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The Five Unknown Heroic Illnesses

by marina5_55


A small problem in Neopia has come to my attention and I would like to show the rest of the public this problem as well. This problem being that many heroes of Neopia have very small, almost perfectly hidden illnesses that may or may not be their only weakness. I have no objections to the heroes of Neopia, but I would like the problem to come to the awareness of them so that they might help themselves. Also, I will not only talk about the illness in general; I will also give suggestions on how to help it. As well I will also be telling evil villains how to manipulate this to their advantage. It wouldn’t be fair to them if the heroes had no weaknesses, now would it? So let's begin.

The Big Mouth

Example: Garin

Symptoms: The symptoms of the big mouth syndrome are for the most part relatively easy to spot. People suffering from it tend to speak highly of themselves. They will boastfully tell how they can do things others can’t. They have very high self-esteem. Some also may have very low self-esteem and attempt to hide it by boasting. The big mouth will sometimes lie about their abilities. Some, like Garin’s, actions speak for themselves. The main weakness of the big mouth is that it can get you in a lot of trouble. Stronger people will usually ask for proof and can sometimes put the big mouth in a dangerous situation.

Another weakness of the big mouth is that when they fail they lose a lot of their self-esteem, this mostly being associated with their failure of a certain skill they previously gloated about. The perfect example is Garin. After his crew was defeated, he proceeded to “drown his sorrows” at the nearest inn. That inn just happened to be the hiding place of his wussy crew member Talak. This is a horrible weakness for a hero, because if they fail even once at even the smallest job, they can break down. Because failure is a natural thing, most if not all heroes will suffer a failure once. The main job of a hero is to be strong for others who can’t.

Treatment: The best way to treat someone is to highlight the main problem. What are they obsessing over? Once you find the problem, you need to determine if they are suffering from a low self-esteem or high self-esteem. If they are suffering from low, you should help to raise that. Did something happen in the past to make them this way? And if so, how can you reverse it?

If they're suffering high self-esteem, bring them down to earth. A way to do this could be by putting them in a volunteer position. Cleaning up a park or reading to children will help them take the attention away from themselves. A great natural way to help a hero who is down or is showing early symptoms of big mouth is a sidekick. A strong sidekick who has good connections with the hero can keep them grounded. Or they can help the hero back up when they feel down. This also makes for a great sunset scene where a heart to heart happens.

Villain Tips: For any villains who believe their hero may be a big mouth, here are some ways to use that to your advantage. First, find out what they boast about. Then simply beat them at it. Also, if they have a helpful sidekick, make sure they are out of the way. A bonus is if the hero has deep feelings for their sidekick. This can put them in a endless pit of despair for their loss. Every evil villain loves endless pits of despair.

The Secret Hero

Example: Every sidekick in history

Symptoms: The symptoms of the secret hero are mostly impossible to tell. Any normal person could have it. It is more common in sidekicks, though. Mostly they just need to look and act fairly weak to normal. Most secret heroes don’t know they have it, either. It is most times a one time thing. The illness takes full effect in the most dangerous situations when there is no other option. The secret hero can be very dangerous to villains because they will never see it coming. The secret hero is the ace in the hole for most heroes because of their sneakiness. When active, the secret hero's characteristics change drastically. Those who were once scared and weak are now strong and brave. This is usually caused by loved ones being in danger.

Also, there are not a lot of negatives to the secret hero disease. The only downside is that it can only be used once in a while and is very rare to get. There is also no sure chance that it will ever even happen. So it is never a good idea to rely on it. A good example of someone who suffered this is Armin. When it first introduced the little Bori, he saved Hannah’s life. He kept her warm when she collapsed out in the snow. Then towards the end of their adventure, he kept the Bringer of Night busy while Hannah combined the necklace with the stone. Finally Armin destroyed the Bringer of Night with a slingshot! Something Hannah, Kanrik, and the entire Thieves Guild could not do.

Treatment: Treatment is nearly impossible because it can’t be identified. Also, this is a one time thing, so even afterwards it is pointless. Finally, because it does virtually nothing to the infected person, there is not much point to try to help. It is a very harmless illness. If someone does believe he has it and comes to you looking for help, the best thing for them is training. Making them stronger will help keep them out of tight situations and when faced with trouble keep them from doing any harm to themselves.

Villain Tips: Some important tips to villains who think they are going up against someone suffering from secret hero are these: First, never underestimate any of your opponents. Many good villains have been taken down because of this. Secondly, avoiding doing any serious damage to the main hero is a good idea. That should keep the secret hero from acting out in desperation. Finally, if you need to, try defeating the sidekick at the beginning or enabling him or her from moving. This should eliminate any chance of the secret hero from attacking. Also, remember he or she may not even have it. Or that anyone can get it, even the bystanders. Always watch the seemingly innocent neopets; they might act against you.

The Two Faced

Example: Commander Gormos and Kanrik

Symptoms: The main symptoms of this illness is the hero's inability to decide. These characters are usually self absorbed and care mostly for themselves. They also may act evil to gain something. These characters can be misunderstood because of it. They usually fight with themselves over what they really want. Part of them wants something that will benefit them; the other part wants to do what is right. Most of them are good at heart. In the end most of these people are unhappy where they are and will in the end become heroes. The negatives to this is that they have a very bad reputation. They may also not get well along with the other heroes. The villains they worked alongside may use them or target them because they know important information.

