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The Ultimate Guide To Owning A Baby Neopet

by laura_bananas


Baby Neopets are the most delicate and cutest (obviously) neopets in Neopia. If you want a baby neopet or are thinking about getting one, you have come to the right place! Since I own a baby pet myself, I know a little about them. So I'm going to tell you some information I know about them to help you take care of them and to inform you about some interesting facts about them!

Everybody loves Baby Neopets. Well, how do you obtain one? Well, there are four different ways to get your own baby neopet!

1. Baby Paint Brush - Everyone loves the Baby Paint Brush! One of the most popular paint brushes out there. You can buy one from the Hidden Tower for 600,000 neopets (expensive, huh?) or you can buy one from the Trading Post or the Neopian Auction House for a little less. Although if you buy one from the Hidden Tower, you will also get an avatar. (Well, if that's your first item purchased from there.) Buying the paint brush is probably the most used method (and the easiest).

2. Boochi - Boochi is a cute Baby Bruce that likes to zap neopets and turn them into babies. Sometimes he misses. I myself have never gotten a zap from Boochi. It is very rare, but it is possible to happen. It's pure luck or bad luck if it zaps your beautiful Maraquan Chomby that you painted the other day! This is the cheapest method.

3. Fountain Faerie Quest - Another "rare" method to get a Baby neopet. I never had a Fountain Faerie Quest, unfortunately. (I'm waiting for you, Fountain Faerie!) Basically it's like any other Faerie Quest, well, with one exception. Once you complete the quest, you can go to her Rainbow Fountain and paint any pet any colour your heart desires! Many people go for the avatar that comes with it, but if you don't care for the avatar (you could always get a baby Buzz) and want the dream baby pet of your choice, then go for it! Some people prefer to get their dream pet, also some people who are very lucky and get more than one quest, they get the avatar and also get their dream pets. There is one problem, though; the item she asks for could be very expensive and even more expensive than the paint brush itself. Although you may get lucky and it could be an item under 10k! The price varies. Some are cheap and some are expensive.

4. The Pound/Transfers - The final way to obtain a baby neopet. Sometimes if you go on the neoboards, some Neopians might have one of their baby pets up for adoption or up for trade. Adoption is the best way if you don't want to trade any of your pets in return. Although you could always surf the pound. You never know, a Baby Cybunny could show up and you might get lucky!

Overall, I'd have to say buying the paint brush is the most used method since the others are based on pure luck most of the time. I think because it's easier to just do it yourself instead of waiting around for Boochi to zap your Ogrin or to get a Fountain Faerie Quest which could never happen. Also, you might be too slow with the pound or someone else could get the Baby Chia you want that is up for trade. Also it is a disadvantage for those with the lab ray like myself; baby is not a colour change available through the lab ray, which is the best way to get a painted paint. (Although it does have its disadvantages!)

So now that you know how to get a baby pet, I'll teach you about them:

1. Personality - Like every Neopian and neopet, a baby has a personality. Most baby pets are nice, sweet and playful, but behind that cute little face babies can always get into mischief. Baby neopets love to be spoiled! It's always good to give your baby neopets toys and food. There is nothing wrong with spoiling your baby!

2. Size - Like some say, "I'm not short, I'm fun sized!" Which is always true. Baby neopets are tiny and usually have a disadvantage in the battledome and when their older brother or sister is picking on them. Though they may be strong physically you can always train them at a Training School! Though they may be small physically, they may have a big imagination!

3. Brain - Baby neopets can be very smart! You just have to read them lots of books. My baby Yurble, Caestina, may be the weakest in the family, but she is the smartest. It is best to teach them when they are younger, because when they get older they may not want to read as much because it isn't the "cool" thing to do. If you teach them when they are younger, they can have a bright future ahead of them!

4. Origin - Some wonder, where did baby neopets come from? How come they have to be painted to be a baby? How come when a neopet is born they don't start off as a baby? These are some of the most asked questions about baby neopets. People wonder where they came from. Right now nobody knows. People think they were originally part of a tribe from Mystery Island, but truly we don't know at this point.

Well, those are some things you should know about them; well, now I am going to teach you how to take care of them and some things they like:

1. Food - Feeding your pet is one of the best ways to show them love. Some of their favorites foods are:

a. Gaga Grub - The best baby food out there! What baby doesn't like Gaga Grub? If you're getting a baby pet, you better stock up on Gaga Grub! Pssttt--I heard Strawberries and Cream is the best flavor!

b. Fruit - Babies love fruit! It is healthy and juicy. Just what a baby likes. Grapes, apples, limes, oranges, you name it! Babies love that stuff!

c. Dessert - Babies love dessert, anytime, all the time. Whether it's candy, Baby Kougra Custard or milkshakes, whatever! Although don't just give babies dessert right away; they need to eat healthy first. Desserts should be a treat!

d. Neggs- Neggs are the tastiest and most fun food there is! Babies love them no matter what kind they are, purple, green, plain, any kind! Getting your baby a negg is an instant remedy for sadness!

2. Toys - What baby doesn't like toys? That's not even a question because all of them like toys! Here are some they love playing with:

a. Building Blocks - Whether it's Baby Bruce Blocks or just regular blocks, babies love them! They are fun, entertaining and very educational. They can strengthen their mind and increase their knowledge. They can help them learn to count and spell

b. Plushies - Babies love plushies! Whether it is an exact replica of them, an item or a petpet. The personal favorite of my Yurble is the Baby Paint Brush Plushie. While it's expensive, it's still fun! Babies love paint brushes and instead of getting a real one (which could be dangerous) a cheap replica of it could be better.

c. Goodie Bags - Opening goodie bags are fun for a Baby. They love surprises. Opening them is a lot of fun because they like to see what is inside. Plus, there are toys inside, which is always fun!

3. Books - Books are great for babies. They teach them all there is to know, whether it is an educational school book or a story. Babies have a great memory. Some books I would recommend are:

a. Algebra - It's way above their level and teaching them while they are young can lead them on the right path.

b. Baby Books - There are lots of baby books out there, Baby Buzz Book, Baby Cybunny Book, Baby Ixi Book, Baby Lenny Book, Baby Mynci Book, Baby Shoyru Book and lots more! Babies love reading about other babies and it makes reading more fun for them.

c. Baby Gelert Pop Up Book - Babies love pop up books! They are a lot of fun for them especially when they are about a baby. Like I said before, babies love reading books about them and pop up books are a plus.

4. Petpets - Every neopet loves a petpet! It's great for babies because it shows them to love and care for something. Here are some of baby pets favorites.

a. Meepits - They are cute, but also can be evil, but everyone loves Meepits!

b. Kadoaties - Those things always begging for food, since I feed them, my neopets are begging for one of their own. They are expensive, but fun.

c. Babaas - Who doesn't love them? Those cute little things, every baby wants one. They aren't too expensive either!

d. Mazzew - One of the cutest petpets ever! I know every baby loves those little creatures. They are very cheap, plus if you own it for a certain time you also get an avatar! (Which is adorable, might I add.)

Well, that's all I need to teach you all for today. Hopefully, you will use this information wisely. Trust me, I know from experience. So now you know all about babies, you should be comfortable raising one! Good luck with your Baby Cybunny, Baby Chomby or whichever you desire. Be sure to show them love and that you care. Most of all, have fun!

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