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Beyond Games – Different Ways of Making Neopoints

by sapphirekira


Are you saving for that exclusive Paint Brush? Trying to get that Krawk or Draik? Want to fill up your gallery?

Of course, doing all the above things require earning and saving neopoints. Flash games are the primary way of making neopoints for most – I know of many 50k/20k/100k guides, all concentrating on easy games to make neopoints from. Which is great, but like many of you, I get tired of playing Kass Basher, Maths Nightmare, Crisis Courier, etc. over and over and over again. Soon enough, playing games becomes tedious and boring.

Whenever I see someone ‘begging’ for an item or neopoints on the Help Chat, the most common response is ‘work for it’. Work? Games are meant to be fun, not work – or does it seem like that after a while? There are also people who talk about how they’re ‘terrible at all games’. Well, now is your new chance to earn neopoints – and have fun in the process!

1. Faerieland Employment Agency

One of my favourites! The Faerieland Employment Agency can give you quite a good profit if you know how to use it. Do the Basic Jobs only – job coupons are required for the Super Jobs, and they aren’t worth it – you’ll spend much more on the coupons than the rewards will give you!

Basic Jobs refresh every ten minutes on the clock. In other words, they will refresh at :10, :20, :30, etc. Quickly choose a job that has a base reward of 5000 neopoints or so, then quickly get the items. The faster you are, the more neopoints you get! You do need to be quick with the Faerieland Employment Agency – both with choosing jobs, and with getting the items. For a more in-depth guide to jobs, search up ‘agency’ in the search box of the Neopian Times, and find the article that is about the Faerieland Employment Agency. Unfortunately, you can only take up to five jobs a day, but you can still earn a pretty good profit from it!

2. Key Quest

I know that Key Quest may be pretty slow/won’t work properly for some people, but if you’ve got the bandwidth, then this is also a great option! There are many, many Key Quest guides out there that will help you win. Playing in five keys, two players is the easiest for me – focusing on beating one player is easier than when you’ve got three players competing against you. Five key games give a gold key to the winner, and silver to second – so if you’re playing in two-player mode, you’re guaranteed at least silver! Silver and gold keys give you pretty good prizes – Neggs, Codestones, etc. – which you can sell quickly, making a lot of profit. Gold keys can also give you Paint Brushes, but it’s semi-rare. Bronze and Lead keys are also good in their own way, by giving you books unattainable by silver or gold key. So don’t be a sore loser and quit – you’ll get neopoints and a nice prize either way!

3. Wishing Well

By donating a few neopoints to the Wishing Well, you have the chance of winning an item! You only need to donate a few neopoints – twenty will be sufficient. As for what you actually wish for, be wise about it. No, the Well won’t give you a Draik Transmogrification Potion, or a Plushie Paint Brush. Look at the list of wishes that were most recently granted to see what the Well typically gives out, and wish for the same item(s). If your wish is granted, you can then sell for a lot of money!

4. Money Tree

You won’t become super rich from the Money Tree, but it is also a good daily option. Unlikely as it sounds, rare items do appear there every now and then! I’ve even seen a Speckled Paint Brush in there before. In general, aim for the neopoints if you aren’t sure of what is worth it. Scroll right down to where the items are, and keep pressing F5 to refresh. It adds up!

5. Restocking and Sniping

Many of you may have heard of restocking before, and maybe you aren’t good at it either, or you’re sick of it. But I’ll put it in here all the same. Restocking is when you buy an item from the main Neopian shops (those in the bazaar, plaza, etc.) for a cheaper price than how much it is on Shop Wizard, then sell it for profit. It’s a prime way of making income for some people. I’m not too good at it, personally, but even if you do it on occasion, it is a good way of making neopoints. There are loads of restocking guides out there – give it a try, and if you don’t like it, proceed down this list.

Sniping is pretty similar, but you’re searching via Shop Wizard for underpriced items by users. You don’t need Super Shop Wizard from premium for this – I don’t have it, and I can still snipe fine.

6. Creative Contests

Best for last! This is my favourite, and semi-prime way of making neopoints. The Art Gallery, Poetry Gallery and Storytelling Contest all give neopoints and a rare item as a prize. I find them to be much easier than the Lenny Conundrum, which has a smaller payout, and the spotlights (for example, the Gallery Spotlight – which requires you to spend neopoints). The Poetry Gallery will give you 1000 neopoints and a rare item, the Storytelling Contest will give you 2000 neopoints and a rare item, and the Art Gallery will give you 10000 neopoints and a rare item! I’m guessing this is due to the amount of competition – I’ve never been accepted into the Art Gallery or Storytelling Contest, but the Poetry Gallery is fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

What about the ‘rare item’ part of the prize? This is the same for all three – you’ll get an item that is considered ‘rare’. This may be a Codestone, a Petpet Paint Brush, even a Pirate Paint Brush, or anything in between! They are also a nice reward for something you love if you genuinely like writing, drawing or poetry.

Well, that’s it! Six ways to make neopoints that don’t include playing flash games. There are other ways, but this is mainly for if you’re starting out, and want some money but you’re bad at/get bored of games. Have a happy time earning neopoints!

Thank you for reading, and I hope that it really helped you! Feel free to neomail me with comments. : )

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