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The Truth About Basic Colors

by gymgirl978


Who said Basic was a bad thing?

Hi everyone, I’m Ella9785__90 the Disco Aisha. *ooh* Some Neopians may raise their eyebrows at that, seeing that I’m a Disco Aisha. But what if I had said something like, “Hi everyone, I’m Ella9785__90 the Green Aisha.” Would I seem very special? Well, I am here to tell you that basic-colored pets are just as smart, charming, and pretty as those expensive-colored pets!

First off, I would just like to inform everyone that I was a blue Aisha for two years! I waited, and waited, and waaaaited for my owner to earn enough Neopoints to paint me Disco! *reminisces* During that time, I realized that being a blue Aisha wasn’t so bad after all, and started talking to other pets about it. One thing I learned was that most pets DID NOT like being a “boring” color. I proved them wrong!

Basic colors are very versatile! They go quite well with most backgrounds and wearables. I often have issues with my clothes; my pattern clashes with the designs on the clothes. But basic pets have it easy. They can just waltz into their closet, pick some clothes, accessories, and maybe a background, and VOILA! They have the best color-coordinated outfit!

Also, basic colors blend in with the others. Now, you may not think that this is good at all, but think about it. Would you like to be the only mutant pet at a party? How about being a zombie pet? *shivers* Nobody would want to talk to you, give you a gift, or even want you standing around their food! They would probably just hand you a Fantastic Fly Pie and run away! Now we are a few steps closer to you liking your basic color.

The same thing applies here. Most Neopians are very hostile towards odd, creepy, or terrifying Neopets! Be thankful for your NORMAL color! It is quite a nice thing to have... *glances at a mutant Kau*

Basic-colored pets are what everyone knows as, well, your basic pets. Nothing new, nothing cool, just plain old same old. But basic pets also have outstanding features, such as their lush, green color. Or maybe an airy blue that almost reminds you of clouds (maybe a Cloud Paint Brush)? How about a bold color such as red, which stands out quite nicely? I will review the colors to make you feel more confident.


Red is, by far, one of the boldest colors out there! Want to make a fashion statement? Simply paint yourself red, and maybe add a hair bow, and there you go! It’s plain, but very pretty... assuming that you used a pretty accessory. I find red pets to be quite lovely-looking, as their color shows their true spirit. Red is also a perfect color for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween!


Ah yes, blue. Blue happens to be one of my very favorite colors that you could possibly paint your pet! It looks good on most pets, and reminds you of so many things! Maybe that time that you went to Kiko Lake with your fellow Neopians and got lost? Or how about that time that you wandered into Faerieland and were amazed at how the sky was filled with so many puffy, soft clouds? Blue is an outstanding color for almost any pet, I would say! Blue is also a color that most Neopians love; who wouldn’t?


Moving on to another favorite is green. Green just happens to be almost as good as blue, in my opinion. Green is a lush, vibrant color that works well with most scenery and accessories. Green, however, is sometimes a bit too, well, green... you can sometimes even blend in better with grass than those camouflage pets! I once found a green Quiggle hiding in the grass in Meridell. *chews cookie slowly* Very suspicious. Anyway, green is outstanding and extraordinary, and as mentioned previously, just like all the other pets, goes very nicely with clothes.


Yellow is a great color for a pet who is delighted! Most of the yellow pets that I’ve seen are very cheery and sweet, probably because they are such a sunny color! Generally, yellow pets are happy and make the perfect pet for any loving owner. They also have a tendency to want to go to happy places, eat happy food, and sleep in happy Neohomes. They are almost like bottled sunshine! I’ve also heard that some evil monsters and villains will stay away from yellow pets. *glances around* Just a rumor. Also, I find that yellow pets look marvelous with all different kinds of shirts and accessories. Honestly, any pet looks good in clothes... you just have to coordinate the right clothes with your Neopet’s pattern/design/color.

So now that we’ve clarified and classified the array of basic colors, we should move on to what makes basic pets special, and what makes them great pets to have! Firstly, I would like to say that most basic-colored Neopets are quite agreeable; they do not put up a fight when you don’t take them to Kelp or The Golden Dubloon for their dinner. They are quite happy to eat omelettes, jellies, and those free snacks that you get! But don’t make them live off of plain food forever; make sure that you treat them to some chocolate now and then. Basic pets have feelings too!

However, if you feel that your basic color is too basic, I have some advice for you. Now, I think that everyone knows that Faerie Neopets are quite expensive and rare, but if you can’t quite afford the paint brush, I suggest that you take a little trip to the NC Mall and pick out a pair of wings! There is a large collection of wings, including girly wings and somewhat boyish wings, delicate wings, and beautiful wings, all at reasonable prices! The same applies for other paint brushes and whatnot; pick out some items to coordinate the theme and there you have it, a Royal Uni lookalike! Well, almost. Also, there are some nice wearable things that the Advent Calendar has awarded that make fantastic outfits!

The reason basic-colored Neopets are special is because they are basic. They are a nice, plain color that anyone can love. Very versatile and lovely. Even though you may think you are an ugly, boring color, just remember that you’re like everyone else, and sometimes, that is a nice thing! Just remember that basic pets are just like any other pet; they want to be loved, groomed, fed, played with, and cherished—not looked down upon—by their owners.

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