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Savak: The Search - Part Eight

by zephandolf


"What?" Savak asked Lilia. "Kaylee's your mother?"

     Lilia nodded sadly. Despite his surprise, Savak thought back to Kaylee's story about how she got her medallion. Her daughter…the one she lost in the storm…she had been on Mystery Island all this time! If only she had known beforehand…

     His thoughts were distracted by a familiar voice from an annoying little Chia. "Ghost Lupe has made choice!"

     Savak turned around to see the Chia leader approaching. The Lupe didn't even realize that the drone of the battle had waned into silence. Now all the fighters from both sides had gathered together behind the Chia leader. The Chia continued, "Ghost Lupe choose, save you trouble."

     Savak flicked his ears, trying to understand what the Chia meant. Before he could ask, Lukas, now covered with scratches, moved to the front of the crowd. "Lukas," Savak said. "What's going on? What does he mean?"

     "He was going to have you two fight it out," Lukas replied. "I…I didn't want to see you get hurt, and neither did they." He flicked his tail to the fighters in the crowd that had joined him before.

     "Hard decision," the Chia added. "But that over now." He pointed his staff at Savak. "You, go. Take friends. Battle over. Too much trouble." The Chia turned to Lukas. "I no blame you. Take master, then go with friends." With that, the Chia walked back to the village. Most of the natives followed while the others tended to their fallen comrades. Once the natives had dispersed, Lukas walked over to Savak. He nodded to Heysha, then to Savak.

     "I…I'd like to thank you for looking after her," he said. "She's never been to Mystery Island before. I'm just sorry her first outing to somewhere as exotic as this had to turn out this way."

     "No problem," Savak said. He looked to Heysha, who was getting to her paws. "I think I've even enjoyed her company."

     "Where's Kosek?" Lilia asked suddenly, looking around. Savak grew worried once more, remembering where he had left him.

     "He's with Jessie," Savak said. "She was hurt when the cage fell."

      "Go to her then," Lukas said. "I'll take Heysha to get Jason."

     Savak nodded to the Kougra. "Alright. Lilia, let's go."

     As the two Lupes cut across the battlefield once more, Lilia paused periodically, looking at the fallen natives around them. "Such a waste," she muttered. "Why fight when it isn't necessary?"

     "Maybe it could have been avoided," Savak said. "And maybe not. Maybe they needed the fight to see where everyone stood. In case you haven't noticed, not many of these natives were happy to be forced to live here."

     Lilia nodded sadly, and they continued on. As they did, Savak's mind filled with worries for his mother. Was she alright? How badly was she hurt when the cage fell? He didn't have time to check before Heysha called for him. His worries were quelled when he saw Jessie rising on her forepaws as they approached the tree.

     "Jessie!" Savak said, dashing over to her. "Are you alright?"

     "Not exactly," she said, flinching as she shifted her weight off her hind legs. "I think my leg is broken."

     "So do I," Kosek added, pawing at Jessie's injured limb. "I don't think it's broken through, but I know she can't walk on it."

     "It will take months to heal, though," Savak observed sadly. "What will we do? She can't get back to the plains this way."

     "I asked Gerthen about it," Kosek said. "He said he would think it over. I'm not sure what he meant, but when he said that, he walked off."

     "Maybe he went somewhere to think," Savak said. "He does that sometimes. Who knows where he went."

     "He came to me."

     The Lupes turned to see Jason walking over with Lukas, Heysha, and Gerthen beside him. The human was grubby, but unharmed, fortunately. For some reason, he seemed taller than Savak remembered, but maybe it was just him. When Jason reached the group, he knelt beside Jessie and examined her leg. He felt along the bone, being careful not to move it too much. Then, after a few moments, he stepped back.

     "Yes, I think it is broken," he said. "You won't be able to walk on this." He looked Jessie in the eye. "It's been a long time, Jessie."

