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Festive Fighting

by stoicjohn


What do you get a Wocky for Christmas when he already owns a Scuzzys Comb? Notoriously picky and hard to please, that Battledomer on your Holiday gift list may be tough to buy for, but don’t fret! TNT and the Advent Calendar have given us a great assortment of Holiday themed Battledome items that are sure to win over even the most stubborn battler with a 100% freezer for a heart. Ranging from the lowliest of snowflakes to one of the greatest weapons in the game, I’m sure we can find something in your budget to help spread that Holiday Cheer!

seasonal battle duck

Seasonal Battle Duck

Always just a little underpowered to be considered standard Battledome equipment, the battle ducks still hold a place in the hearts of many Neopians. The Seasonal Battle Duck was a gift from the Advent Calendar way back in Year 5 and although it’s a bomb attack (only once per battle) and attacks with 4 to 7 icons, it was so powerful back then that you can still only equip one of them to your pet. Even if the rest of your Battledome set has outgrown the battle ducks, you can still equip one in your first slot to protect against stealers and relive your glory days!

fruit cake brick

Fruit Cake Brick

If you got one of these Fruit Cake Bricks last year from the Advent Calendar, then here’s your chance to re-gift it. Despite being such a wide spread item when first created, it’s rumored that there are only about a dozen Fruit Cake Bricks left in all of Neopia, but they are sanded down to look new, re-wrapped, and given away so quickly that it seems like there are thousands of them out there. This brick does a solid 6 attack icons and should only be eaten in extreme survival situations, like when your crazy aunt volunteers to cook Christmas dinner.

christmas tree negg

Christmas Tree Negg

Christmas Tree Neggs are not the best healing in Neopia but they can be helpful with a 20 hp heal when you use them outside the Battledome. If you can’t find one of these for cheap on the Shop Wizard then you can play some games of Key Quest and trade your neggs in at the Neggery; it will cost 27 negg tokens to make your own Christmas Tree Negg there. PRO TIP: this is a really expensive way to heal your pet. If you’re not in the holiday spirit, just stick with healing potions or visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland.

candy cane bow and arrow

Candy Cane Bow and Arrow

Here was a nice weapon that showed up last year from redeeming Neocash Cards. It does a good variety of 6 attack icons (about the least you can have before a weapon becomes junk) but at least you can eat it as a snack once you’ve lost all of your arrows, because that always happens eventually.

magic holiday spices

Magic Holiday Spices

Nothing reminds me of the holidays like being hit in the face with a bag of seasonal potpourri; it's like eating a cinnamon bun but without the pay off. These Magic Holiday Spices were Neocash card prizes from last year, so they’re a little rare and that makes them a little pricey, but they do a net of eight icons. Four attack and 4 defence, so any good battler should be able to find a use for them, and if all else fails, maybe you can cook with them.

snowflake shield

Snowflake Shield

The only seasonal weapon on our list that does just defence icons, this was another prize for redeeming Neocash cards last year, which makes it kind of expensive, but it’s a must have for anyone building a snow themed battle set or gallery. The Snowflake Shield looks like it defends 6 icons, but it really only defends you from five and a half according to those pesky “fractional icon” conspiracy people, so it’s not the best shield in Neopia, but it looks cool and that counts for something.

spicy snowflake


Snowflakes! The fancier cousins to the ever abundant snowball family of Battledome weapons, these can actually be quite useful in the Battledome but there are only a few that are cool enough to make our holiday list. Stick with the spicy, minty, or golden versions to make sure your gift looks festive. And watch out, because like snowballs these melt fast, so they tend to be single-use items in the Battledome; once you use them, they could be gone for good.

candy cane sword

Candy Cane Sword

What kid didn’t eat their candy canes down to deadly little points so their action figures could use them as swords? Wait... that was just me? Oh well, the Candy Cane Sword still makes for a fine weapon, especially for everyone that got one free from last year’s Advent Calendar. It’s going to attack for 6 icons but may leave sticky red stripes on your pet’s hand if they hold it too long.

seasonal attack pea

Seasonal Attack Pea

Who wouldn’t want 28 icons worth of awesomeness in their Battledome set? Despite being one of the coolest and most well known of holiday weapons, the Seasonal Attack Pea is a hard to find Hidden Cove item and even harder to purchase. And if someone put one of these tiny Battledome weapons under your tree, would you even notice it before your warf came along and ate it? “Wow, someone gave me a tiny little hat, um thanks...”

Despite the lack of a Seasonal Magic Hat or Sleigh Bell Bomb *HINT* there seems to be a relatively good assortment of Holiday Battledome items to choose from. You have plenty of time left to shop, so don’t give that same last minute Attack Peanut Brittle you gave everyone last year and spend some time finding that something special for your pets or for that scrooge Battledomer that you know. And if you’re low on funds, just keep an eye on the Advent Calendar this month and you might find something special that you can gift away or just keep for yourself.

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