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A Very Peophin Christmas: Part Five

by babygirl229911


"Dear Sam," the letter began in Maddie's neat handwriting. Sam glanced at the date near the top, and saw that it was written on the night that she had announced her departure. Taking a shaky breath, the tired Peophin began to read the letter quietly.

      "My sister, how close we have grown in just the few months that we have known each other! I can hardly believe that we are not birth sisters, or maybe even twins! That is why, when you told me that you were leaving, I broke down. My heart felt smashed, even though I know that you have missed Bree since the beginning.

      "Remember when you first moved in with us? At first, I thought that you were a punk. A girl that didn't like anyone, and wanted nothing more than to leave our home. How wrong I was.

      "And after that night in Pizzaroo, when you had the bike wreck, I felt like I was losing a part of myself. It was hard to explain, for I had just had a big fight with you, but I still felt awful. I knew that if you didn't forgive me, I would never be able to move on.

      "And then, when you officially joined our family, I was still a little hesitant, not quite knowing what kind of person you were. Then I learned. You are smart, funny, creative, brave and wonderful! I am so proud to call you my sister.

      "That's right. I know that by the time you read this, you will probably be happily settled into your new (old?) family, and maybe even want to forget me. But then again, maybe not. Maybe you will miss me as much as I will miss you. Either way, I will always call you my sister.

      "Well, I guess that's all. At the moment, I can hear you knocking on the wall. Love forever," Sam felt her voice choke up as she read the last part. "Your best friend and forever sister," Hot tears came. "Maddie."

      Looking up from the letter, the Tyrannian Peophin wiped away her tears and got up. She and Bree had to talk.

      * * * * * *

      The bespectacled girl listened to her pet carefully, her heart sinking, but not too surprised. She was sitting on her bed, the icy wind audible as it swirled outside.

      "I'm sorry, but I've put a lot of thought into, and I now know that... well, that this isn't where I'm meant to be. You aren't mad, are you?"

      Bree shook her head sadly. "No. I understand. You have changed a lot since I left, and in the process, you became close to another family." She paused. "So, none of this is my fault?"

      Sam shook her head rapidly. "Oh, no! This is just my decision."

      "Alright. Well, I'll get a neighbor to watch your sisters in a minute. When shall I book a carriage to Faerieland?"

      "When does the next one leave?"

      * * * * * *

      Christmas morning. 54108 Fire Faerie Crescent, Faerieland.

      Madalleena opened her eyes a crack and groaned. The faerie Kougra's fur felt sticky from the tears that she had shed, and she looked awful, as she hadn't bothered to clean herself up. An empty plate sat on her night stand, left over from the food that Savannah had forced her to eat.

      When her sister had left just days ago, the Kougra had fallen head first into a pit of depression. She cried constantly, and wasn't eating, which reminded herself of how Sam had acted when she had first moved in.


      Savannah peered into the dimly lit room, her blue eyes shrouded in worry for her pet. Both girls still wore their pajamas, and in Savannah's hands. She brushed her brunette hair behind her ears, and then walked slowly over to the faerie Kougra's bed.

      "Sweetheart? Are you alright? Would you like to come downstairs and open your presents?" The young teenager sat down gently on Madalleena's bed, and handed her the warm drink.

      Madalleena sat up, shaking her head. "No. I don't want to. I don't want food or presents or anything. I want Sam!" Hot tears spilled down her cheeks, and soon Maddie was sobbing once again.

      Sitting the hot chocolate on her pet's night stand, the owner scooped her oldest pet into her lap and held her close, murmuring words of comfort until the bawling turned into quiet weeping.

      "It's okay, sweetheart..." Savannah ran her fingers along the Kougra's eyelashes, brushing the tears away. "Now, I know that this won't make things all better, but I've got something to cheer you up a bit."

      Madalleena doubted that whatever it was would help, but she nodded slowly as her owner got up and hurried out of the room, returning a few moments later with a box slightly bigger than a shoe box.

      "Sam bought this for you, and we've been hiding it in my room." She sat the box on Maddie's lap, and then kissed her between the ears.

      The faerie pet sniffed, looking curiously at the unwrapped, purple box, and then back at Savannah, who smiled encouragingly. The Kougra listened as a small snuffling noise arose from the box, and then removed the lid. Inside, sitting on a bed of straw, was a tiny, blue Anubis with bright eyes and a little pink tongue that licked her paw happily.

      "Oh..." Maddie breathed, reaching into the box to stroke the petpet's head. "Sh-she's beautiful!"

      "What are you going to name her?" Savannah grinned, overjoyed at Madalleena's sudden change in moods.

      There was a long pause. "I want to name her... Sister."

      "I love it." She reached in to pet the Anubis, who yipped. "Now... do you think that maybe you're up for opening ONE present?"

      Fondling her new petpet's ears, the faerie Kougra gave a small smile. "Well... maybe just a few presents..."

      * * * * * *

      Almost twenty minutes later, the whole family was downstairs, tearing open presents and letting out little oohs and aahs of appreciation. Even Misty cooed in delight as she squeezed her new plushies.

      Savannah sighed as she thought of the charm bracelet that she had bought, which now sat in her closet, along with Sam's other gifts. Letting go of the Tyrannian Peophin had been the hardest thing that she had ever done, and she knew that it had hurt Maddie even more.

      With a frown, the brunette wondered how her old pet was. Was she being fed? Was she even happy?

      "Savannah?" The human girl looked down to see Kisa, her starry Cybunny, looking carefully at her. "Is something wrong? Did you not like your presents?" Kisa had given her an elaborately drawn picture of the family, which Savannah could tell had taken a long time to make.

      "Oh, no! It's not that! It's just-"

      "You miss Sam?"

      Before she had a chance to answer, someone began to pound on the front door.

      "I'll get it!" the faerie Kougra announced, opening her wings and flying to the Grand Entrance of their Neohome, with Savannah close behind. Sister was riding on Maddie's head, as the two had already become inseparable.

      Madalleena unlocked the door (forgetting to check the peephole, as usual) flung it open, and let out a loud shriek that brought the rest of the family running.



      Shocked, the brunette watched as a dance of emotions crossed her face. There was a flash of color as the Tyrannian Peophin galloped in to meet her sisters and brother, followed slowly by Bree and her three pets.

      Madalleena and Sam threw themselves at each other, laughing, crying, and talking. Taylor, Sam's Gruslen, cautiously approached Sister, and then the two began to yip together.

      "Savannah!" The girl opened her arms as Sam flew into them, tears of joy streaming down their cheeks.

      "I'm home!" Sam cried. "And I'm here to stay!"

      "Yes," Bree stepped forward, nodding slowly. "Samantha-" She paused and corrected herself. "I mean, Sam, has decided that she belongs here." She scanned the room as the rest of the family greeted their lost sister. "And I now see that she is right."

      A smile appeared on Savannah's lips, and she reached out and took the blonde's hand. "How about you and your family join us for Christmas dinner tonight?"

      Bree smiled, nodding. "I would like that." She then motioned to her pets, and they followed the brunette into the large Neohome, soon accompanied by the rest of the pets, until Sam and Maddie were alone in the cold front yard.

      "You came back." The faerie Kougra wiped at her tears. "But I thought that you wanted to be with Bree?"

      "I did." Sam smiled. "But then I realized that I belonged with you guys." The two embraced again, and suddenly, something light and feather-y landed between them. Both girls looked at each other, and then up towards the sky.

      A bubble of laughter escaped Maddie's throat, as Savannah tore out into the yard, arms open and squealing with delight. The owner's wish had come true.

      It had started to snow.

The End

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