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How to Go Green in Neopia

by ginny_invisible


Also by punk_rocker_pip

We, the Institution for a Green Neopia, are proud to present a never-before-seen pamphlet on the newest rage that is sweeping Neopia: the urge to "Go Green!" Here we will offer an abundance of tips and ideas that will leave your friends going, "Whoa, when did you become such a tree-hugger?"

Er, in a good way.

But seriously. Green is the hottest new thing, from Meridell to Neopia Central, to even Virtupets (do they even have green up there?). Jump on the bandwagon and let's get Green!

Go organic by eating lots of fruits and veggies! Instead of splurging on cake or candy from Neopian shops, take a trip over to Meri Acres Farm and enjoy a meal consisting of a large Marrow. Instead of munching on cookies when you get hungry, try some delectable Half Eaten Berries. They’re healthier for you and much better for Neopia’s environment!

- Show your Green pride! Part of going Green is spreading the culture to the rest of Neopia. Wear green T-Shirts, set up a stand in the Bazaar and hand out leaflets, and spam the NeoBoards (not literally). Show all your friends the joys of going Green!


(Paid advertisement) Another way to go GREEN is show your support for the most environment-friendly faerie around—Illusen. Forget about Jhudora and go do a quest for Illusen the GREEN (er, earth) faerie!


- Conserve water. Encourage your Neopets to conserve water in their everyday routines. A little bit can really add up! Turning the water off while brushing their teeth can save a lot of water in the course of a week. In addition, whenever buying your Neopet something to drink, consider reusing the bottle that is came it. By reusing it you’re adding less garbage to the Meridell Rubbish dump.

- Buy your clothes and toys of good, earth-friendly materials. Instead of buying that synthetic Berry Zafara Jacket, try a Gnorbu Wool Sweater instead. Instead of shopping for plastic, mass-produced Usukis, make a difference and purchase a handmade Red Mynci Puppet.


(Paid advertisement) The General Store is always the place to shop for handmade, environment-friendly products! Get away from mass-produced consumerism and shop at an old-fashioned General Store today!


- Borrow instead of buying. Ever heard of the ever-popular “Recycle, Reduce, Reuse”? There’s no reason to spend hours restocking to make NP, or buying hundreds of items for your gallery. If you want to dress up your pet, look in your closet and Safety Deposit Box for any potato sacks you already have. If your pet wants a Petpet... well then, just give them that origami one you got in your Newbie Starter Kit! If you need an avatar, just borrow the item from someone who already owns it! (Next time you make a ‘Lend Me’ board, just say you’re going Green.)

- Make your Neohome Green. No, I’m not suggesting you go buy the general store out of green paint! There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your Neohome is easier on the environment. First, encourage your Neopet to turn out the lights whenever he or she leaves the room. This saves a lot of energy that would otherwise go to waste. During the daytime, rely on sunlight coming through the windows for most of your light. In addition, try getting some furniture at the second hand shop. Many of the items there are just as good and you can give them a second home so they don’t end up in the trash. Finally, planting trees around your home can help keep it cool without expensive air conditioning. To top it all off, it’ll add oxygen to the air!

- Try planting a Neogarden. It adds a lively Green touch to your Neohome, looks good, and helps the environment. What more could you ask for? It takes minimal work and just a few Neopoints spent at the Garden Centre. Help our air quality and the dwindling plant life of our world and get growing.

- Share clothes. Hand me downs are part of the lives of many siblings both inside and out of Neopia. While your Neopet certainly deserves some new clothes every now and then, hand me downs in between can generate a lot less waste. For example, instead of buying a whole new school uniform, simply borrow one from an older sibling. In addition, young female Neopets will not mind wearing their older sister’s frilly skirt one bit!

- Don't waste food. Has your owner ever told you that much-recited line: "Eat your broccoli, or hungry Neopets in the Lost Desert will die of starvation," or some such variation? Owners can be quite creative in order to make you eat your broccoli.

Well, here is a splendid rebuttal to this statement. Memorize it so you can use it next time. It's very short and sweet.

"If they're so hungry, then why don't we give my broccoli to them?"


(Paid advertisement) If you have any extra food that you don't want (or that is so gross that you can't stand to put it inside of you), the Soup Kitchen is always ready for donations! Just drop by and stick it in our soup bowl. We've had donations of Yellow Growth, Rancid Old Meat... those hungry Neopets will eat anything.

You didn't know you could do a good deed and clear your Safety Deposit Box of all that Gross Food at the same time, huh?


- Don’t waste items. Don’t want something anymore? Don’t discard it. Send it to one of your Neofriends, or donate it to the Money Tree. Discarding or letting it rot in your SDB is a crime against the environment. Someone will always pick it up, whether it be a Bony Grarrl Club or a Pile of Dung. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

- Eat your leftovers. Ever go out and dine at Kelp but can’t eat another fishstick? Don’t just leave the leftovers; pack them away in an eco-friendly container, and bring them home for later. Every bite you throw away is a little less Green Neopia.

- Paper or plastic? Cloth, please! Whenever you go into Neopia Central or the Marketplace to buy your Neopet some delicious food or a new toy, think carefully about how you will carry it all home. Most likely, as soon as you’re back in the door of your Neohome, your pet will want to play with their toy, and the bag will be thrown into the garbage can. However, if you use a cloth bag, you will be able to use it over and over again. This produces less waste and is much easier on the environment.

- Throw away your junk. Imagine yourself: the average Neopet. You're strolling along Neopia Central. You stop by for a slice of pizza, or a hot dog fresh from Hubert's grill. You take a can of Neocola, or Achyfi (your preference). A napkin to wipe your mouth (I hope, might want a toothpick as well to pick your teeth). You eat most of it. Then you look at your watch, jump about five feet when you realize it's time for the Kadoatie again, and race off to attempt to feed.

What about the plate your pizza was on? Or that metal Neocola (or Achyfi) can? Or that napkin? On the ground, near the wishing well, just sitting there for all eternity. Okay, it may not affect you personally, but this situation can lead to a catastrophic, environmental Green Disaster.

So next time, throw it away!

- Compost. Dung is one of the most common (and gross!) items in Neopia. Due to its abundance, even the Money Tree refuses to accept it! However, you can use it to fertilize your Neogarden. By reusing this item, you can eliminate some of Neopia’s (smelly) waste.

Going Green in Neopia does not have to be difficult or expensive. By doing simple things like composting piles of dung, planting a Neogarden, and eating organic, you can make a significant contribution to your Neopian Community. By going Green now, you can show your Neopet how saving the environment is much more than a fad. Now you have a plethora of tips to help you get into the Green spirit in Neopia. Get out there and start going Green!

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