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Welcome to Edna's Tower

by sarahsuk


Just to tell you, I am COMPLETELY normal! I am not even the slightest bit strange. Do not think that sleeping with a Cobrall at night and wearing giant red swirl shaped jewelry is odd because it is most definitely not. Also, do not think that a trip to Edna's Tower is nice because it is MOST certainly not. Now to tell you my story.

     My name is Karina. I'm a Green Zafara, much like the one Edna is except I don't wear pointy black hats. When I grow up I am going to be Neopia's most FAMOUS actress. I have a real knack for lying. Er, I mean acting. It was a normal Saturday morning and I was sleeping in, my beautiful Cobrall, Maze, sleeping around my head. My owner, Tiffany (she can be a real pain), suddenly barges into my room and yanks the blanket off my bed. I scream, but pretend to be asleep at the same time. If I'm going to be a famous actress one day there's no time to practice than the present.

     "Get up!" Tiffany demanded. "I have an errand for you to run."

     "You know I don't like running," I grumbled, not daring to open my eyes.

     "Fine then, I want you to do something for me," Tiffany said, poking me. Maze hissed.

     "Oh, Tiffany, I'm sleeping," I moaned, turning over on my bed.

     "Then how are you talking to me?" Tiffany demanded.

     "Haven't you ever heard of sleep talking?"

     "That's it! GET UP!"

     Tiffany grabbed me- yes she actually GRABBED me- and thrust me on to the floor. I screamed the entire time until she told me to be quiet or else she'd stuff Maze into my mouth. She handed me my favourite giant red bracelet decorated with circles and squares and stars and every other shape imaginable.

     "Wear this," my owner said. "Edna likes it."

     "Oh, okay, this is my fa-" I stopped. "Did you say Edna?"

     "Yes I said Edna," Tiffany said impatiently. "Now hurry or you'll be arriving at the Haunted Woods at midnight!"

     "I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!!!" I screamed and threw myself on my bed, crushing Maze who started to wail.

     "You're such a baby," Tiffany said, rolling her eyes. She grabbed my feet and dragged me off the bed. I hung on to Maze but he bit me and made me let go. Stupid Cobrall.

     "NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!" I was practically clawing at the walls, but Tiffany was stronger than me. She dragged me all the way down the stairs and out the front door.

     "Why do I have to go?" I wailed.

     "I want you to get me that Cackle avatar," Tiffany answered, giving me my coat. "Just ask Edna nicely for it and she'll give it to you."

     "But I thought we had to do quests," I said as Tiffany grabbed my shoes and thrust them at me.

     "Well, you're special," Tiffany answered. "Now scoot! It gets darker every second at the Haunted Woods so it's best you go now."

     "Why can't you go?" I asked, not moving an inch.

     "I'll be busy," Tiffany said. In other words, she didn't want to go either.

     "Can I take Maze?" I asked.

     Tiffany rolled her eyes, but went upstairs and came back down with the Cobrall. "Here."

     I took Maze and stroked him. He gave me the evil eye. I gave him one too. I thought it would only be fair.

     "Stop giving each other evil stares," Tiffany said, rolling her eyes. She seemed to do this a lot. "Get going!" She went back in the house and slammed the door.

     "HOW RUDE!" I yelled. Then I turned and started for the Haunted Woods. While I walked I sang to Maze. He liked it when I sang to him.

     I passed by the Food Shop where the Chia who worked there gave me funny looks. It must've been the jacket. On my beautiful poofy red jacket there was a picture of a Lupe. Oh yeah. Lupe's ate Chia's didn't they?

     "This way to Haunted Woods," I read. A giant sign had been placed right before me, pointing right. I started to walk.

     Maze hissed as we entered the forest, the trees as sick as an Elephante's trunk. I shivered and pulled my jacket tighter over my body. I hated this part of the Haunted Woods. I remembered once when I walked through here with Tiffany and she told me never to make much noise or else wild Neopets would come out and attack. Too bad I remembered that right after I stepped on a twig and it broke in half making a loud cracking sound.

     I screamed and Maze hissed loudly as a Red Lupe jumped out of the trees. He bared his teeth at us and growled angrily and I stumbled backwards, tripping over a tree root and making a loud thud as I hit the ground. That attracted several more wild Lupes. Great.

     "Trespasser!" the Red Lupe growled. He seemed to be the leader of the pack.

