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Kad Feeding 101

by blackwater444



The Kadoatery is located in the Plaza. It contains twenty Kadoaties whose owners are presumably on extended vacations. Kads are typically sleek, adorable and pampered—the ones here are no exception. At regular intervals, each Kad will demand a specific food. The trick is to be quickest to feed it. To feed a Kadoatie, you need to have the item in your inventory and click on the picture of the Kad. The backgrounds are white when they can be fed and grey when they cannot. Oftentimes you will go to the Kadoatery and see Kads available to be fed (white backgrounds). These Kads are requesting to be fed unbuyables (Ubs) and they can remain unfed for long periods of time.


The Kads cycle in 7 minute sets, which mean there is a chance to feed them every seven minutes, but it is only a chance. They may not “go” or cycle to be fed. Once they do cycle to be fed, they wait 28 minutes before starting to cycle again.

Study Help

How do you possibly know where the Kads are in this cycle at any given time? That is where the Official Kadoatie Time Keeping Board helps. The volunteers on this board keep continuous track of the Kadoatie time cycle—with no chatting, please! The board is located in the game section and is always titled: Kadoatery Feeding Times & Lists, with "Kad" smilies on either side.

Times will be posted, for example, as “main pending rf @ :24. If it is 10 am NST, this means you should refresh (rf) the Kadoatie page at 10:24:00 to see if they are requesting food. If not you will refresh again in 7 minutes—at :31. If they do request food (this is called a main) at :24, they will wait 28 minutes and you can start refreshing again at :52. One note is the Kadoatery, instead of “going” at 10:24:00, is currently lagging to 10:24:20-10:24:40. It is a good idea to refresh every 10 seconds from 10:24:00-10:25:00 just to be sure you catch them.

The time keepers on the board also post the list of foods the Kads were just fed. This is a great place to do a little research by looking back to see what the Kads have been requesting recently. Be warned, however, they request such a wide-range of foods, and in such randomness, it is very difficult to spot any pattern.

A System

There are basically three methods of feeding:

1) Inventory: stock 45-49 foods in your inventory. The benefit of this system is simplicity. The drawback is it limits your chance to feed and clogs up your inventory. It can be very disappointing to watch the Kads “go” and sit there with opportunity and nothing to feed. Before long, anyone who wants to be successful will feed by method two or three.

2) Inventory & Shop Wiz: stock 30-40 items in your inventory and if the Kads request a food you don’t have, quickly copy and paste the item into the shop wiz and buy it. Drawbacks are the speed required for success and the expense of some foods. You are going to want to set a budget if you use this method, say 20k max per item. The other dilemma you may have is if you buy the food and are not successful feeding it do you keep it or sell it and recoup your neopoints? You can rapidly increase the amount of Kadding inventory you have using this method which will lead you into using method three.

3) Inventory & SDB: In this method you keep quite a few of the foods a Kad requests right in your SDB and then quickly copy and paste to find the food when needed. This method works best if you do not have a pin in your SDB. For this method it is very helpful to have category foods so that when you are looking at a possible 20 foods you know which one you are likely to have in your inventory.

With the Shop Wiz and SDB systems you will want a separate tab for the Kadoatery and the Shop Wiz or SDB.

The Foods

You need to know what foods the Kads request. There are two lists. The Silverjojo page lists the foods by the shop categories, such as spooky food or space food.

The Phil747 page lists the foods by the words they contain. I prefer this method of organization.


Successful Kad feeding gives immediate gratification with a bronze trophy being awarded as soon as your first Kad is fed! Many people, myself included, feed one Kad just for the trophy and then return months later to work at earning the avatar. Your trophy is upgraded to Silver after 10 Kads are fed. Gold is awarded after 25 Kads. In order to earn that elusive Kadoatery avatar (Mew!) you need to feed even more Kadoaties.


Technically it is very cheap to feed the Kads. A lot of the food they request is some of the least expensive food available in Neopia--pyramibread, Qando Pita, Scarab Cookie, and Green Tea Custard for example. However, it is a good idea to have a wide range of food on hand for feeding. Generally, the cheaper a food is the more common it is and the more competition you will have to actually be able to feed that Kad. I like to have a range of a few expensive items (50-90k), approximately 20 or so medium priced items (5-25k).


When the Kads request an item that is UB, it is not fed immediately. Often it is not fed for several days. When it is fed, that single Kad cycles on a different schedule than the rest of the Kads. This is known as a mini. Enroll in Kad Feeding 202 for more on the complexities of Kad feeding.


  • Write down the pending time so you don’t forget while doing something else.
  • Find something to do between the 7 minute refreshes that doesn’t take complete concentration or you will loose track of time.
  • Choose your food in categories so you have a minimum of words to look for when the Kads do go.
  • Be patient and persistent.
  • Plan to spend some time just watching and learning the system. In other words, don’t expect to be immediately successful.
  • Good luck and happy Kadding!

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