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How to Take Care of Chocolate Neopets

by samcip876


You just zapped your neopet chocolate, eh? Don't they look tempting now? Often you find yourself sneaking ice cream off their heads and backs, blaming your other pets for eating your pet's body parts (again), and not to mention catch your pet eating itself as well.

This handy guide will teach you how to take care of your chocolate neopet. Unfortunately, we can't solve the tempting-sneaky-blaming-yummy-chocolate behavior- unless of course you and your pets eat only healthy food, which I'm sure, of course, is hard to believe.

1. Diet

For starters, do NOT feed your chocolate pet chocolate from the chocolate factory- it's like being a cannibal to them. Feel free to feed them other candy- I suggest something cold, to keep that ice cream on their heads from melting and chocolaty shape to stay solid instead of sticky. For food shopping, I recommend the Slushie Shop and the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, both found on Terror Mountain. Shop Wizard and the Marketplace are also key- you can often find better deals. But be sure your pet likes the food you buy them!

2. Habitat

Now that you have a chocolate pet, you might consider moving to a different climate suitable for him/her. Some ideal spots are Terror Mountain, Faerieland, and maybe even the Space Station, but anything can work, as long as it isn't overly humid, for example, the Lost Desert. Be sure to always have cold air in your neohome, and don't let your pet out when it's humid. A good idea is to have extra chilly air in your pet's room, as it might hang out there most of the time. Also be sure to pick an area comfortable to your other pets, if any, too- your chocolate dairy friend is not the only one here. Think of taking care of an ice-coloured pet.

3. Grooming

It is very hard to groom your chocolate pet without scraping off chocolate using a brush. It's also hard to clean them with regular soap they used to use, because all that will create is a terrible-chocolate-tasting mess. You might want to use a soft-bristle brush and sweep their chocolate fur as if dusting a piece of furniture, just harsh enough to get dust and dirt off, but won't scrape off chocolate. As for that ice cream on their heads, you might want to replace it on grooming day. Look for various flavors and don't put that used ice cream to waste! Mmmmm... vanilla.

4. Clothing

Well, every stylish neopet out there needs clothes, right? Of course! Make your chocolate pet look worthy to brag about by loading it up with backgrounds, clothes, hats, glasses, and just about anything! For cheap, convenient neopoint clothes, try the Shop Wizard and stay tuned to the Shop Ads section in the Boards- for cheap NC Mall items, check out the Super Sale section in the NC Mall. Also be sure to put shoes on your friend, unless you want to be mopping up brown, delicious, sticky chocolate spots on the floor.

5. New Friends

New colours could mean new friendships, too! Another delicious friend will always be out there somewhere! Give your pet the chance to socialize, and BAM! You have friends of all kinds- chocolate (like itself), jelly, biscuit, cloud, Christmas, Halloween, and more! The owners of all these pets are dying to meet you, too- so this could also mean you get a new friend as well! Cool, huh?

Exotic pets and their owners are waiting! So get out there!

6. Traders

People will want to trade your awesome pet if they want it. If you truly love your neopet, you don't have to trade it in, of course.... but if you just can't resist that AWESOME Darigan Kougra, or that ADORABLE baby Bruce, feel free to trade your edible pet in.

7. New Tastes

Your neopet might feel different, which explains its looks. It might want to try new things, which of course is no surprise, as the surprises come 'round and go 'round every time your pet is changed somehow. Being a new colour would be interesting, and, for your pet, so is life. If they always hated how "girlish" and "pink" Faerieland was, maybe they'd be interested exploring it as a new colour. Or what if they loved Destruct-O-Match, but now it's just hoo-hum boring? Maybe they'd like to see what it's like on the dark side for a few days, working for Dr. Sloth, instead of sticking in Neopia Central and getting eaten by Neopians passing by. It happens all the time- slushies instead of jellies, cold instead of hot, brown instead of green. As silly as it sounds, it's true- but whatever happens, your neopet will always like you!

8. Prey & Predators

Your neopet is now edible, right? And, sadly, VERY delicious... which means pets that don't know better might try to eat it. You should always keep an eye on a predator pet that wants to try and eat your scrumptious pet treat. Oh, and another thing... don't be a pet predator! I'm not ONLY talking about chocolate pets here, I'm saying jelly, biscuit, and other edible pets! So no excuses next time you find yourself staring at that wobbly, jelly-like skin, or that chocolaty-ice cream coat, OR that cookie fur. Break it!

9. Fun

Hey, just because your pet is now a yummy treat doesn't mean you two still can't have fun together! Buy some plushies, run off to the Games Room, grab some toys from your cluttered Safety Deposit Box, or just chill by making it your active pet and doing some dailies! Make sure that mood is always delighted, that hunger is always bloated, and always make sure you two can be friends, despite the fact that one of you are now edible. Of course, pay attention to your other pets, if any, too- maybe you can all play a round of Wingoball, browse through the Marketplace, or throw on those old adventurer's clothes and explore what Neopia has to offer!

Now you know the basics of chocolate-coloured pets. I hope you enjoyed my little guide!

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