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The 'Daily' Article

by ladyofthexweetoks


Also by tarry234893

Are you low on NP? Are you desperately in need of somewhere to go for FREE items? Are your pets hungry? Have a look at this article to see where you can go to get free... everything!

Let's start off with the Lost Desert. There's sand, there's shrines, there's crumbling cities, and there's free stuff! Let's start off with the Coltzan's Shrine. You approach Coltzan's Shrine, and you can get one of the following-

  • Raised levels! Good for Battledomers!
  • Raised stats! Another good for Battledomers!
  • Dubloons! *Yawn* Yet another good thing for Battledomers...
  • More money! Good for everyone, of course. And there is always the possibility of the ghost of Coltzan granting you great luck... and great wealth... *dramatic music*
  • Sometimes, you can get food! Good for everyone, as well!

Moving along, you enter Sakhmet, filled with stands for petpets, food, books, and the Fruit Machine! You can get food and/or neopoints. Once, 10,000 neopoints and a radioactive muffin was awarded to a very average Neopian. *cough* Again, sometimes with great luck (and more ghosts being very friendly) you can get paint brushes. But beware... the neopets at the Fruit Machine aren't going to hand out their paint brushes lightly.

Now we'll travel to Tyrannia, at the other edge of Neopia. There's mumbling natives, mumbling their foreign languages--AGH! GRARRL! Gah, I'm alive... where'd my pen go?--stone buildings and angry petpets. Nearby the Tyrannian jungle you will find the Wheel of Mediocrity. It's a mediocre wheel, but it can get you food, furniture, petpets, bottled faeries, and MONEY! But it can also... um, summon some nasty creatures to attack you... but that's... just fine! We Neopians are troopers, aren't we? So, climbing along, you find yourself at the Tyrannian Plateau. There's more stuff up here than there was in the jungle, including the lair of the beast--meep--Tyrannian weaponry, concerts, and the Giant Omelette, of course. Wander on up to the huge feast and reach out to take your share... for FREE! But do respect the different kinds of omelettes... there are those that can poison you! And there are those that are worth thousands of neopoints! The possibilities are... um... almost unending! Almost.

Another feature of the plateau is the Wheel of Monotony... you can get food, paint brushes, and can get bit! Painlessly bit, I mean! Yeah! But beware, it can spin on and on and on for HOURS and HOURS... you will be asleep by the time your prize comes raining down from the sky.

Let us dive down into the depths of the ocean to Maraqua! Kelp forests, more angry petpets--GAH! Darn... I need a new pen... again--and buildings made of corals and shells can be found wherever you look! But let's go deeper into the darkest corners of the sea... the ruins of Maraqua! Yeah! There are a couple of massive shards of rubble, sure, but we can ignore that. Approach the underwater fishing cave, pull out your pole, and dip it in. Don't worry; you will have air while you're waiting for a bite. You can get fish of all kinds, sometimes a waterlogged book or two, and a bunch of useless junk... but hey! It's still something! Think! You can use those rotten shoes as footwear for free! And store your food in those cans! Oh, the things you can do with junk...

Soar up past the clouds, towards where they seem to be glowing pink! You will pop through into Faerieland! Pink fluffy clouds, winged and awesome pets, sweet petpets--OW! Maybe with some exceptions--there are also more dailies here. In fact, lots of them. On the outskirts of Faerieland there's the Wheel of Excitement, which is much more exciting than the Wheel of Monotony. Yes, it costs 150 neopoints, but we tough Neopians can afford that, can't we? Besides, you can get up to 10,000 neopoints pure or secret items, and maybe a bottled faerie. Bring a helmet, though... um, lightning or fireballs tend to rain from the sky every now and then. No biggie. You can always go to the Healing Springs! The nice faerie there will heal your pets hit points, diseases, and hunger sometimes for free, obviously. Sometimes she's so nice that she'll hand out healing potions, or sell them for cheap. It's a happy place. Another happy sight is the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity--why do I hear groaning? Hush! It's for the article!--which looks like a small blue speck of sky next to the Rainbow Fountain... but of course it's not sky! If you just put aside some of your time to accompany the little Grundo for a moment, you could be rewarded with a shiny new item or a nice fat bag of neopoints... more and more fun and free stuff!

Now we shall float down from the clouds and catch a warm breeze towards Mystery Island, a warm tropical island just south of Maraqua. Here, near the edge of the beach, we will find the Tombola stand. Just pull out the right ticket and you could win neopoints, codestones, and every now and then a stray faerie item--No, I am NOT mentioning gross foods--here and there. Trek up to the northwest part of the island and you will find the lost city of Geraptiku. Not much here at all. There's some fierce petpets here, so I recommend running towards the Deserted Tomb. As you walk up the steps, the door slides open. Push aside the cobwebs and proceed. Once you return from the dark and dank depths, you may have a little item or maybe you found the treasure room! Be warned that there are hordes of ghost Hissies who must ponder how to fry their prey before eating them... and if you are wondering, I speak from experience.

Wander on over to Terror Mountain, a massive mountain that really stands for its name. Terrifying slopes, creepy and shiny ice caves, and then the blizzard-filled peak. Venture into the Ice Caves--if you dare!--and find the Snowager's Cave. Ignore the warm wind coming from within... that's just a really warm air current!! No problem! But you SHOULD only enter either in the early afternoon or late at night... or else you will see a very scary looking blue snake! And a very angry one too--Yeah, yeah, he may eat you, I know--but sometimes what he gives out is worth the terror! Meanwhile, if you don't want to face the Snowager's Cave, then there's a much happier event going on here around christmas time: The Advent Calendar! Walk in every day in the Month of Celebrating to receive special items, exclusive to this event, and never to be released again!

Last, but not least, there is the meteor of Kreludor. Search for the meteor and bring a very long and sturdy stick with you. When you find the massive boulder, seemingly asleep in its' crater, reach out with the stick, and with the stick ONLY, touch the meteor. You may get some weird looking food, some plants, a rock or two, or the meteor may vanish in a puff of meteor-colored smoke! Come back every hour with more sticks to see if the meteor will unveil its many secrets to you!

And that's all the time we have for today. We hope that you enjoyed this article, and that we have unveiled some more of the Neopian treasures to you! Ciao!

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