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Keyquest! Silver is Just As Good As Gold!

by sportsandmusic69


Hello there! From the title I have you thinking, "Oh! A guy who wants to boost his ego by saying that saying Gold Keys are the best, never to use anything less than the gold key, or even something lame." Well, this isn't that. Let's read to find out! Because this article will surprisingly shock or stun you, so get a grip and please don't fall out of your chair or else Bree will be mad at me!

So you're likely to be wondering and thinking that I'm crazy; I mean, who in the right mind would think that this Silver Key for Keyquest could be as good or even better than a Gold Key? With gold keys, you can get a paint brush, or a map piece, and a ton of codestone or neggs which sell fast at great prices! With silver keys, you barely get anything. Well, let me tell you this, silver keys can and likely will give you prizes better than the gold ones and the feeling that you get it now that the silver keys that you had sitting there for an entire year, never wanting to use them, gave you those great prizes!

One day I woke up, got myself ready, and hopped onto Keyquest to make some Neopoints. I had already had nine Silver Keys sitting in my vault, waiting to be used when I had a little time to get on the computer, because let's face it, that lure of a paint brush is just so tempting. Well, I played eleven times and sadly got a Silver Key but got my ten gold keys for the day and about 25,000 neopoints. Then, the big one, the heart-pounding moment, redeeming the keys! I went to the vault, used my ten gold keys.

But what's this? You're likely thinking, "Wow, I bet he got a Paint Brush, Map Piece, or even a codestone!" Well, you'd be far from it. Yes, I said it, wrong. I got fourteen Flotatos, eleven stamps, and fifteen books. So I sat there and said, "What?! I spent my time for pure junk! I hate you, Keyquest! I hope you break," even though I didn't hate the game and really didn't want it to break or else I would cry, but honestly, what can you do in seeing that but be utterly frustrated. So the next day I promised not to use any gold keys since they failed me that day, and so my day went on until the next day.

Next day I awoke, it's Sunday; nobody really feels like doing anything on a Sunday. School starts the next day; you're not allowed to stay up. The fun is just drained out of you. Being sad about what day it was, I waited until later that day to use my keys and later on that day it came time to use the keys. So I headed over after doing my dailies to redeem my silver keys which I had ten of, because honestly I was tired of having a fresh silver key and nine keys that have sat there since Neopets birthday, so they are some old unused silver keys. I got to the vault thinking, "Uggg! More junk but I don't wanna play because Keyquest hates me. Tomorrow they better give me big prizes for this junk."

I started to redeem my silver keys to be very shocked! I got zero junk items, just codestones and neggs! And I'm sitting there, just so shocked! Keyquest silver keys gave me better prizes than yesterday's gold keys. My mouth has just dropped; I cannot believe it. I actually ran around the house in glee; I ran outside hugged my dog Jade, till this day I think she thinks I'm losing my mind, but then I decided to run in the house to sell my gain, which I did before tripping over a gopher hole. So I went to the quicklist since it was easy; no junk to discard so all of it went to the shop. Using the awesome shop wizard, I did my job and priced all my items 200 NP under everything that I saw and made my board in the shop section of the neoboards, which I thank TNT for making the boards.

About twenty minutes later, I went to my shop to find everything sold! "Yes! Alright, time to pull in the NP cash and see what I got! I cleared my Sales History first and then went to the till. "Oh my goodness! I have 118,600 neopoints sitting in the shop till just waiting for me to collect!" I collected the NP, headed for the bank to make my deposit, and sat there happy. I was so happy that I felt that I needed to thank someone, but who? I couldn't thank the people I played, because let's face it, I don't remember that far back, and doubt they remember me.

So I decided to do this. Let's go and thank TNT for making the game! Without it, I'd never have the stuff I have now, like my Rainbow Kadoatie, the full lab map use, other petpets, or avatars that I never use. I decided that it's a must! I went to the bottom of the page, hit "Contact Us", and searched for the Idea and Comment page; finding it, I clicked it and put it under the section of "Comment". But I'm at a stump, I just can't say, "Thanks for making Keyquest!" It would just be too lazy and I'm here happy, I gotta make TNT feel good for making me feel good.

So the moral that I learned, which didn't take me much to learn because I always had this feeling that gold wasn't better than others, just like one person isn't better than others, was no matter what happens in a Keyquest game, I'm, like always, gonna finish a game because nobody wants to waste their time having the game end "abnormally". So no matter what key you get, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or even, yes, a lead key, can give you some awesome prizes! So take what you get and watch and be surprised what you get because it's really gonna shock you when you redeem those very precious keys.

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