A good example is Kanrik. Kanrik worked for the Thieves Guild at one point. He then joined Hannah after being kicked from the Guild. At first they didn’t trust him, but after saving Hannah’s life he gained their trust. Also, Commander Gormos was being misused by Sloth. In the end he felt that Sloth was wronging him and betrayed him. He then gained his own statue due to his heroic act of sparing Gorix.

Treatment: The best way to treat this kind of illness would be to ask the person how they feel about their life. Are they upset? Are they in a tight spot? Get them to admit what they feel is right. You need to help them to realize the difference between their good and evil actions. If you can help them to change their ways for the better, it will help not only them but the heroes as well. They know what is right; it’s just up to you to help them find it. Also, under most situations they will become heroes on their own. Although there have been some instances when they did something very dangerous in a desperate attempt to prove themselves. Like taking a punch for the hero.

Villain Tips: Tips for villains are to avoid anyone who may be two faced. This can be dangerous for you. Or if they are two faced keep them happy. Two faced people will usually stay on your side if you make it worth their while. Also, if they do betray you, make sure they don’t escape; you must capture them. If they made a good ally, they will make a terrible enemy.

The Fake Out

Example: Jeran

Symptoms: Symptoms of the fake out are as follows. They usually fake death or illness to cause concern for themselves. They do this to make themselves feel more important. They may go so far as to fake their own death for weeks at a time then miraculously reappear. These people tend to feel that they are not wanted or have failed in some way. They have low self-esteem. They also tend to do these things on a whim without much thought towards what others might have to deal with or feel because of them. These can be very negative to the person doing it. If it happens too much, people can get angry and feel like they are being played with. This can cause family problems, as well as money management problems due to the amount of burials. Also, if villains hear of the heroes passing, they may take the chance to take over.

People suffering from this are not difficult to spot. They usually ask for praise in the simplest things. Like buying a nice shirt, or gaining a certain score on a game. Many might not notice these simple acts, but it is a sign of a fake out. Jeran is a good example of this. Even after he defeated Kass and saved Meridell, he faked his death. Then a few days later, after the mourning, he returned. He also made a great exhibit of running to his sister and hugging her. Proving that she really had missed him terribly. Why he would wait days in the clouds until after the celebrations were over only proves that he has fake out syndrome.

Treatment: The best way to treat someone suffering fake out is to make them feel loved. They need to understand that faking their death is not necessary. They also need to understand that it can be very dangerous and rude to people to do this. It shows a lack of respect to them which the subject is not aware of. A good natural way to do this is sometimes not to interfere at all. The hero may not be aware for the dangers of doing this until it is too late. Once they see the error in their ways, they will stop for fear of hurting their loved ones. Another way would be to have the subject confront his family and ask them how they feel about this. Usually the fake out doesn’t how much it hurts his family.

Villain Tips: The best thing for villains to do is wait for the hero to “die” then act. You need to move fast, though, so get the army ready a few days in advance. You only have a few days before the hero returns. Also, if you can study the times of when the hero dies and the length of time they stay hidden, you can calculate your attack strategy. Finally, if you know where the hero hides, you can jump him when he comes. No one will worry where he is because he is supposed to be dead.


Example: Judge Hog

Symptoms: Revengenators are very dangerous. They are so dangerous because they are a lot like the big mouths. They will brag about their accomplishments and boost their own ego constantly. They are also go-getters and protect their family and friends constantly. The one major difference between the revengenator and the big mouth is that while the big mouth has a low self esteem when faced with failure, the revengenator does not. This is where it got its name. If someone thought the revengenator was a big mouth and defeated his sidekick or loved ones, he would be in trouble. This is because unlike the big mouth this type of illness means that he would act out against the person responsible.

This can be bad for the hero, because they tend to go into a blind rage at this point. It can make them do things they normally would never do and put innocents in danger. This can also be bad because it makes him or her look bad in the public eye. Finally, when put in a blind rage they don’t seem to use common sense. An example would be Judge Hog, who freaks out over virtually everything. He screams words of encouragement to the other heroes and becomes overexcited at the prospect of beating an evil doer. No one should be this excited ever.

Treatment: The best treatment for someone like this is to give them a book on anger management. Having them talk to someone about their anger problems would be good too. Finally, some have been known to become overexcited due to too much chocolate. Keep them away from sugar and make sure they learn to control the anger. Finally, there has been tales of revengenators who were defeated which brought them back. If any sidekick is faced with this problem, defeating them may be an option.

Villain Tips: The best tips would be to find out the difference between a revengenator and big mouth. You should avoid a revengenator at all costs. If faced with one, you should remember they are in a blind rage so it would be best to try to outsmart them. There have been only a few cases where a revengenator was actually beaten, so be very careful. If possible, avoid anything that would set them over the edge.

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped teach you all a thing or two about the more uncommon illnesses in Neopia. If you think you suffer from one of these, consult your local doctor. If you are a hero and believe you suffer this, treatment is the best idea to keep the villains from using it to their advantage. Finally, if you are a villain and are reading this, remember my advice and the universe should be yours in no time.

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