     "Yes it has," Jessie replied sadly. "I'm sorry I never took the time to visit, but I was busy with other things." She looked proudly over at Savak. Savak shifted uncomfortably, flicking his ears.

     "You, uh, have any suggestions about Jessie?" Savak asked Jason. Jason shifted to face the white Lupe, sitting down.

     "Well," he started. "I could take her to the hospital, get her patched up, and let her live in her old room until she's recovered. But…"

     "But that would take her away from her home," Gerthen finished. "That is, the home she's known for the past few years."

     Savak nodded sadly, looking to Jessie. "With the alternative being, Jason will bring her to the plains and she'll try recovering for even longer on her own while we support her over the winter." He sighed sadly. "I don't like either choice, but this isn't a decision I can make. What do you want to do, Jessie?"

     "I…I don't know," Jessie said, looking from Savak to Jason. "I would love to live with Jason again, but I don't want to leave you alone, Savak."

     Savak nodded in understanding. Murgoh had only left a few months ago. If Jessie were to leave, he wouldn't have either parent with him. Somehow, though he knew the plains would be a lonely place without her, he felt he could live with the change for a while if he knew she was coming back. "I won't be completely alone," Savak said finally. "I have the rest of the pack, and you're not leaving me completely."

     "You can visit anytime you want," Jason said to Savak, rubbing his head. "Provided Jessie wants to come with me."

     "Thank you, Jason," Savak said, flicking his ears. He'd forgotten how close Jason had come to him during his short stay a few months ago. Shaking the memories from his mind, he turned to Jessie again. "Well?"

     "I guess I'm going then," Jessie said. "But I'm obviously not getting there on my own."

     Jason smirked as he got to his feet. Then he carefully picked up the Lupess and walked off with Lukas into the jungle. As he left, Savak could hear him talking to Jessie. "You know how long it's been since I've held you in my arms like this? You're a bit bigger than I remember, though. You're not a puppy anymore. Ahh the memories…" his voice faded as he drew farther away. As he was walking away, Heysha passed close to Savak as she moved to follow.

     "I'll look forward to your visit," she whispered, licking his cheek before moving after Jason. Savak cocked his ears in bewilderment as she walked away. He didn't think he would ever understand her completely, but he felt he could live with that as well.

     "Savak," Kosek said. Savak shook his head, turned to the Lupe as he stepped forward with Lilia at his side. "Lilia has asked to join our pack."

     "Has she?" Savak asked. "Why?"

     "You're looking for my mother," Lilia said quietly, looking at her paws. She raised her head to look at Savak as she continued. "And I'm looking for her too. I…I was hoping I could talk with her, or at least help you get her medallion. Maybe there's a chance we can turn her around."

     Savak looked to Kosek. "You told her about the medallion?" he asked. When Kosek shifted uncomfortably, he said, "Well, if her mother is involved, I suppose she deserves to know. I'll tell you all you need to know about it later. Right now, I just want to go home." He leaned closer to the Lupess as he added, "I hope we can turn her too. I'd rather not have to deal with the alternative."

     As Savak drew away, Lilia just started at Savak, with almost a surprised and sad expression on her face. Kosek nudged her, causing her to look away. "Come on," he said. "Let's get going. I don't want to spend another minute in these jungles."

     "Neither do I," Gerthen agreed. "The plains are enough for me. I've been away from them for too long."

     The three Lupes padded away, first Gerthen, then Lilia and Kosek followed side-by-side. Looking over the mauled village once more, Savak sighed and followed.

     As they moved through the jungle, Savak's mind focused on the Ghost Lupe. Was he really watching him this whole time? What did he really think of him? Why did he take Kaylee, and where did he take her? Looking up at the moon overhead, Savak thought he could almost see the image of that very Lupe in the celestial form. Who knew why he had helped him. Everyone said that the Ghost Lupe did strange things. Perhaps his motives weren't as strange as everyone imagined.

     "Thanks for your help," Savak muttered silently as he continued along the path out of the jungle, then to home.

The End

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