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And A-Worming We Shall Go

by zawmby


So you’d like to become a worm extraordinaire, eh? Well, I can tell you now that it won’t be easy. But with a little luck – and a lot of my help – you might just get there one day. Maybe. Actually, maybe not. I guess we’ll just see.

Let’s start off with the basics of this task:

Firstly, you’ll need to pay a visit to Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic in the fabulous city of Moltara. You’ve got to receive a lantern – the Empty Lantern, to be specific – and keep it in your inventory, before you can start collecting the worms. If you try to pick up a worm without your handy lantern, you’ll receive this frustrating message: “What a neat looking worm. Too bad you have nowhere to put it.” The lantern is free, too, so you have nothing to lose! But it’s also a “no trade” item, so I suppose you don’t have anything to gain either...

Secondly, you’re going to have to wrangle ten of these little guys. For those of you out there that love to add a splash of color to your time in Neopia: you’re in luck. These adorable little fellows come in nine different colors, as well as rainbow! Much like a cuter, non-fishy Anglerfish, these little worms have dangling lights that hang from their heads. They’ve got white bellies, and dark, colorful spots – for maximum cuteness.

Thirdly, if you do manage to nab all ten of these delightful creatures, you’ll have to place them in your lantern, using the “Fill it with worms” option, for them to be useful. If you do this, you’ll receive the Brightly Lit Lantern. How wonderful! With this dazzling item, you can venture into the Dark Cave. After making your way through the labyrinth-like cave, you’ll find a piece of Red Moltite. Directly after you find your treasure, your worms will tire and you’ll need to escape back to the well-lit caves of Moltara. If you go back to Lampwyck’s, he will reward you with the Friendly Glowing Lantern, and he’ll even offer to take care of your worms so you can go back to the caves tomorrow. What a gracious fellow!

Alright, well, moving right along.

At this point, I’ll explain each worm and its location. Please note that the order in which I list these worms is, in no way, indicative of the order in which you will find them. They appear randomly.

1. The rainbow worm. This little guy is my favorite out of all of the worms. He’s brightly colored, and absolutely adorable – what’s not to like? I found this worm to be extremely tricky to find, and I spent quite a lot of time searching. You’ll find him, at one point or another, sitting very near the doorway to the right of Molten Morsels, in Moltara City. He may be small on the map, but it is very easy to determine that he is rainbow. And very cute.

2. The pink worm. This worm is a very bright, and very pretty, shade of pink, a color that even the pink-hating folks can appreciate. I, personally, had no problems finding this worm, but I did hear of quite a few others struggling with it. You’ll find this worm hanging out in the Moltara Caves, in front and to the left of the Magma Pool guard.

3. The red worm. This worm is a gorgeous, vibrant shade of red. He is definitely one of my favorites, but that’s probably just because red is my favorite color. You can find him chilling in Moltara City, to the right of the doorway of the building on the right of Town Hall. I know that sounds a tad confusing, but this worm will be impossible to miss – once he appears, that is.

4. The orange worm. This guy is a nice shade of orange, but he is easy to miss. Moltara City, where this worm can be found, has many shades of orange, brown and gray. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, he’s not going to stand out as much as the other worms might. Regardless, you can find him to the right of the doorway directly beneath the Tunnel Tumble sign in the great city of Moltara.

5. The yellow worm. This worm is a very bright shade of yellow, and that makes for a rather easy worm to spot. You can find this fellow hanging out in the Moltara Caves, on the first part of the ledge, near the bridge that leads into building under The Gilded Page sign. You can also say that he will be found to the left of the Petpetorium sign.

6. The green worm. This guy is a lovely shade of green, which is a fairly refreshing splash of color in Moltara City. You’ll find him atop the curved roof of the Cog’s Togs building. The only thing I didn’t like about finding this worm was how often I mistook the bright green paw print on the front of Tangor’s Workshop for it. Hopefully you won’t have the same problem as me, as it did get quite annoying, quite quickly.

7. The blue worm. This worm is a fairly light shade of blue, which stands out quite well in the caves of Moltara. You’ll find him to the left of the stairs, in the small shadow, that lead up to the Petpetorium. His light color will, probably, draw your eye right to him. How fabulously convenient!

8. The purple worm. This worm is one of the trickier worms. You will find him in the doorway of the cave directly above the lava waterfall of the Magma Pool. He, in my opinion, appears to be smaller than the other worms. Another problem that I personally had in finding him was also caused by his location. When I was looking for him, the bright colors of the Magma Pool continued to draw my eye, which became distracting to a problematic degree. Again, hopefully you won’t have the same problem as me.

9. The black worm. This worm took me forever to find! He’s a very nice shade of black but, when you’re looking for him, you should expect a purple worm. He will be shown as a purple worm, with a purple outline and a light purple belly. He can be found in the cave directly below the Arcanium. You can also describe his location as the cave to the right of the Petpetorium sign. As I’m sure you can imagine, it would be nearly impossible to spot a black worm against the black cave opening, hence the color change. When you click on the worm to collect him, he will show up as a normal black worm.

10. Last, but surely not least, the white worm. This white worm is a very pretty shade of white; and he has blue eyes. He stands out fairly well, so you should have no problem spotting him – once he shows up. You can find him under and on the left side of the large arch beneath the ledge under the Tunnel Tumble sign.

I hope my guide to the Moltara worms will prove helpful to you, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Remember to have fun, and don’t give up, no matter how hard it is to find that last worm. Happy worm hunting!

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