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Who's Dreaming of a White Christmas?

by jasminepavin


When we think of winter, we often think of the snowflakes, the snowmen and the snowballs. While the association is good and true to those lucky neopets in Terror Mountain, we often forget about those other lands of Neopia, particularly the Lost Desert, that are unable to enjoy a White Christmas. Well, who needs snow?!

This list is to show you don't need snow to have fun this winter.

10. Carol Singing - Let's start things off with a traditional winter event. Many neopets huddle together during the cold winter nights and walk to houses guided by their candles to spread the spirit of Christmas by singing to others. Why does this mean you can't go caroling if there is no snow? Snow makes it difficult to walk around, and believe me, it's collllld-d-d-d-d! Singing in the snow sounds more like chattering if you ask me, so spend some time caroling in the warm nights and spread some non-stuttering spirit!

9. Sand Ball Fights - Snow isn't the only thing you can throw. ;) You can stage your own battle royale using simple balls made out of sand. They don't melt like snowballs when you clomp them together in your hand, and when you are digging up the sand to make your creation, you might find a scarab! What's that? You have already collected a bunch to get the I Taunt The Pant Devil Avatar? Well then, aren't you prepared!

8. Sand Angels - If you are scared of getting sand in your eyes, just put some goggles on, because it is time for Sand Angels! *... yay* Who needs snow to leave your legacy in the ground? Just fall over and angel away. Only drawback is when you think you're making a really spectacular looking angel when you feel yourself sinking, it may rather be quicksand... my advice is to always check first.

7. Festive Swarm - This one will require a little bit of precision and a lot of luck. This is what you do, sneak up to the swarm of bugs outside Sakhmet, make sure they are all asleep, and attach a glowing light to them... and maybe if you have time they might appreciate a little jingle bell around their neck. Next step... RUN AWAY!!! Err, I mean, *whispers* run away... When the bugs wake up, they'll discover they're suddenly in the festive spirit too. They'll be so pleased about it they'll invade... err... visit Sakhmet to show their gratitude, and they'll jingle all the way, hey!

6. Christmas Card Making - This is nice. You and your pets are lounging around and decide to get creative by making your own Christmas Cards to send to each other. But what do you put on them? In the Neopia of today, the typical Christmas Card often has a picture of good ol' Santa Claus and his Raindorf flying through the sky over the tops of Terror Mountain, but NEWS FLASH, PEOPLE, Terror Mountain isn't the only land Santa visits. He even carries scuba gear for his Raindorf and himself when they go down below to Maraqua and oxygen when they visit the Orange Grundos of Kreludor. So if you can imagine Santa over the pyramids, over tall ships or even over the moon, you have got a pretty good looking card.

5. Pyramid Sledding - Sledding on ice is soooo last year! I mean, there's a hill, you climb up it, and you sled down... yay. -.- But if you climb up a PYRAMID, I mean, WOW! Expert Neopets say the pyramids were built thousands of years ago, and nobody knows just why they were built like that. My theory is that the ancient Lost Desertians were ahead of their time and enjoyed an adrenaline packed sled down these pyramids. So why not sled down the sandstone and feel the same rush as the Neopets of the past felt?

4. Sand Castles - Ok, now this activity really is one associated with the beach. BUT if you get a bunch of friends together, some buckets and spades and maybe a really large bulldozer you can make a sandcastle that towers high in the sky and puts any shack of an igloo to shame. You can even plant a flag on the top; who has seen an igloo do that?!

3. Sand Castle Men - This activity is for anyone in the Lost Desert who has some water to spare and hey, even those down in Maraqua; we all know they have some water to spare. Just wet some water, do a little rolling and you have a happy Sandy the Snowman. The best part is there's no need to part with your own clothing to keep them warm and no risk of them accidently coming alive... *turns around*... no risk. :D

2. Sand Cones - Now, I know what you're thinking - The Esophagor's quests really are too expensive, I mean, 100k for eyeballs? How does HE even know when Max Lupe died? Suspicious much? - No, not you. YOU. - SAND CONES? GROSS - Well, I'm not the first one who came up with the idea. Sand oranges, anyone? There's an array of edible sand fruit, so why not sand cones? An advantage to snow cones is that they are still edible even though they're yellow.

1. Decorate Coltzan's Shrine - This goes to show you don't need a vast array of evergreens for a celebration. Think because there's a lack of trees in the desert it means you can't make anything spark-a-maly? :( Wrong! :) I for one think good ol' Coltzan needs some special attention, and Christmas is the best time to do it. To repay him for his help all year, get together and show your gratitude by making his shrine light up the desert sky.

And that's my list done! Don't let that stop you; there's plenty more you can do this Christmas if you just use your imagination! Let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! *goes pyramid sledding* (:

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