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Restocking in Specific Shops

by danielleplicka


Back in issue 389, I wrote a guide to restocking in general. Now I am here again, to talk to you about restocking in a few specific shops! Now, I have been a restocker for quite a while, but I stick to mostly the same places because they're what I'm used to. Some restockers can manage tons of shops at a time; my suggestion is to have maybe three or four shops open, but feel free to change them after a while; it can get boring having the same shops all the time. (:

In my previous guide I used examples from the food shop. Here, I will guide you through the following: Food Shop, Uni's Clothing, Pharmacy, Spooky Foods, The Furniture Shop, Mystical Surroundings, Kauvara's Magic Shop, and the Gift Shop. If I can remember correctly, these were always my favorites restocking even though I don't restock in all of them any more. Also, each shop has a number to it. I will include this for each shop. Let's begin!

Shop #1-The Food Shop

This is an awesome shop that I restocked in from when I first started. There are many tiny profits here as well as really cool unbuyables! It's pretty hard to NOT restock anything here when you catch it. Only go for items that restock in ones, twos, and threes, that have a price of a random number below 2,000 NP (for example, 1531) and occasionally an item of just above 2,000 NP (for example, 2301). Anything that stocks for 10,000 NP or higher, you should trust, because as far as I know, it is all profit. Also, ANY NEGG that is NOT "Negg" or "Purple Negg" is a good profit. Be quick when you see them!

Shop #4-Uni's Clothing

Probably my favorite shop of all. I didn't start restocking here until a few months after the beginning of customization, when there was a good amount of neopoint wearables. And so as you can guess, that is exactly what you are looking for: wearables! TNT has made it a bit tricky to restock here now, as a lot of new single species wearables are losses. So, mainly go for single species wearables that restock at 5,000NP or just be willing to learn as you go. Also, single species wearables that restock at 10,000NP EXACTLY are profit. You can tell what a single species wearable is by looking at the item's name, so things like "Bori Rainbow Dress" or "Pteri Pink Hoodie". Also, a lot of multi-species wearables are good profit, things like "Purple Feather Boa", "Black Derby", and "Blue Newsboy Hat" but you have to be willing to learn to discover most of these. :)

Shop #13-Neopian Pharmacy

This shop is VERY easy to restock in, and very easy to learn. The main two items you are looking for? "Medicinal Soap" and "Herbal Scrambled Eggs". Yes, that's it. Simple, no? They even sell quickly! There are some unbuyables and fair profit items as well, but you have to be fairly experienced and fast in order to get them. The four unbuyables are "Tasty Pie", "Sporkle Syrup", "Magic Goop", and "Cactopus Cream". You will also easily notice the fair profit buyables as they stock in ones or twos.

Shop #30-Spooky Foods

Well, I know I said Uni's Clothing was my favorite, but I think spooky foods might actually take that title. Such cool stuff! I even had a gallery of it once. Mostly everything here that stocks for 2,500NP is profit. Look for things that stock in ones or twos. And once again, 10,000NP items are your best friend. :D And don't forget to look for snorkle snouts!

Shop #41-The Furniture Shop

I stopped restocking here a while back because since Neohomes v 2.0, the shop has become way too crowded. But still, fun shop. :) I guess mainly you are looking for items with the little symbol that represents that it works with the new neohomes that don't restock in bulk amounts and also items with a price of 10,000NP or more. I wish I could remember more. :P

Shop #108-Mystical Surroundings

This is the background shop, in case you didn't know. It can be a hard shop to learn, because backgrounds deflate quite easily. There aren't a lot of tips I can give you here except for the usual; go for items that stock in ones, and a lot of backgrounds that stock for exactly 2500, 5000, or 10000 NP. Check the news for new backgrounds; sometimes you can sell them for lots if you get them when they're new.

Shop #2-Kauvara's Magic Shop

Here, you are looking for morphing potions. Simple. :) However, I suggest you not try here unless you are fairly experienced. It can be very frustrating. You also need to be sure to have a fast internet connection speed. It's easy to live and make neopoints without restocking here, however, as morphing potions can be fairly hard to sell without great patience.

Shop #17-The Gift Shop

It takes patience just to restock here, as this shop doesn't restock often and you're only looking for a few select items. Expensive-looking, shiny, golden/silver jewelry is one of the main things you are looking for. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, that type of thing. Just trust your instincts on what to go for. Also look for the little wearable trinkets that stock here; they are a nice tidy profit.

Alright, I hope my little guide helped you understand better on how to restock in a few specific shops! There are also other shops you can try, of course, shops including the Toy Shop, Plushie Palace, Book Shop, The Bakery, Chocolate Factory, Tropical Foods... the list goes on. Just try out whatever shops and decide which ones you like best! :)

As I said before, a general guide to restocking that I wrote can be found in issue 389 of the NT. You can also find help on the boards, on the Avatar Chat, Battledome Chat, Customisation Chat, Help Chat, and Trading/Auctions Chat. They have restock chats there that you can ask questions on. Other than that, good luck restocking! It is probably the easiest and best way to make neopoints.

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