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Remembering Our Ogrin Friends

by alt1981black


The final Pet Day of each year belongs to the majestic, quiet Ogrin. I'm a fan of Ogrins, myself, and they are a very noble species, though perhaps a bit on the shy side. Despite the fact they are one of the less common Neopian species, I sincerely wish there were more of them. I'm going to take the time to tell you why I am so fond of this silent species.

To begin, Ogrins are very studious fellows. They appreciate nature very much, and they constantly study the world around them, to better understand it. Ogrins actually take the time to smell the roses, not merely notice them and then move along. They appreciate the environment, and they are, perhaps, one of the best species that the farmers of Meridell turn toward for advice during crop planting, tending, and harvesting. They also help to keep the daily weather reports as accurate as possible.

Ogrins are not a very active species. They are quieter and more sedate, and they prefer a quiet room in their Neohomes in which they can study, without interruptions from the other pets in the home. A garden, too, is advisable, so that they can study the wide variety of flora at their leisure. A nice garden is something every Ogrin will appreciate. Include a bench in the centre of a rose garden, with a nearby pond, and I guarantee you will have a friend for life.

Be aware that Ogrins are not the most social species in Neopia. They spend more time listening, however, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've found that many Ogrins are full of wisdom, based on keen observations and an ability to truly listen. They might not be your most talkative friends, but they are certainly very intelligent, and can hold their own in a conversation quite well, if inclined to speak. A conversation with an Ogrin is certainly never dull, by any means! It might not be a frequent event, but it does happen.

Are you considering bringing an Ogrin into your Neo family? If so, I must applaud you, for you are taking in one of the most amazing Neopian species you will ever meet. In addition to being silent, observant, and studious, Ogrins are also very neat and tidy fellows. They won't make messes in the kitchen or family room for you to clean up. Ogrins are very neat and like an organised space. You won't have to pick up books and toys, or mop up spilled juice or milk, since Ogrins are a very clean species. Their calm, quiet demeanours mean that you'll never need to keep breakable items under lock and key, either.

The Battledome is not the ideal place for Ogrins, as they are a peaceful species who prefer to avoid conflict wherever possible. If you are someone who insists on every pet being trained to high levels, including your Ogrin, they won't try to argue with you, though they might prefer if you choose another species to be your prime Battle pet. There are the occasional Ogrins who do battle professionally, of course, but for the most, Ogrins would rather observe the battling that goes on, rather than fight, themselves, if possible.

Ogrins are considered to be reading machines. They love to read, and spend hour after hour at the library, studying away, blissfully unaware of anything else that goes on around them, or so we'd like to think. Don't be fooled; they do have ears, you know. If you'd like to make your Ogrin happy, buying them a good book here and there might be a wonderful idea. Toys and games are fine and dandy, but a good book can be even better.

I truly wish there were more Ogrins out there. They are an amazing species, it's true. Some people like them for their quiet personalities; others like them for their mohawk-like manes and beautiful amber eyes. Baby Ogrins are simply adorable, and they have the sweetest way of looking up at you and smiling, to ask for a picture book or two. Even the littlest Ogrins enjoy a good book, though it's advisable to stick with picture books and books of faerie tales.

Despite their usually mild temperaments and quiet demeanours, there are a few Ogrins who are more rebellious than usual. I suspect that these Ogrins are the few who actually battle professionally in the Battledome, though I could be wrong, for all that. The few Ogrins who do battle professionally in the Battledome live very quiet lives outside of it, so knowing who is a dedicated fighter compared with a peaceful, observant fellow is very hard to distinguish.

Ogrins have inspired a variety of fashionable clothing at Uni's Boutique, as well. Your other pets can buy Ogrin-inspired clothes and be as trendy as Ogrins themselves. There's something to be said for a T-shirt that's decorated with a furry ruff at the collar, and patterned with striping that resembles the striping of an actual Ogrin. I've yet to learn just what Ogrins think about these clothes, however. The most I could ever get out of anyone was a raised brow and a questioning expression, nothing more. I'd say that they're impressed, though it's merely my guess, not a proven thing.

And so, as the year ends, it concludes with Ogrin Day as the final Pet Day of the year. The last Pet Day of the year belongs to the most silent of all Neopet species, and perhaps it's an appropriate choice of Pet Day to bring each year to a conclusion in Neopia. I'm very glad to spend a quiet day celebrating this amazing species, who might be undervalued by many, but certainly special to others. I can't think of a more worthy species to have the last Pet Day in the year, just the same. Though not as numerous as many other species, there's something about Ogrins that makes them a great Neopian species.

Happy Ogrin Day, everyone!

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