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Pumping Up: How To Effectively Train Your Neopet

by allielle


There are many reasons that Neopians decide to train their Neopet(s). For one, your pets will become strong enough to defeat other challengers in the Battledome. Another bonus is that there are occasional war plots that allow you to defeat 1P challengers for points. Obviously, more points contribute to better prizes.

Also, you can be awarded various other Battledome related trophies: Punchbag Bob, Defenders of Neopia, and Balthazar Basher.

I am going to explore with you several ways to pump up your Neopet. Many Battledomers focus on one method while others find varietal methods more effective. Play around and decide what works for you.

1. Faerie Quests

Did you know that in the old days, Faerie Quests were not random? That’s right, any venturing Neopian was able to complete as many quests as they desired per day. Many Neopian Historians have speculated on why this system changed; the most popular rumor is that the Faeries were agitated by the lack of breaks and threatened to turn everyone on The Neopets Team into Slorgs if they did not comply with their new rules. Even though we’ll most likely never have this old system re-implemented, we shouldn’t ignore just how helpful these ambivalent Faeries are.

There are seven Faeries that can increase your Neopets stats. They are the following:

  • Air Faerie: Movement
  • Fire Faerie: Attack
  • Water Faerie: Defense
  • Light Faerie: Level
  • Dark Faerie: Endurance (Hit Points)
  • Faerie Queen: +1 Level, 3 Strength, & 3 Endurance Points
  • Space Faerie: +4 levels

You are also able to obtain a quest from the Earth Faerie, but I highly suggest declining her quests because the only reward she provides is glutting your pet. Not very useful when you could be feeding your pet via Neolodge or with free omelettes.

Anyway, when you receive any quests from those aforementioned Faeries, don’t ignore them! Those stats *do* build up; however, random quests are not always reliable when pressed for time.

2. Lab Ray Training

As soon as all nine pieces of the map are collected, you are immediately able to start zapping your pet. This is done on a daily basis. You can either gain or lose stats, or have a pets’ species, color, or gender changed. With these arbitrary effects possible, I wouldn’t recommend relying on the lab ray for training, unless you don’t mind having your pet change into ten different species within a month and/or having uneven overall stats.

Lab ray training is very useful for stronger pets who simply want a quicker way to increase hit points, though. If you don’t mind having side effects, then I say go for it. ;)

Also, newer Neopians will find collecting the map pieces VERY expensive. At the time I am writing this article, a full set is going for nearly one million NP. The positive side is that once all the pieces are connected, the lab ray will never leave an account.

3. Dubloon Training - Krawk Island's Swashbuckling Academy

This method is really straightforward - simply purchase dubloons and wait several hours before returning to pick up your Neopet. Although the academy is very reliable and effective, the length of time required for training your pet can be quite frustrating. For a Neopet level 10 and under, the time alone takes four hours. Additionally, the academy only takes Neopets up to level 40 before you have to forgo training there.

On the positive site, dubloons are cheaper than codestones. This method is recommended for beginners, but definitely not for experienced trainers.

4. Codestone Training - Mystery Island Training School

This is most likely the most common method of training that you’ll hear about. Pets here are able to be trained up to level 250, which also means a pet’s stats can be equal to 500 for strength, defense, endurance, and movement.

Pros: Training here is much quicker than at the Swashbuckling Academy. As opposed to four hours for a level 10 pet, the length is two hours instead.

Cons: Codestones are VERY expensive. They tend to inflate and deflate very rapidly; the costs will definitely build up and burn a hole in your bank account. Currently, the cost of an Eo Codestone alone is over 9k. :(

Even though codestones are expensive, this is still one of the most popular methods of training.

5. Secret Ninja Training School

Let’s say hypothetically (or maybe not) your pet has reached level 250. Now what? Well, look at the Secret Ninja Training School of course! It’s not so secret anymore, but you still do have to find it yourself. ;P

Codestones are also the method of payment here. Instead of brown rocks, though, you’ll be paying with red ones. Also, courses are able to be cancelled here if you decide that it’s too expensive. Upon cancelling a course, you must wait 24 hours before you can try entering another one.

Bear in mind that training here WILL be expensive. These red codestones can vary between 20k to unbuyables. There are eight red codestones total and over half of them are exorbitantly priced. Also, your pet MUST be at least level 251 or s/he cannot enter the school. :P

6. Stat Increaser Training

There are various foods and potions abound on Neopets that can also either increase or decrease your Neopets’ stats. A few examples are Level Up Shrooms, Strength Shrooms, Mega Power Plusshrooms, Bomberry Elixir, and Muntando Fruit. Even more common are the usage of Neggs, such as Cool Negg, Basic Power Negg, Super Negg, Spiked Negg, Faerie Queen Negg, and Silver Knight Neggs. If you decide to use stat increasers, remember that it is basically a gamble. Having your pet consume a Basic Power Negg will either give your pet +1 strength or do nothing at all. Not very efficient when considering the price, eh? While it is true that Sneggs always provide stat increments, you are never guarantee to always receive the full 4 additional stat points.

On the positive side, they are VERY useful when your pet is close to a boost. Too impatient to wait out a training course? Then try using a stat increaser instead =) This method is definitely quicker than waiting several hours.

As I stated above, these items are very VERY very costly and carry gold lined price tags.

7. A Few Other Methods

Kitchen Quests

Besides item rewards, the chef occasionally hands out stat bonuses. This method is usually cheaper than buying codestones and/or dubloons. Apparently the ratio is approximately 2 to 4 out of every 10 kitchen quests.

Treasure Maps

Pets may potentially gain levels from collecting all nine pieces of the Space and Underwater Map Pieces. This method is very expensive, especially because both map pieces are currently retired.


You are able to win levels from scratchcards, but again, this is pure luck.

Count von Roo’s Deadly Dice

Pure luck. Plus, Mr. Von Roo ONLY comes out at midnight NST. Use this method to either win or lose levels. ;)

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