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Making Your Lookup Shiny!

by tiickled


So, you want some spiffy trophies for your user lookup. Who doesn't, right? They make you look like a well-established player and hey, they're shiny! *_*

Well, you've come to the right place. This is a list of the top 10 easiest trophies to obtain in Neopia.

Note: The beauty contest is one as well, but since it goes on your pet's lookup as opposed to your own, I'm leaving it off. But just remember not to spam the boards when advertising your beauty contest entry! If you put some effort into your drawing and put the link to your entry in your signature and post in a kind and helpful manner, you'll do fine. (Note: Do not post obnoxiously with *pokes siggy* 500 times.)

Anyway, moving onto the user lookup trophies.

1. Snow Wars - This game is in the games room and also on Terror Mountain. You play against many funny-looking opponents, and you're trying to snow-bomb their things. I myself like to click every other question mark, and eventually, it works. It doesn't take long at all to get the medal (after your second opponent). The bronze trophy comes after your fifth opponent and silver is after your seventh opponent. Gold is a bit harder, after the tenth opponent, but you can do it. I'm listing this one as the easiest since it takes no real skill, just a bit of luck.

2. Sakhmet Solitaire - We all know how to play solitaire, right? That's why I'm listing this one as second easiest. It's under the games section, or you can find it in the Lost Desert. To get the bronze trophy, you only need to win two games, not in a row. (Two in a row gets you gold, five not in a row gets you silver.) No, you're not going to win immediately. Just keep playing, and you get Neopoints for it too!! There is an earning limit of 2,500 Neopoints per day.

3. Pyramids - This is another card game from the Lost Desert. The object of the game is to click the cards in order, based on what your draw card is. If you draw a 5, you can click either a 4 or a 6. Once you click that, if there's another card on the board that goes in order, you can play that one as well. Your goal is to clear the entire pyramid. Again, winning two games gets you bronze, five silver, and two in a row for the gold. There is an earning limit of 5,000 Neopoints per day.

4. Punchbag Bob - He's in the one player Battledome. I only used two Scarab Rings to beat him. It's not hard at all, but a bit time consuming, which is why it's further down the list. Be sure to allow yourself enough time so that you are finished with the fight before midnight NST. Your pet doesn't need high stats or anything, and you can use cheap weapons. However, the better the weapons and your pets' stats, the faster it'll go. I set aside a block of time, opened that in one tab, and the boards in the other, and went for it. I would take a break every now and then to post on a board or two.

5. Kadoatery - This is found in the Neopian Plaza. You just need to feed ONE kad to get the bronze trophy. You get silver for feeding ten, and once you hit twenty five kadoaties fed, you get the gold. If you go to the neoboards and click the games section, there will always be a kadoatery board up with helpful links and people. Read there, pay attention, and you should be able to feed a kadoatie for fairly cheap after a few tries. And who knows? You might discover you have a hidden talent for it!

6. Cheat - This is in the games room and it is also a card game. The object of this game is to beat out your opponents by playing all of the cards in your hard, and not being caught cheating. I will admit it takes a bit of practice, but I have every confidence that you'll get a trophy in no time at all. The bronze trophy is awarded after you beat the third level, silver is at fifth, and gold is for completing the seventh level. This game can also get you the Capara avatar.

7. Defenders of Neopia Series 2 - This is in the games room. Your first challenger here is Mr. Chuckles, which you can obtain as a challenger by refreshing at the Coconut Shy stand in the game room and also the Haunted Woods. He has a difficulty level of 10 and only starts with 10 hit points. You'll need to train a little and buy some weapons, but he's ultimately pretty easy.

8. Defenders of Neopia Series 1 - This is in the games room. Same as series 2, but your first challenger is the Pant Devil. Getting him as a challenger is not hard, but may possibly be time consuming. He needs to steal something from you in a random event, so just wait for it. You'll also have to train your pet and buy some fairly decent weapons, but he's not that difficult, rating a difficulty level of 21 in the Battledome. He starts out with 22 hit points.

9. Cellblock - This is in the games room and also the Darigan Citadel. You play different prisoners in order to advance. Your object is to get four pieces in a row. You play the Meridell flag pieces while they're the Darigan Citadel pieces. It takes some thinking and some practice, but it can be done! You win a medal at tournament 1, level 4. To get a bronze trophy, complete tournament 1, level 8. You move to silver at tournament 11, level 4, and gold is tournament 11, level 8. This game also gets you an avatar, though we haven't figured out exactly how, according to TNT. XD

10. Go! Go! Go! - This game is in the games room and also Tyrannia. It's another card game, the hardest one, but still easily obtainable. The object of this game is to get rid of all of your cards (in hand, face ups, and face downs) before your opponents do. There's some special rules to this game, and some cards do special things, so read the rules page before beginning. It will take practice, but you can do it!

There you have it, the top 10 easiest trophies for your user lookup. It'll be all shiny and pretty in no time at all. I have every confidence in you. =) Now get out there and earn some trophies, okay?! Okay.

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