     "I come in peace!" I shrieked, stumbling to my feet. Maze slithered into the hood of my jacket, the coward.

     "No one comes in peace in the Haunted Woods!" a Blue Lupe barked at me. He gave me the evil eye. Why does everyone insist on eyeing me evilly??

     I figured now was a good time to launch my acting skills. I dropped to my knees and rubbed my hands together. "I stumbled here by accident," I lied. "I didn't know I would run into such handsome and strong Lupes as yourself."

     All the Lupes looked quite flattered except for the Red Lupe who snorted and said, "Don't expect us to believe this rubbish you flaunt in our face."

     "I'm a big fan," I said, sounding very convincing (if I do say so myself). "See? You're on the back of my jacket."

     "You know, she does seem to like us, boss," the Blue Lupe said, grinning. He seemed to be taking a liking to me.

     "Don't be a fool!" the Red Lupe hissed. "She is obviously trying to get on our good side."

     I sighed and rose to my feet. "Well then if you don't trust me then I suppose I can't tell you my secret."

     The Red Lupe raised his eyebrows. "Secret?" Ah ha! A weak spot!

     "Yes, secret," I said. "Well, if you're going to kill me then do it now." I closed my eyes.

     "Wait," the red Lupe waved at me to make me open my eyes. "I trust you. Tell me the secret."

     I raised my eyebrows. My giant red bracelet slipped down my wrist and I pushed it back up. "Are you sure?"

     "Yes," the Red Lupe said, practically begging.

     I leaned close to the pack of Lupes and lowered my voice. "In Neopia," I whispered. "There is a Chia at the Food Shop. You can't miss it. It's shaped like a burger."

     "A Chia?" The Red Lupe looked interested.

     "Very fat," I said, nodding. "Very yellow."

     "Why, yellow's my favourite colour!" the Red Lupe exclaimed.

     The Blue Lupe frowned. "I thought it was red."

     Ignoring his companions comment, the Red Lupe faced me. "Thank you kindly for this information. Let's go, boys!" He started to run for Neopia, his friends following him.

     I sighed with relief. "Maze, you can come out now. They're gone." My Cobrall slithered out of my hood and perched himself comfortably on my shoulder. I ran through the rest of the woods, not wanting to attract more wild Neopets.

     After about a half an hour of dodging tree branches, I reached Edna's Tower. I opened the door, looked around hesitantly, and then ducked in. I hated that there were so many stairs in Edna's Tower. I jogged up all of them, panting as I did. I almost fainted when I reached the top. Maybe it was because of all the stairs. Or maybe it was because of the awful smell. At the top was a green door which I opened. I entered the room and saw Edna stirring something purple in a large pot. So that was where the ghastly smell came from.

     "Hello, Karina and Maze!" Edna said cheerfully, setting down her large wooden spoon.

     "Hi, Aunt Edna," I said, grinning. Even though I hated the trip going to Haunted Woods, I liked to see my Aunt Edna. She always gave me free potions.

     "How was your day?" Edna asked, sitting down on a bench and motioning for me to do the same.

     "Er, it was fine," I said, grinning as I sat down.

     "Good." Edna smiled. "Now what can I do for you?"

     "Tiffany wants the Cackle avatar," I said. Maze was not making himself comfortable on Edna's lap.

     "Well why didn't you say so?" Edna reached into her pocket and pulled out a box. "Here you go, dear."

     "Thanks Aunt Edna!" I smiled and rose from the bench. "Have fun cackling!"

     Edna rolled her eyes. "Honestly, it's a tough job. They should know I only give them avatars if they ask for it. I mean, do they really expect me to remember something as little as avatars when I have potions to make?"

     I grinned. "They shouldn't expect so much, Aunt Edna."

     "Now, take this potion." Edna handed me a purple potion that looked much like the one she was stirring. "Drink it and wish you are home. That way you don't have to go through all that trouble to get back to your place in Neopia."

     "Thanks, Aunt Edna." I closed my eyes, drank the potion and wished I was back home. When I opened my eyes, I was standing in my bedroom, the box in my hands, Maze on top of my head. How did he get there??

     The next morning the Neopian Times came. I picked it up from where it was resting on the coffee table. The headlines said in big block letters 'CHIA AT FOOD COURT ATTACKED BY WILD LUPES'. Oops. My bad.

The End

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