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Halloween Costumes on a Budget

by puffalump10


All Neopets love to get into the swing of things and come up with creative and elaborate costumes for this special day. Some may find it difficult because costumes can cost a lot of neopoints by the time the costume is assembled – and all this expense for one night (unless of course you are a faux-Pant Devil by day to steal other pets’ lunches, but this is strongly discouraged)! So here you can find a wonderful assortment of Halloween costumes that won’t dent your bank account but still provide an element of creativity for your Neopet. The wide variety means that you can find something your Neopet will love. The best part is each costume can be modified to fit your needs. If you have a larger budget this year, then you can easily choose some pricier accessories. However, for this list, none of these costume ideas will cost you more than 5000 neopoints. Skimp on the neopoints but not the fun!

What a Little Lady

Ahh what a little darling. This lovely assortment will allow your Neopet to become a true lady under a blissful starry night. A small splurge on two accessory items give this costume a special touch.

You’ll need: Pretty Pink Flower Hat, Flower Purse, Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Basic White Shirt, Khaki Skirt, and Moon and Stars Background

Cost: Around 4250 NP

Perfectly Toasted

Make all your friends jealous on Halloween when you show up as a well toasted marshmallow! The realistic flames on your hat and gloves will also keep you warm all night as you trick-or-treat.

You’ll need: Fiery Marshmallow Hat, White Top Chop Robe, White Top Chop Trousers, Fiery Mittens, and Fire Painted Background

Cost: Around 2500 NP

Forget Halloween, Bring on Christmas

If you are eager for the snow and sledding, this outfit will be sure to show it. Get ready for winter early and collect candy to boot.

You’ll need: Brown Winter Hat, Snow SPLAT, Snow Roller Item Jumper, Wellington Boots, Asparagus Scarf, Fancy Mug of Neggnog, and Terror Mountain Snowy Hillside Background

Cost: Around 3950 NP

The Nerd Next Door

Show your smarts with this great costume. The General Store provides a wonderful selection of budget-friendly clothes that go perfectly with this ensemble.

You’ll need: Scientist Wig, Basic White Shirt, Khaki Trousers, Blue Shoes, Bow Tie, Novelty Glasses, and Maths Background

Cost: Around 4550 NP

Feelin’ Dumpy

The real splurge here goes for your accessories but otherwise this costume is super cheap to assemble. Show up as your local pile of rubbish! An extra recommendation is to hold off bathing a couple days before Halloween for that final authentic touch.

You’ll need: Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, Paper Hot Dog Hat, Basket of Gross Berries, and Rubbish Dump Background

Cost: Around 4601 NP

The Horror of Hand-Me-Downs

Truly a frightening costume for Halloween. Tacky accessories are all that are needed to make this ensemble mismatched and horrifying. If you can find clothes which are slightly too big or small it will also emphasize your costume’s theme.

You’ll need: Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes, Pant Devil Pants, Basic White Shirt, Veiled Autumn Hat, Ghostkerscarf, and Polka Dotted Pink Background

Cost: Around 3001 NP

The Littlest Hobo

Ultra simple but super effective, this is also our super saver costume. Recommended addition is to collect your candy in a red spotted handkerchief.

You’ll need: Tin Foil Hat, Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, and Cardboard Box Background

Cost: Around 1601 NP

A Mutant Monster

A classic sort of ensemble for Halloween if you’d like to be a scary monster.

You’ll need: Mutant Ona Mask, Torn Fire Gym Socks, Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, Single Grey Flower, and Moon and Stars Background

Cost: Around 3051 NP

Clowning Around

Dress up as a goofy entertainer with this neat costume and take the opportunity to play tricks on all your friends.

You’ll need: Tiny Umbrella, Pie Tin Hat, Bow Tie, White Top Chop Trousers, Basic White Shirt, and Raining Doughnuts Background

Cost: Around 4160 NP

To the Rescue

Everyone likes to be a superhero, right? Here’s your chance to be dashing, save the day, and collect candy for your efforts. The Censor Bar Glasses will help you keep your true identity a secret.

You’ll need: Quilt Cape, White Top Chop Robe, White Top Chop Trousers, Censor Bar Glasses, and Cloudy Sky Background

Cost: Around 4650 NP

Cleanup in Aisle 2

Emulate your favourite janitor with this clean ensemble. A Janitor Bucket is perfect for collecting candy in. As a bonus, if your Neopet is feeling grumpy on Halloween then this costume will suit them very well and no one will know the difference.

You’ll need: Janitor Bucket, Bowling Shirt, Khaki Trousers, and Janitorial Closet Background

Cost: Around 3700 NP

Creative Creation

If your Neopet is an artist all around, this simple costume is sure to be a hit. The flowers provide the perfect subject for your next painting and the vase can hold all your candy at the same time. Keep warm with the White Top Chop set underneath the smock.

You’ll need: Artist Smock, White Top Chop Robe, White Top Chop Trousers, Vase of Pretty Flowers, and Faerie Painted Background

Cost: Around 4800 NP

The Fanatic Fan

Keep the Altador Cup spirit alive and show your devotion to your favourite team. This costume can be varied depending on which team you would like to cheer for. For this example we are going to dress up as a Terror Mountain team fan, but simple modifications can change the whole look.

You’ll need: Festive Slushie Slinger Cap, Snow Roller Item Jumper, White Top Chop Trousers, Blue Shoes, and Altador Cup Background – Terror Mountain

Cost: Around 1950 NP

These easy and affordable costumes will provide you with a creative and unique Halloween this year. There are even more options available if you want to splurge on a few more items for each ensemble. There are also even more ways to save neopoints yet still look fantastic. Make the most out of your existing Closet by adding a couple new accessories and old clothes can become spiffy new costumes. Check out the Second-Hand Shoppe to see what kind of free clothes they have available and modify your finds to suit your costume. Even cast-offs can make really great outfits. Tacky looking items can be transformed into monster-like apparel. Anything goes this Halloween, and it doesn’t take a lot of neopoints to have fun.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween this year, Neopia!

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