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The Chocolatier

by dragonstorm_75


Welcome, good friends, to Char’s Article on the Rarest Chocolates in all of Neopia! So you may be thinking to yourself, what is rare? Is it anything above the rarity of 90? Oh, those are pretty rare. The Chocolate Factory Kiko himself is tight lipped about when he gives out these creamy confections. What about rarities of 99? They are so immensely rare – that they are hardly ever seen on the Neopian Market! Truly these are the sweetest and most delicious? Of course, they are sweet... but they are not the best. There is one last rarity left for us to explore! Rarity 100 chocolates! The last rarity to stock in ANY Neopian shop! Prized by gourmets, held in high regard by collectors with truly deep pockets, rarity 100 chocolates are truly the epitome of the gourmet cuisine. Today, I am here to talk to all about these delicious delicacies, and list them ALL.

All of these chocolates are extremely rare, and thus are extremely expensive. Due to price fluctuation, and the fact that there are so few in the market, the prices themselves for each tidbit shall not be mentioned. Let us begin with a personal favorite of mine!

Chocoon – r100

The chocoon is a shell of creamy milk chocolate, within which lie more chocolates for one’s enjoyment! This delightful meal is often the dessert of choice at the Gourmet Club, and is served in a unique way: it is brought to the diner upon a wide platter. The chocoon is then split lengthwise, and the casing eaten by the gourmet, while the little chocolate rounds within are shared between guests.

Choco Spray – r100

You can use it to write chocolate graffiti, but it is so rare that the idea is not recommended. The can itself is made of chocolate, but the misty foam within is what is truly prized. How the Chocolate Factory Kiko managed to accomplish this is unknown, but the taste and texture is exquisite and is what the true gourmets seek. To serve, the spray is sprayed upon the tongue.

Crunchy Chocolate Grarrl – r100

A Pteri favorite and one would guess why! Not just because Grarrls and Pteris have a grudge, but because little peanut butter seeds are sprinkled throughout this delicious chocolate, adding the crunch that makes it so popular.

Chococherry Blumaroo Ears – r100

These ears may look like they have come off of a Blumaroo; they are actually made by pouring the sweetest chocolate over moulds in the shape of the ears. Upon completion, the tips are dipped in a velvety smooth cherry and chocolate sauce. Most gourmets prefer to have the sauce separate, so that they may dip the chocolate ears into it.

Chocolate Gum – r100

For all of those gum chewing gourmets, this is the best gum ever created. The gum is not actually dipped into chocolate; instead the chocolate is incorporated into the gum, thus releasing a delicious chocolate taste and aroma with each chew.

Chocolate Lipstick – r100

It is not recommended to actually use it for grooming purposes, unless you are a biscuit, custard, or chocolate colored pet; it is much too expensive. This lipstick works just like one, however. The chocolate stick can be drawn in or out, and there is a special cover for the top when not in use. Gourmets acclaim that the best way to eat this is not to bite, but to savor. Eat it like a Popsicle, says Chef Henri of the Gourmet Club kitchen, and when the stick is finished, the rest can be eaten normally. He confided with us that the holder is actually a delicate wafer enrobed with bittersweet chocolate!

Chocolate Peanuts with Peas – r100

A sensation unparalleled! Delicious hazelnuts wrapped in silky white chocolate, then covered with a milk chocolate coating that is further encrusted with peas! This might seem like an odd combination, but all gourmets agree with aplomb that it is most delicious and well balanced, adding the healthy and sweet aspect of peas and hazelnuts. Because they are so small, they can simply be popped into the mouth.

Those are all of the rarity 100 items that can be found in the chocolate factory! But one must wonder: if one is a collector or a gourmet, how can one find them? Well, such a question can be answered with ease, as there are many different options. The first option is to restock the items. Rarity 100 foods are immensely rare to find, and it may take many months until one makes an appearance at the Chocolate Factory.

When inquired to about the time period, the Kiko responded that foods of such quality take much too long to create. Again, he was tight-lipped about such questions.

Because it is much too difficult to find them in store, other options can be found. The Trading Post is a good example. Because they are so expensive, these gourmet chocolates cannot be found in shops. It should be noted that they are so highly sought after by collectors and gourmets alike, that chances are there will be none on the trading post. However, it does not hurt to look, and who knows? Maybe one or two might appear someday.

The last option is the auctions. Chances are that the items cannot be found here, again due to their rarity. Again, it does not hurt to look.

Before we finish, I would also like to note that there are candies out there that are also of rarity 100 qualities, however, they cannot be found in the chocolate factory. They are also much cheaper, and easier to find. You may be wondering of what I speak, so I shall tell you: neggs! Easter neggs to be exact.

Given out randomly by the Easter Cybunny, these neggs are also highly sought after, but this means that they can also be found more frequently in the Trading Post. There are seven of such neggs in total, and gourmets all agree that they are unique and delicious. Let me mention them for you, and their average price. They do not fluctuate as much as the foods above do!

Mint Chocolate Easter Negg – r100

Price: About 1.7 million

Color: A bland green that recedes into a darker teal.

Pretty Pink Easter Negg – r100

Price: 3 million

Color: A salmon pink that eventually becomes a dark, grayish pink.

Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg – r100

Price: 4 - 5 million

Color: A deep royal blue that becomes a lighter purple color

Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg – r100

Price: 4 million

Color: A creamy top that slowly descends into pink and then a rich crimson.

Chocolate Orange Easter Negg – r100

Price: 3 million

Color: A crimson negg with a brownish base, covered in yellow spots.

Spotted Easter Negg – r100

Price: 2 - 3 million

Color: A light purple that slowly becomes a darker shade of the same color, again with yellow spots.

Lemon and Lime Easter Negg – r100

Price: 5+ million

Color: An electric lime body that merges with a bright yellow base.

That brings us to the end of Char’s Article on the Rarest Chocolates of all Neopia! If you ever seek to participate in the Gourmet Club, remember that these delicious chocolates (and chocolate neggs) are integral to your standing in the ranks. In the words of the Gourmet Club maitre d’:

“So what are you waiting for, GET CHUFFING!”

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