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Why Yes, I am Quite Cheap.

by chicenhog


I’m cruising around Neopia Central, on a perfect sunny day with my Shoyru, Sastie. All is happy, sunny and wonderful. The marketplace is hot with people, buying, selling, trading, and haggling. The line up for the NC mall stretches all the way around the block, and the auction house has seated its maximum. Everything is great, until I realize that I am so thirsty. So we walk along the dirt pathway to the smoothie shop. As I walk in, the cool burst of air feels good on my clammy face, and the bell on the door handle jingles. The shopkeeper greets me with a warm hello. Now, at this point, I discover a major flaw in my plan- an error, a slip-up of sorts. I realize that I am completely broke.

How are today’s Neopians supposed to enjoy living when everything about our society is based on supply and demand? At the peak of my thoughts, I say to Sastie,

“Let’s go do something simple, something easy, straightforward... and not to mention free.” She agrees, and we go off to our day’s activities. We make a list.

‘Tegan and Sastie’s List of Stuff to do because we are Broke.’

1) Play with your petpet. That little guy is often lonely, just following sluggishly behind you. Let’s start up a conversation! Remember, pets can always make you laugh!

And so, we found a nice spot on the top of a hill overlooking the city, with Wayne the Griefer. The spot was perfect, the grass was lush and tall, and we gathered round underneath an old autumn birch tree. It was beautiful and relaxing. We began talking to the little fellow; he ran around in circles and was always humorous. I think we all benefitted from a good laugh that day.

2) Update your petpage, font or user lookup. These don’t cost you a dime, and it sure is fun to write stories, create some art or update your look! You can even just give the illusion that you aren’t broke, by bringing up to date a few things.

Sastie and I sat down at a nearby picnic table and began to draw some art. The gentle wind was nice, and the pictures we drew were satisfying. Well, Sastie’s was good; I can’t say the same about mine. We wrote a few ridiculous stories about Sastie’s brother, too. One was about him being allergic to sunlight, so that was why he couldn’t come outside. Ever. Another one was about him being a very sturdy vegetarian. We were having an exceedingly good time.

3) Join a guild, or have a chat with someone on the Neoboards. It’s never costly having a good time with friends in a guild or on the boards. It’s fun chatting about your newest avatar, your pets or your recent beauty contest entry.

The avatar chat is a hectic place, let me tell you. Tons of people were there, all talking about their fantastic fonts and how to get so and so avatar. Sastie and I met a bunch of new people who were quite captivating; they had many stories to tell. The avatar chat is a fairly prompt environment, so much to talk about and do! We talked and talked for hours on the chat before we decided that all the Neoboard smilies were doing damage to our eyes. We moved on, keeping in mind our very frugal ways!

4) Play Kacheek Seek. With this game, not only is it free, but you also get neopoints while playing! It’s a win-win! It’s fun and addicting and there are so many places to hide and play in.

Sastie and I approached the Ice Caves.

“Twenty Seconds, ready... go!” I heard the patter of her feet, running to her hiding spot. It was crisp and cool in the caves, with many little ice pockets and frozen tree branches to hide behind.

“Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen...” I could hear her giggle softly, and then cover her mouth with her hand to stop her from giving away the spot. I couldn’t tell what direction it came from, though.

“Twenty! Ready or not, here I come!” I ambled around for a bit, looking behind snow mounds and inside igloos. As a gust of snowy win blew by my face, I was trying to look for blue and red reflections on the icy cliffs, but I couldn’t see a thing! She was a very good player, I assure you. After about ten minutes, I found her under a pile of snow. After such a cold setting, we decided that it was time for a nice sunny place so we could absorb some rays.

5) Grab some free Omelette! It's free food, right? Who needs expensive smoothies when we have such a delicacy among us! But you better hurry before all the omelette is gone, because it would be a bummer to go all the way to the Tyrannian Plateau and not come back with anything.

We approached the omelette, and when I say it is truly massive, I really do mean it. This thing must be at least eight feet tall, and I couldn’t even see how wide it was. It was almost as unreal as Jelly World, for Sutek's sake! We grabbed some Bacon Omelette, which we split into two. It was a much different environment than what we have been used to, the many Pteris flying above our heads and the, um, interesting language everyone spoke. I believe I kind of caught on- Graguda! Ugavu, Ugga Ugga! I think...

After a long day of petpets, playing hide and seek, and learning a new language, we decided to hit the hay. We came home pretty late to find Sastie’s brother still glued to the neovision, as usual. While I was putting Sastie and Wayne to bed, she couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had today, and without spending a neopoint! Wayne was settled down nicely, content with the day as well. Saying goodnight, Sastie blurted out,

“Hey Tegan, what are we doing tomorrow?”

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