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The Captain's Son: Part Four

by winterhome


“No! My friends, we have to stop him! He must not give the Amulet to Auduna!” Albatross cried, sprinting after Havelock as fast as his legs would allow. Professor Fairweather quickly gathered up his things and followed the Bori with Werther at his heels. Roxton and Lilian went over to Rourke, who placed an arm around each of them. At any other time he would have refused help, but he was too exhausted to care about such matters. Scrap scrambled after them as they made their way back to the S.S. Primella. Roxton and Lilian tried to make the Captain sit down, but Rourke shook his head.

      “Someone... has to... pilot the ship,” he stated, moving towards the wheelhouse. Roxton stopped him.

     “You are in no condition to do so, Cappy.”

     The Ogrin growled. “Who else can pilot the Primella while Sunhild is summoned? The only ones who know how to sail are Albatross and I, and Albatross will be busy casting the spell.”

     “Surprise, Cappy! I know to sail.”

     “What?! You think I am going to let you take control of my ship! You are crazy!” Rourke exclaimed, but Roxton had already climbed into the wheelhouse. The Lutari took hold of the steering wheel and guided the ship towards Auduna, who was clutching the Amulet of Fyora in her claws. Havelock laughed with joy at the sight. He had won his freedom while exacting revenge on his enemy! Nothing could be more wonderful!

     “How does it feel to be the loser, Rourke?!” the Lupe shouted, grinning with malice.

     Rourke was about to respond when the Amulet in Auduna's claw glowed, enhancing the Scorchio's dark magic.

     “Quick, Albatross, read the spell!” Professor Fairweather exclaimed. The Bori nodded and raised a paw into the air.

      “Sunhild, I summon you here

      With a hurried whisper and a tear!

      I need your aid in combat dire!

      Burn through darkness with light's fire!

      I have hope and courage as I stand and yell!

      Sunhild, I summon you with this spell!”

     Suddenly a bright light appeared above the S.S. Primella, causing everyone onboard to shield their eyes. The light soon took the shape of a beautiful light faerie. Albatross gasped. The spell had worked! Sunhild's golden wings beat a steady rhythm in the air as she cast a narrowed gaze at a sneering Auduna.

     “I see that you have not learned your lesson, Auduna. When you stole the Amulet and lost it in the attempt, I hoped that you would not find it before the other faeries did. You should have learned your lesson when you were sentenced to roam the waters forever. Perhaps some Dark Faeries could be trusted, but it seems that both Fyora's trust and kindness were wasted,” Sunhild stated.

     “Kindness?! Trust?! Fyora deprived me of everything but my magic!” Auduna screamed, slapping the surface of the water with her tail.

     “You were fortunate that she was so lenient with you. The entire reason she allowed you to retain your powers was so that you might help those less fortunate. Instead of redeeming yourself, you took advantage of others. That is a grave mistake, Auduna.”

     “I do not have to listen to your nonsense!” Auduna roared, casting a massive beam of dark magic at Sunhild. The light faerie erected a shield over herself. The magic evaporated against it, causing Auduna's fury to grow even more. Sunhild now unleashed an attack of her own. Auduna dived underwater to escape it, but the light magic hit her tail. The Scorchio growled before causing a dark nova to appear in the sky. The black star glowed for a second, then shot a powerful wave of darkness at Sunhild. The light faerie flew backwards as the assault hit her, recovering a minute later.

     “You will not defeat me, Sunhild! I am far stronger than you are!” Auduna yelled.

     “Light always prevails,” Sunhild retorted. Her response only made Auduna angrier. Blow after blow was exchanged between them, and neither seemed to tire during the fight. For each attack Auduna threw at Sunhild, the Scorchio received a stronger one in return. After a long time it seemed that the battle was nearing its end. Auduna screamed in rage as she shot a wave of dark magic towards Sunhild, who countered with a wave of light magic. The two energies pressed against each other, each one vying for supremacy. The wave of light magic gradually took over its counterpart. When the entire wave of dark magic was gone, Auduna cried out as the light magic hit her. The attack left her severely weakened, and she could only glare at Sunhild as she struggled to stay afloat.

