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Neopia's Skeiths... and how nice they REALLY are!

by sadinei


Skeiths. Their one of Neopia’s most disliked inhabitants, usually due to their tendency to eat everything in sight and the common stereotype that Skeiths are rude, greedy, lazy and difficult to get along with. These, however, are just simple stereotypes. Though it is true that there are a few well known Skeiths that perpetuate the stereotype that Skeiths are a grumpy and un-accommodating species (*cough* Skarl *cough*), it is not entirely true for all of them.

So, let’s get to know some of Neopia’s Most Famous Skeiths, and let me show you how *most* of them are not the rude creatures you suspect them to be.

10. Greed

One of The Three, Greed is a ghostly apparition that corrupts those in positions of power. Along with Ambition and Revenge (the Faerie and Gelert), they are the initial causes of Lord Darigan’s corruption and are thought to have caused his willingness to go to war with Meridell. They then went onto corrupt Lord Kass when Darigan’s greed failed them, and when Kass also failed him they removed him from the picture, pledging that Darigan would someday return.

Niceness Score: 0/10

While it’s not known how large a role Greed played in corrupting both Darigan and Kass, it is obvious that he isn’t a very nice Skeith at all, regardless of whether or not he has a ‘solid’ form.

9. Malkus Vile

Known for his dirty crimes and well-known henchmen Heermeedjet and Merouladen, Malkus Vile is one of Neopia’s biggest criminal masterminds. His most well-known crime is the stealing of King Coltzan III’s crown, though petty crime such as the theft of backpacks is also not outside his league. Though he has nothing on Galem Darkhand, Malkus Vile has certainly formed his niche in Neopia’s underworld, even if he prefers to work by proxy, using his meerca henchmen to do most of the dirty work.

Niceness Score: 0/10

There’s not much to say here at all, Malkus is certainly one of the worse examples of a Skeith that Neopia has ever seen! Not only is he greedy and lazy, he’s also one of the meanest neopets in Neopia. Let’s hope his influence doesn’t spread much further...

8. Kayn Hirek

A fearsome Yooyuball player in his hay-day, Kayn first appeared in the Altador Cup in Year Eight playing Left-Forward for Brightvale. He also played in Year Nine, but while the Brightvale team was riddled with dirty tactics and cheating in Year Eight, they attempted to clean up their game for Year Nine’s tournament. Kayn himself was a big fan of the ‘trip with the tail’ tactic, but while he may not have been the cleanest player Kayn proved to be an excellent scorer... when he could be bothered.

Niceness Score: 2/10

With his team’s terrible playing tactics and his grumpiness in his older age, Kayn Hirek is not the most pleasant Skeith to be around. While he can be a good player at times, Kayn is a good example of a lazy, rude Skeith who likes to get his own way... and likes winning no matter what!

7. Snargan

King Skarl’s treasurer, Snargan, is definitely a greedy Skeith. Snargan often gets bored counting money that belongs to someone else, and has been known to illegally challenge visitors to the castle to a game of Double or Nothing. He absolutely hates losing, even though the money he gambles is actually King Skarl’s. Since he believes he isn’t paid enough by Skarl, Snargan has been known to keep his winnings as a little ‘addon’ to his salary... though more often than not he is caught by Skarl and is forced to pay his losses back.

Niceness Score: 3/10

While he isn’t the nicest Skeith in Neopia, Snargan is no Malkus Vile. However, he has been known to even cheat in his very own game, Double or Nothing, by using a coin that has tails on both side. Not only does he gamble other people’s money, but he also practically steals it from others. Snargan is a prime example of a greedy Skeith.

6. Edmund

A leading character in The Tale of Woe, Edmund was a family-man, and a father to three young children. Though two of his children, Sophie the Ixi and Bruno the Gelert, are better known than Edmund now, he certainly had an important role in the history of Neovia. Edmund took a potion from the shadowy Mr. Krawley when his business started failing, and as a result he eventually became suspicious of anyone being around his money including his workers, friends and even his family.

Niceness Score: 4/10

Edmund was once a kind and proud business owner, but by placing false-trust in Mr. Krawley’s potion he ended up becoming so suspicious of everyone else around him that he became the perfect perpetrator for the stereotypes that Skeiths are greedy and rude. However, his initial love for his family and passion for his business earn him back a couple of points.

