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Shenkuu Warrior: The Ascent to the Peak

by kathleen_a_b


Shenkuu Warrior, most of us have seen it or heard of it some way or other, whether simply exploring the game room or lurking on the game Neoboards. When the game begins, it seems quite simple; a Gnorbu princess stands at the foot of a mountain with nothing but a grappling hook. As part of her training to become a warrior, she is required to be able to climb the mountain.

This is much easier said than done. Grappling up a mountain is no easy task. The first few times I played this game, I found it extremely hard to shoot the grappling hook before the warrior princess fell or to aim it well enough to actually catch on to the ledges. Since then, I’ve figured out how to play the game significantly better, and I have a few tips, which I hope can also help you to improve your score. Before I go into that, however, a brief overview of how the game is played.

You must aim your grappling hook at the ledges above you, using the mouse. When you’ve aimed your grappling hook, you click to shoot it at the ledges. There are three layers to each level: grass, dirt, and snow. Once you have traversed upward through the snow layer, the Gnorbu will land on the top to watch the fireworks go off. Then the next level begins, the same as the previous one, but slightly longer. Now onto the tips...

1. Set a Goal: Before you even start playing you should know what level you want to get to or how many points you are trying for. This helps tremendously in almost any game. If you are just starting out playing Shenkuu Warrior, don’t aim too high (literally or figuratively). For example, I usually tried to get to 100 points at first. However you should make sure that you aren’t trying for too low a score or level. You could potentially be cheating yourself out of hundreds of points and a much higher score. Plus, when you achieve your goal, you’ll have an awesome sense of accomplishment!

2. Know How to Aim: Aiming the grappling hook is possibly the trickiest part of this game. I still have trouble with it sometimes. It is very tempting to aim straight for the ledges, but the problem with that is that, most of the time, you will miss at least by a few inches. You must watch where the Gnorbu is and aim for the ledge in relationship to where she is positioned at the moment you are shooting the grappling hook. Sometimes this may mean aiming in the opposite direction of where it seems you should aim, depending on where the princess is.

3. Practice: Most games aren’t easy the first time someone plays them. This one is no exception. Unless you happen to have an uncanny natural talent for this game (I don’t know why you would be reading this guide if you did), you will need to spend some time getting used to it and working at it before you get really good at it. This could take a while, which brings me to my next point.

4. Be Patient: You will not be able to play once and get to the peak right away. It can take many tries, and the game can be very long sometimes. You mustn’t let this get to you. I almost never get to the peak of even the second level the first time. Missing even one ledge causes the young princess to fall all the way back to the bottom, and the whole level starts over. This can be frustrating, especially if you were pretty far on in the snow layer of the level, but don’t let that stop you. Be undaunted by any failures you may encounter along the way. Eventually you will make it to the peak as long as you keep trying for it.

5. Do Not Aim Too High: This applies, as briefly stated previously, not only to your goal, but also to your grappling hook. This is probably the worst problem for me and the reason that I fall to the ground most of the time. It is very tempting to aim for the highest ledge you can see, as that will help you to climb the mountain faster, but giving into this temptation can often have the opposite effect, forcing you to start the climb over at the bottom. Sometimes there will be ledges that are halfway on the screen and halfway out of view; under no circumstances should you try to catch those. These are nearly impossible to get to. In most cases, simply shoot for the closest ledge above you. If you’ve been playing longer and have more of a feel for how far the hook can reach, by all means, you can shoot a little higher.

6. Do Not End Game: If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the game screen, you will see two small yellow words; they say end game. I will try to make this extremely clear; Do not, under any circumstances, click those two little words, or even think about clicking them, before you reach your goal, at all. If you click those words before you reach your goal, not only does your game predictably end, but you can no longer accumulate more points towards achieving your goal. The points you had are basically lost, and you can’t get them back. You may see a good score on the screen, but if it is less than your goal, you should continue with the game until it reads a number equal to or greater than the score you want.

7. Do Not Freak Out Over This: This is, after all, a game. Games are supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun playing Shenkuu Warrior, take a break, play a different game, watch some Neovision, or whatever you want. You can always come back later, and maybe then it will be more enjoyable. There’s no sense in playing a game you don’t want to.

I hope that these tips help you to attain a higher score, and I hope you have fun reaching the peak of the mountain.

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