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Your Lingo Guide to the Pound Boards (PC)

by avendu


At one point or another most users will stumble onto this board, what you will see is enough acronyms to make your head spin. With boards like “vwn uc bd looking for custom” or “bn av pet uft/ufa”, it’s enough to make you turn round and go back to the board you came from. But fear not! This handy dandy guide will steer you through the murky waters of chat speak and pet trading, so you can perhaps find your dream pet.

The Acronyms

UC – Unconverted is the old art style neopets. They are rare because you can no longer create them, which makes them very special to own. The downside, though, is that these pets cannot be customised (with clothing) and are often very expensive to custom for as a lot of owners only want to trade for other UC pets.

AV – Avvie pet, this is a simple one. An avatar pet is a pet that once owned will get you a shiny new avvie.

VWN – These pets are 3-6 letters in length. They are easy to pronounce and are capitalised with no numbers or underscores.

WN – These pets are usually a little longer in length than VWN pets or a bit harder to pronounce. These pets are also capitalised with no numbers or underscores.

DN – These pets generally only have one “fault”: for example, lack of a capital letter, or one underscore in the name.

BN – These are pets that usually have no capital letter with a combination of numbers, letters and underscores or are generally not pronounceable.

RW – These are pet names that come from real life words such as “steak” or “sword”; however, obscure words/suffixes and plurals are less popular when trading.

RN – These pets come from real life names such as “Laura” or “Joe”. These pets tend to trade for valuable pets. Currently people are misspelling names such as “Laurra” in an attempt to trade for higher value pets; however, when trading a lot of people prefer correct spelling.

Custom – One of the more popular trades to offer. This is where a person makes a pet especially for you. You offer them a pet and they can offer a custom paint in return. So they would make a pet where you can choose the name, species, gender and colour. They would then make that pet and trade you the custom pet for the pet you are offering.

UFT – Up for Trade. This means the owner no longer wishes to have this pet and wants to trade their pet for another pet that they desire.

UFA – Up for Adoption. This means the owner no longer wishes to have this pet and wishes to give the pet to another user. Some people like quick adoption, where they talk to a person on the boards and then give them the pet. Some people like a little more effort and require an application for the pet. Best to check with each user what their preference is.

UFQA - Up for Quick Adoption. This is where an owner wishes to find a new owner for their pet quickly, usually picking someone off the board, instead of having people apply for the pet.

URQT - Up for Quick Trade. This is where an owner wants to find a trade that day/within the hour rather than waiting a month or so.

App Chat – This is usually where you can find people who have already applied for pets, are applying for pets or what advice on how to do so. In this board you can find many people with a similar love of applying, as well as finding useful critiques and improvements on your own application.

FFQ –Fountain Faerie Quest. Some users who are lucky enough to receive a quest from the elusive faerie choose to trade their reward. On completion of an FFQ, you can pick almost any colour to paint your pet as a reward. There are some limitations (no royal, robot, msp, usuki, ice, sponge, quiguki); other than that, the sky is the limit. People then custom a pet for you any colour you like, even expensive colours like pirate.

BD – There is a lot of opinion when it comes to BD pets. As a general rule, if all stats are even, above 100 each and the pet is trainable (i.e. not a low level), you can advertise as BD.

Lab Rat – These are pets that have gained their stats via the lab ray. As a result, the pet often has low defence and level, and are often untrainable. Some people when looking for BD pets will specifically require no lab pets, whereas the low level of the pet makes the pet available for most users to trade for.

HSD – This is a term used to describe the health, strength and defence of a pet. So if you see for example 600 HSD. This means that by adding the hp, strength and defence of a pet you will get 600.

Pound Surf – This is usually a board made up of people who continually refresh at the pound hoping to find good pets. These people then post pets that others may like on the board for people to look up and possibly adopt. They could include well named pets, Battledome pets, painted pets or pets that are limited edition.

Dry – This is where they are very few well named, BD, coloured or LE pets in the pound. There will usually be a lot of basic badly named pets.

Wet – This is where there will be well named, BD, coloured or LE pets in the pound; this is when you have best chance to get a nice pound find.

Impulse adopt – This is where someone pound surfs and adopts a pet without looking at what they are adopting. This usually happens when someone finds a colour/species they desire, adopts then realises the name is less than ideal.

Pound Release – This is where all the pets that were frozen when the pound was done currently are. These pets are randomly released into the pound.

There are also abbreviations for certain colour/species combos - the most common are:

OG - Orange Grundo

WL - Halloween Lupe/Werelupe

IQ - Island Quiggle

MR - Mummy Ruki

FB - Fire Blumaroo

Cy - Cybunny

RB/RG - Royal Boy/Royal Girl

Basic – Red/Yellow/Blue/Green pet

Fruit/ Veg – Apple,Avocado, Blueberry, Durian, Gooseberry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Pea, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plum, Thornberry.

Hopefully this little guide will clear a few things up, and help you venture through the pound boards (pound chat) and if there is anything you don't understand PCers are a friendly bunch, so don't be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you are getting a fair trade for your pet.

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