     “What are you going to do to me now?” Auduna spat.

     “I will send you to Fyora so she can decide on another punishment for you,” Sunhild announced. A stream of light magic shot forth from her hands and encompassed the Scorchio, who disappeared soon after. The Amulet was left to float in the air until Sunhild retrieved it. She turned towards Havelock. The Lupe was trying to sail away, but Sunhild stopped him.

     “Fyora will decide your punishment as well,” Sunhild stated, casting another stream of light magic. Havelock could only let out small whine as the light surrounded him and his ship, causing both to vanish. She then flew down to the S.S. Primella and hovered near it.

     “You all have my gratitude for helping me to defeat Auduna. I assure you that she is no longer a danger to Neopia. Each of you shall receive a reward for your efforts,” she explained. “Albatross, what do you desire?”

     “I could use a new compass since mine is broken. I never did get to map out that particular area of Krawk Island,” the Bori responded. A silver compass soon appeared in his paw, the sunlight reflecting off of its smooth surface.

     “What do you wish for, Roxton?”

     “A weapon would be nice. My knife is not a suitable weapon for combat,” he mused. The Lutari's jaw dropped when he found himself holding a golden sword.


     “I would love to have a bunch of Aurora Lilies,” the Xweetok expressed. She gasped when she found herself holding the golden flowers, running a paw over their soft petals.

     “What do you desire, Professor Fairweather?”

     “I have been trying to get a copy of Tyrannian Etymology for years...” He stopped when the book instantly appeared in his hands.

     “Werther, what would you like?”

     The JubJub jiggled his worn-out spectacles, which were replaced a second later by a new pair.


     “All I want is for Cap to get better. He was injured during the fight with Havelock.”

     Sunhild smiled and laid a hand on Rourke's arm. The Ogrin was surprised when his limbs no longer felt sore. It was like he had not fought Havelock at all.

     “Is there something that you yearn for, Rourke?”

     The Captain turned and looked at Scrap for a moment, then placed a paw on the boy's shoulder.

     “I would ask for a son... but I already have one.”

     Sunhild nodded knowingly before disappearing in a flash of light.


     “Boy, it sure is a nice day for sailing. Right, Cap?” Scrap asked, leaning over the side of the S.S. Primella. “I wonder if I can see Maraqua from here....”

     Unfortunately, Scrap leaned over too far and almost fell overboard, but Rourke steadied him.

     “Never do that again,” the Captain remarked.

     “Sorry. Hey, Cap, can I say something?”

     The Ogrin nodded.

     “I am sorry I got you into that mess. I never should have picked up the Amulet when I saw it lying on the ground. I also should have told you about it when I brought it back to the house,” Scrap confessed.

     “Scrap, Auduna would have after the Amulet regardless of who took it. Someone else would have ended up as her victim. Well, at least she can never hurt anyone else ever again.”


     “Auduna, you and Havelock are hereby sentenced to spend the rest of your lives in the deepest part of the Royal Dungeons,” Queen Fyora declared, staring at the violet-haired Dark Faerie. Auduna glared fiery daggers at the Faerie Queen. She would have attacked her then and there if her hands and wings were not bound by magic-resistant rope.

     “Take them away,” Fyora ordered to two Air Faerie guards. The guards nodded and did as they were told.

     I will get my revenge someday, Fyora, Auduna thought. No one locks me up and gets away with it.

     “Oh, I hope that we will be able to capture the rest of her minions. I am sure that she has more than that brown Lupe. It makes me feel uneasy that her magic is still out there,” Fyora said to one of her guards.


     “Our mistress has been defeated... Argh! That accursed light faerie ruined everything!” Beini exclaimed, slamming a fist on a table.

     “Calm down, Beini. I have a plan that will free our mistress, but you have to be patient,” a yellow Yurble commented, a sinister grin spreading across his face.

The End

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