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Surviving the Snow: A Neopian's Guide to Winter

by ranta


Summer's over, and that nip in the air can only mark the arrival of one thing: winter. A time of snowmen, snowballs, snow angels, and... well... snow. And the thing about snow is that it can get pretty chilly, by which I mean brain-numbingly, finger-freezingly and inescapably cold. So when your favourite sweater has been eaten by your Skeith (again) and your Kougra refuses to wear her mittens, what’s a well-meaning and outdoorsy Neopian to do? Luckily, there are always some options that don’t involve getting frostbite. If you want to enjoy yourself this season without having to deal with hypothermia, read on!

1) Have a Happy Holiday- in more ways than one!

It goes without saying that the temperature is far below freezing on Terror Mountain, but it’s always warm in the Lost Desert! This is, after all, the holiday season- what better time for a vacation? Sample the surf on Mystery Island or melt away your troubles in Moltara City. Learn new things and sample new foods to your heart’s content (but if you’re in Tyrannia, be sure to avoid Tekels Questionable Stew- trust me, it lives up to its name!). Bonus- all of your neofriends will be jealous when you arrive back home with an armload of souvenirs.

2) Build a Fort (or an Igloo)

Ah, forts- need I say more? They’re like a home away from home, but they’re a thousand times cooler. Your pets are sure to love them, and who says you can’t join in on the fun? The best part is that they can be made of pretty much whatever happens to be lying around- blankets, stones, or even blocks of ice. And not only do forts provide shelter from the elements, they open up a world of possibilities for entertainment. Rowdy siblings will love chucking snowballs at one another from behind the cover of high walls, while calmer pets will be content to settle down inside with a mug of hot borovan and a good book. Either way, your new fort is guaranteed to be such a hit with your family that no one will want to leave come spring.

3) Get Moving

If there’s one thing that keeps you warm (besides sitting around inside), it’s exercise. And the good news is that the onset of winter brings with it a slew of new sports to try! If ice skating’s your thing, check out Rink Runner- a super fun game that you’ll find just west of the Ice Cream Cart on Terror Mountain. Let it Slide is another option for braver pets, and all it takes to get started is a brief trip to the Ice Caves. Alternatively, the nearest local Battledome can be an invaluable source of amusement and activity- and word on the street is that Punchbag Bob has been looking for a few new challengers.

4) Grab some Cocoa

Don’t you just love hot chocolate? And with so many flavours available around Neopia, there’s something for almost everyone. Caramel Hot Chocolate is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, and it’s nearly impossible to resist buying Xweetok Hot Chocolate when it comes in such an adorable mug. Coffee is another option- aside from the basics, there’s Banana Cream Coffee for those who long for a taste of the tropics without actually paying for a vacation, or even Weevil Coffee... if you don’t mind having bugs in your drink, that is. And don’t forget about tea, which can also be found in a variety of mouth-watering flavours at The Coffee Cave in Neopia Central.

5) Get your Holiday Shopping Done Early

Come on, you know that your Meerca has been eyeing that Red Flotsam Plushie since this time last year- and with so little else that needs to be done, now’s the perfect time to go out and buy it! After all, it’s a thousand times better to beat the rush than to be stuck in line at the last minute. Whether you’re after usukis, encyclopaedias or paint brushes, you’ll be glad that you bought them in advance. Still, a word of warning- you might want to hold off on buying petpets for the time being, lest you decide to hide one in your room and subsequently get stuck trying explain to your pets why you’ve started barking at night or developed a fondness for kibble.

6) Finally Finish the Cleaning that You’ve been Putting Off Since Spring

If you or your pets hate cleaning, then believe me- you’re not alone! But hear me out on this one- you’ve gotta get it done at some point, and now’s as good a time as ever. Sort through all of that stuff that’s been piling up on top of your desk and make sure that your pets clean their rooms (and that they don’t just shove everything under their beds). Not sure what to do with all of the old furniture that you’ll want to get rid of? In that case, why not follow Mika and Carassa’s lead and hold a garage sale? Sell what you can in your shop to make a bit of a profit, and donate the rest to the Money Tree for good measure. After all, as clichéd as it may be, someone else may find value in what you perceive as garbage.

And there you have it- a few ways to spend winter as opposed to merely waiting for spring. Even if you’re used to hibernating inside your neohome on the pretense that it’s much too cold to do anything outside, why not try out a couple of these suggestions? You might be surprised! And of course, these are just that- suggestions. Your ideas are probably a thousand times better than mine, so go out and do whatever it is that makes you happy and keeps you warm this winter. And of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending a few lazy days curled up at home in your pyjamas- after all, how often do you get the chance to sleep in?

So whatever you and your pets decide to do this winter, be warm, be safe, and have fun!

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