5. Bartleby

Once a fearsome pirate, this green Skeith is now retired and spends most of his time playing the game Armada with his best friend Kavennagh the Kyrii. Though the two are usually pretty even, Bartleby is often the weaker player and hates it when he loses too often in a row. Bartleby is mostly approachable, especially if you want to play Armada, but due to his old age he can be a little irritable at times. He is easily frustrated when he’s determined not to lose, as evidenced in his Neopedia article, and sometimes he easily loses track of past moves but that doesn’t mean Bartleby isn’t a fearsome opponent... when he isn’t asking you to repeat yourself for the hundredth time.

Niceness Score: 6/10

Though he means well, Bartleby can be quite the bother when he’s on a big losing streak... and he gloats all the more when he finally comes back to win after such a streak. He’s not afraid to sling a pirate insult at you either, detracting from his score.

4. King Skarl

The proud Skeith king of Meridell, Skarl is one of the grumpiest Neopians. However, he will do anything to protect his subjects and land, fighting off both Darigan and Kass with the help of his army. While he isn’t always pleasant to be around, Skarl will love you if you tell him a good joke (well, he’ll love you as long as he’s still laughing anyway). Skarl has no problem taking credit for things others have done, and though his land is mostly prosperous he can’t help but frown a little upon his brother’s haughty kingdom of Brightvale.

Niceness Score: 6/10

King Skarl may be irritable, grumpy and a little annoying, but he in no way appears to be a bad leader for Meridell. Not only has he led his subjects through two successful wars, he also helped bring them more tourism and revenue by producing no less than twenty-five items bearing his image or name.

3. National Neopian Skeith

Better known as simply ‘The Bank Skeith’, this National Neopian employee is one of the most well-known faces in Neopia, as well as being one of the most polite! Not only does he very rarely show his grumpy side, he is quite accommodating to all his clients 24 hours a day. Though he remains nameless for his own safety, he is also rumoured to be quite the fighter and adept at fending off thieves as the National Neopian has not reported a single robbery in several years, not since he last took a day off (and that, folks, is where we get the game Trouble at the National Neopian!).

Niceness Score: 8/10

The National Neopian Skeith scores a quite high 8 for his politeness; it is not often that you can walk into the bank without a smile and a ‘Good day, mister/madame.’ However, he loses points for being a bit grumpy if you utilise his withdrawal services too often during a day, so if you want to stay on the right side of this Skeith you might want to limit your spending (which is a good idea anyway)!

2. King Hagan

Slightly more sophisticated than his brother, King Hagan is also known as the ‘Wise Old King’ and is revered for his extensive knowledge. Hagan can often be found reading one of Brightvale’s various literary titles, or offering knowledge to his castle’s visitors. Some visitors are game enough to challenge Hagan’s knowledge, and those who offer him facts he didn’t know are greatly rewarded. As a result of the extensive guidance and schooling that he offers his kingdom, Brightvale is often regarded as the smartest province of Neopia.

Niceness Score: 9/10

King Hagan is a fair ruler, but his rudeness when you tell him something he already knows can be a bit of a put-off. Hagan has provided a lot for his land, letting it prosper and become one of the most educated in Neopia.

1. Gordos

Known far and wide as ‘The Collector’, Gordos is one of the twelve heroes of Altador. He became a hero by saving his city from financial ruin, and is much loved in Altador despite being the local tax collector (and thankfully, no friend of the Tax Beast!). Upon finding out the Governor of his previous city was spending the city’s tax on his own lavish lifestyle, Gordos alerted the local police force who took the Governor from office and lowered the tax to a fifth of its previous amount. Gordos later became one of Altador’s great councilmen when King Altador found out about his great deed.

Niceness Score: 10/10

Gordos is Neopia’s nicest Skeith. Not only is he pleasant to be around, but he will fight for the rights of others and appears to be a great believer in the concept of a fair go for all. Gordos is so well known for his previous good deeds that there is now a constellation named for him above Altador, and rightly so.

Conclusion: You know what? When researching this article I discovered that ALL of Neopia's famous Skeiths were MALE! Hopefully this will encourage TNT to release some female Skeith characters, as the Skeith-y stereotypes would possibly be more difficult to apply :D Thanks for reading!

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