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Zurroball: A Game Against Gravity

by __questions__


Zurroball is known to be the only permanent game on Neopets to start with the letter Z. Zurroball is a game where Grundos in the Virtupets Space Station like to use their gravity to have fun. If you don't live on the Virtupets Space Station, worry not! The World of Neopia has gravity too, and therefore, Zurroball can also be played down on our very own planet. Why don't you head down to your nearest arcade sometime and give the game a try? But before you decide to go and give the game a shot, you are going to need a few tips first so other Neopians don't point and laugh as they watch you lose a dozen times.

What tricks can I perform?

Every time you successfully click your ball, you perform at least one trick. I suggest that you try to link many tricks as possible together in a chain before sending your ball over the red line, rather than performing one or two tricks and trying to get it over the line immediately. This method is a faster way to build up big points. There are six known tricks you can perform:

Freestyle: Simply click the ball and you’ve just performed a freestyle. This trick is simple, and will earn you one point.

Left Zurro: Bounce your ball against the left wall. This earns you two points.

Right Zurro: Same thing as a Left Zurro except bounce your ball against the right wall. Again, this earns you two points.

Boomerang: This one is a little bit trickier than the other three. Bounce your ball against a wall, and then bounce it against the opposite wall using no more than one click. Earns you five points.

Around The World: In my opinion, this is a very difficult one to do without losing. Bounce your ball against a wall and then have it bounce on the opposite wall WITHOUT you clicking the ball. You get ten points for successfully completing this.

Grounder: If you are aiming for some big points, you are going to need to master this trick. Have your ball go very close to the ground, but not touch it. If you touch it, then you lose a life. Once you master this trick, you will be able to keep your ball bouncing close to the ground over and over again, earning you many points. You earn ten points per grounder.

Which ball should I choose?

Before you begin playing, you are going to have to decide which type of ball is best for you. Each ball has different characteristics that may help you get a higher score, or make you lose in an instant. Try each ball and see which one suits you best. Let me point out a few of the most important characteristics of each ball:


This ball has the exact same name as the game itself, so you might think this is a good ball to play with... and you're right! The Zurroball has a pretty good bounce to it – not too far so that it gets out of your reach, but it’s not so heavy that it doesn’t let you bounce it at all. It also has one of the larger sizes, so that makes it easier to click the ball. The Zurroball doesn’t move insanely fast, so it’s easy to control. From personal experience, the only tricks that I can do are left and right Zurros, grounders and, of course, freestyles. I can’t see anything negative about this ball. Therefore, it is an excellent ball to use if you are a beginner.

Snot ball

I wonder how the Grundos came up with the idea for this ball. Anyways, I must say that this ball is bouncy... very bouncy. It has the highest bounce out of all of the balls. This ball isn’t bad, but it is not the best one either. Not only is it really bouncy, but it’s fast too. If you strike the ball on its side, it’s going to fly quickly in the opposite direction, so this is a great ball to use for performing Around-The-Worlds and Boomerangs. But keep in mind that after you perform a Boomerang or Around The World, the ball doesn’t stop so you're going to need some skill to get the ball back up in the air and over the red line to get your points. If you are a beginner player, I recommend staying away from this because it’s fairly difficult to control.

Metal Ball

Heavy. This one word describes the Metal ball perfectly. If you let this ball fall on your head, you’re going to get knocked out for a while. It barely bounces so you are going to have a difficult time sustaining this ball in the air, so you can forget performing any tricks. Around The Worlds and Boomerangs are practically impossible. And even if you do perform some tricks, getting the ball back up over the red line is going to be a challenge. The only tricks you can perform safely with this ball are simple freestyles, which only earn you one point each time, and left/right Zurros which only earn you two points, so this ball won’t help you get many points. No matter what your skill level is, this ball is a definite “NO”.

Energy Ball

The Energy ball is one of the best balls to use. It has a great bounce to it. Around the Worlds and Boomerangs are achievable by clicking on the sides on the ball to make it go farther to the left or right. You can easily perform Grounders too with a little bit of practice with the ball. The main thing that I like about this ball, however, is that it basically slows down and comes to a halt before it begins to fall which gives you plenty of time to move your mouse under the ball to bring it back up into the air. This will become especially helpful when you want to perform the Boomerang trick. The size of the actual ball may look small, but remember that the electrical field around the ball is also clickable, so the size of the clickable part of the ball is pretty big. All of these positive features combined will really help you get a more desirable score.


Around The Worlds will be a piece of cake when using the eyeball. It has a high bounce level and it moves quickly to get from one wall to the other without any assistance. But in my opinion, I think it moves TOO quickly. You need to be quick in order to get the ball back up above the red line after an Around The World, because the ball is still whizzing across the screen even after the trick is performed. You need a lot of practice to master this ball. Beginners should be avoiding this one.

”Secret” Grundo Ball

Let me start on how you get this secret ball in the first place. See the spinning Grundo on the main game menu? Look on his spacesuit and click the small blue badge with an “N” on it and voila! You have just revealed the best ball in the game (in my opinion). The Grundo ball isn’t heavy like the Metal ball, not too bouncy like the Snot ball, or incredibly fast and out-of-control like the eyeball. If you are looking to go for those shiny trophies, then I recommend you use this ball. Like I said earlier in this guide, you will want to focus on Grounders for big points, and performing grounders with the Grundo ball is much easier because you do not need to go too close to the ground compared with the other balls. All you have to do is focus on letting his arms, ears, or legs go near the ground.


And there you have it, my guide on Zurroball. Though I have not covered everything in the game, I believe I have talked through the most important parts of the game. If I could give you a final tip, I would suggest turning ON any speakers because each trick has its own unique sound, so you can be sure you are scoring grounders, and not just freestyles.

I hope this guide has helped some of you improve your scores in Zurroball!

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