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Tips for Making the New Year Great!

by initiation_day


Yes, we all know that this year has been great (Moltara, 10th birthday, Illusen slipping laxatives into Jhudora’s drink....), but as this year draws to a close, we can’t help but start to look towards to the upcoming year. But the question is, how do we make the next as great as this one? Well, there are a few simple things you can do that will help you make the next year the best one yet (or a really good one)!

1. Out with the OLD and in with the NEW

Yes, you heard me! This means cleaning out the ol’ SDB (safety deposit box, for all you dingbats out there), inventory and shop stock. Those 500 bits of barbed wire you’ve been hoarding since 1999 could probably go!

Try having a “garage sale”- put any unwanted items up for sale in your shop for cheap to quickly get rid of them. You might rake in a bit of profit for stuff that you would’ve discarded anyway. Also keep your eyes peeled for other people doing the same thing. You might nab a nifty bargain on that book your Uni has been dying to read or that elusive paintbrush!

You can also DONATE a lot of your good-but-unwanted items to the Money Tree. Anything you donate would be helping make someone else’s new year start off with a bang as well! After all, who doesn’t like freebies?

2. Change

One of the easiest ways to start the new year off with a bang is changing things around! It’s easy to get caught in old trends and fashions. Let’s face it- the Maraquan theme you’ve got going on for your Neohome is so last year. And the flashing starry background on your user lookup? Try last decade!

Change breathes fresh air back into your account. Changing your Neohome or gallery or user lookup really gives you the ‘yep- this-is-definitely-a-new-year’ feeling.

This also applies to your pets! Maybe take them for a quick visit to the Rainbow Pool to get a new look for the new year? Get them a new wardrobe or perhaps some new toys! Not only will THEY like the change, but I bet you my last mud lollipop that you will enjoy helping them pick out new colours, clothes, hairstyles, etc., etc.

3. Goals

We’ve now reached the big one. You may have heard rumours about people attempting to set goals for the new year and failing to achieve them all (although let’s be thankful that Dr. Sloth’s goals for the new year never came true).

I know goals are a bit clichéd, but in all honesty they are a really good way to keep you motivated throughout the year. BUT there are a few guidelines that will help it make easier to reach your goals.

Don’t set ridiculous goals: seriously, goals like “becoming the supreme ruler of the Haunted Woods” aren’t really reasonable. Neither is: owning every Neopet in Neopia. If you do see someone with those goals, please send them to the water faerie! I fear they may have spent too much time in the sun picking berries in Meridell!

Break them down to long term, mid-term, short-term and daily goals: This is better explained using an example.

Long-term Goal: Lab Map

Mid-term: 5 out of 9 pieces of the Lab Map

Short-term: 500 000 neopoints to buy lab map pieces

Daily Goal: Playing games

This makes your long term goal seem way more achievable. Like, how easy is it to play games? Do that every day and soon you’ll reach your short term goal, and then your midterm and so forth.

Keep reminding yourself: Put up a small reminder on your user lookup of what you are trying to achieve!

And finally....

Keep at it: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach your midterm goal as quickly as you like; just keep working at it and you eventually will achieve your goal.

Goals are a really easy way to make the year a good one. Not only does having something you’re working towards make the days go by quickly, but you also gain a huge sense of satisfaction once you’ve completed your goal!

4. Guild

Perhaps 2010 means joining a guild (or changing guilds!). Guilds provide a really good opportunity to become part of a community, meet new people and make some neofriends. Guilds usually host their own mini activities for members to get involved in and are great fun to be a part of. Joining a guild is a great way to start the year.

5. Be Involved!

Get involved with all the things on offer. TNT is always putting up new plots, games and activities for us humble Neopians.

Other ways of getting involved are: writing for the Neopian Times, entering the beauty contest, entering the caption contest, submitting poetry and/or artwork.... The list is endless.

The year will go by quickly and will be heaps of fun if you take part. You could even try hosting your own tiki tour if you want to go that extra mile!

6. Hobbies

Maybe this year you need a new hobby. Instead of wasting your hours counting your bits of barbed wire, why not try your hand at collecting Avatars or being a Battledome champion? Or maybe you should head on over to the ‘Help Board’ and hand out some helpful pieces of advice? There are plenty of hobbies that you could take up! Here are some ideas:

  • Open a gallery!
  • Collect stamps
  • Battledome! RAWR!
  • Faerie/Brain Tree/Edna Quests
  • Avatar Collecting
  • Stockmarket

So maybe that is just what you need to get this year off to a great start- a new hobby!

That’s it. Really it is. That’s all there is to having a great year. Just by following these tips you can make the year go by really quickly and have fun as well. Just remember that there will always be ups and downs. You might get caught in the Neoflu pandemic or your Neohome might be flooded because a certain careless JubJub left the bathroom tap running *GLARE*. Ahem. Anyway, it all boils down to what you do to make 2010 fantastic!

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