you see one and you’re confused, ask someone! It’s better to know exactly, otherwise you might end up trading for an item you don’t actually want.

NC Trading Dos and Don’ts:


Get an opinion before you make a trade, especially if you are new to trading and don’t know the ‘values’ of items. Some items are worth much more than others, and there are always some people who will try to take advantage of the fact you are new!

Ask about the value of an item if you’re unsure. You should make a fair trade board if you get an offer, but it’s a good idea to make a board before you make an offer too. Some people get annoyed when people make offers that aren’t fair – so to avoid angering anyone, ask someone who knows these values well before offering on anything. Eventually you’ll know the values so well people will be coming to ask YOU for help!

Make a tradelist. If you’re interested in trading, it’s always better to put together an Up For Trade list so that other people know what you are offering. Also make a wishlist, so people know what you want.

Be polite! As a NC Trader, I get very irritated – and I know many other people who feel the same way – when people don’t have the manners to speak politely and properly (as in, don’t type lyk dis, because people get annoyed reading it). This is so obvious, and yet people forget it sometimes.

Make sure you have enough boxes before offering on someone’s item.

Ask people to post offers on your board, especially if you’re new. Since boards are public and anyone can read them, people are less likely to make very unfair offers.

Keep all neomails and/or screenies of any agreement to a trade until the trade is completed. If the other person doesn’t send their half of the trade, these can be used as proof.


Snipe trades. This isn’t an auction or anything like that. If two people are organizing a trade on a board, don’t come in between and try to make a better offer. It’s just rude.

Get overwhelmed and overwhelm others! It’s easy to feel wowed by all the items, but making a wishlist that has every rare item on Earth is intimidating and there’s lots of people that will refuse to trade with you.

Back out of a trade. Once you agree to trading with someone, it’s only right to follow through with the trade!

Don’t give someone your opinion on a value if you’re not 100% sure about it. It’s very frustrating when you make a fair trade board and people reply “I think it’s worth this much... but I’m not sure.”

Accept NC gifts from random people. This idea applies to Neopoint items too... but if someone you’ve never met sends you a Neocash gift, mail them and ask before you accept it. There are kind-hearted people out there who will gift randomly, but it’s always better to ask.

Things to remember:

If someone is purchasing items for a trade (for example, they have offered buyables), once they have purchased them, you MUST trade. If they have spent their money and you have clearly agreed to the trade, you have to follow through.

Not everyone has thousands of boxes. Some people do, but most people have a limited amount. When offering on something, try to refrain from asking the other person for an insane amount of items. If they offer many items to you, that’s okay.

There are many, many people that trade NC items. It might take a long time to find an item – especially if you are seeking one of the very rare items, so don’t get frustrated! It might seem like it’s taking forever, but you’ll get the item eventually if you’re offering fairly.

Neocash items and boxes cost real money!

If someone has an item you want but does not have boxes to trade with, you are NOT allowed to give them a card code so they can get boxes.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about the wonderful world of Neocash Trading. Have any more questions? Just mail me, I’ll be more than happy to help you! You can also ask any experienced NC Maller on the NC Mall board. And remember: NC Trading is not a business, it’s supposed to be fun!

Note: I have written this entire guide, but I have to thank people on the NC Mall board for supporting the idea of this article and giving me suggestions. Thank you all!

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