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The Terrors of Terror Mountain

by 5qua5h5qua5h


You walk out of your comfortable, warm house and into the chilly yet refreshing air. Intricate snowflakes fall to the ground delicately and melt into shining tears at your touch. The soft snow makes a satisfying crunching noise as you tread over it on your way to town. You enter a cozy, inviting restaurant and settle yourself down at a table, loosening your scarf. You relate your order to the friendly waitress who returns later with a small cup of steaming coffee. The coffee starts as a warm tingling on your lips and spreads warmth all over your body like a ripple. And you think to yourself: “Terror Mountain is the coziest, most peaceful place on Neopia.”

But you’re wrong.

If you think Terror Mountain is a cup of tea, then you have probably been living under a rock your entire life. Obviously, Terror Mountain wasn’t named that for nothing. Read on, and you’ll be brought into the light concerning what really happens around Terror Mountain, and not just the delicate falling of snowflakes, mind you. Stop here, and you’ll be back to living under your sorry-looking rock. Your choice.

Well, if you made it this far, then you have decided that you will open your eyes to the world, no matter how harsh it may be. I commend you for your bravery, for facing the terrors of this mountain is not for the faint-hearted. Now stay in your seats as I present: The Terrors of Terror Mountain! *eerie music*


Vicious Ice Cream Scoops!

When casually strolling along the snowy trails of the mountain, you may see something small in the distance that seems to be hurtling towards you. Do not think for one minute that it is your imagination! One second of hesitancy is all it needs. Before you know it, you will be smacked hard in the face by an enormous ice cream scoop! And they’re all different flavors! One day you might get bowled over by a strawberry ice cream scoop, the next day you may walk home covered in Tigersquash ice cream! Make sure to stay on constant alert for these unpredictable beasts.

Avoiding them is pretty simple. If you see a yellow Chia decked in full winter apparel stumble by you, make a run for it. That poor Chia seems to attract those relentless scoops.

Falling Pianos!

What? Falling pianos? Have you been hit in the head by a piano or something to make your brain so confused? Well, alas! I have been hit by a piano, and I would like to inform you on how to avoid such a catastrophe. On any ordinary day, a small, harmless bag of Chokato Crisps may land in your lap. Perhaps a Striped Chia Pop will fall out of the sky and into your hands. Well, you may think that there is nothing wrong with this, but don’t be so sure. Whenever something other than snowflakes plummets from above, dash out of there immediately, for pianos are sure to follow.

I have done some extensive research of this mysterious piano-falling, nearly being squashed twice. I have discovered that this mostly happens around the innocent little Garage Sale manned by Mika and Carassa. Suspicious, eh? But I can’t find enough evidence to pin it on those two Chias. So next time you rush over to their little sale, glance up at the sky cautiously, for the weatherman doesn’t always announce everything that falls from the sky.

Disappearing Petpets!

Yes, even though Turmaculus is snoozing far away in Meridell and even though Florg is stationed all the way up in the Space station, petpets still disappear at alarming rates here in Terror Mountain. I myself have not even figured out this mystery. PPL members have been hired to investigate the situation, but they always come back dazed as if someone hit them on the head, despite the protective pans they put on their heads. Rumors go around saying that the Snowbeast is the one behind all of this, but I think he has some help. So keep your petpets close to you at all times, or else you risk them disappearing forever.

Petpets Crossing!

You may be taking a hike up the mountain to attend to some business or a journey back down to return home. Whichever one, be wary of sliding petpets! Reports are coming in like crazy that unfortunate neopets keep getting knocked off their feet, sliding helplessly down the remainder of the mountain. Witnesses claim that this is the doing of petpets sliding down and slamming into neopets’ legs - Snufflies and Darblats to be exact.

Snufflies are easier to avoid. If you see a green gem, leap out of the way, for a Snuffly is sure to slide down and grab it, knocking everyone who stands in its path off their feet. An alternative that has been recently discovered is to hide behind a Gabar. I would strongly recommend getting a Gabar as a petpet for your pets.

As for Darblats, if you hear the sound of a cannon, dive out of the way immediately to avoid the Darblat that follows the event of this uncanny noise.

Treasure Tricksters!

These deceiving terrors lure you by flashing shiny objects and then pouncing. Do not fall for these.

If you see a shiny keyring or a delicious Negg inside a suspicious-looking cave, DON’T grab them. Inside this cave, the Snowager snoozes, but blasts you with its icy, cold breath if it senses trespassers. Would you risk being frozen in an ice cube for a simple toy? I think not.

More importantly, do NOT go after purple gems you may see frozen in ice blocks. If you dig these out, a vicious snow worm will spring out and greet you with a not-so-warm welcome. In your frantic attempt to escape, you’ll probably drop the gem anyway. These dangerous worms usually lurk where Polarchucks munch through piles of snow. If you value your safety, avoid these.

Bottom line: don’t go for anything that looks too good to be true, or else...

Thin Ice!

Don’t chance skating on the frozen ponds of Terror Mountain. It’s too risky. Almost every day, I see at least one unfortunate blue Bruce fall into the frigid pond when the ice cracks underneath his weight. I repeat, be wary of skating on any frozen pond, even if a panel of judges invites you to join a competition that involves collecting music notes while skating. Instead, content yourself with making snow angels. It’s much safer.


Yes, we all knew that this was inevitable. Snowballs are almost impossible to avoid when you live in Terror Mountain. Even so, I’d like to advise you on how to steer clear of the most ferocious snowball wars.

If you see a brick wall with neopets, Faeries, and occasionally a Meepit crouching behind it, turn around and head in the other direction. The brick wall can only mean a snowball fight! Recent experiences also tell me to walk away from parachuting Polarchucks. For some odd reason, snowballs are usually aimed at these unfortunate petpets, and there is nothing we can do to help them.

Additionally, keep an eye out for forts constructed completely out of snow blocks. If you linger too long, huge snowballs will be catapulted at you from behind the walls, courtesy of many angry Grundos. Don’t ask me why.

Also, when walking at the bottom of steep cliffs, be sure to stay as close to the edge of the slope as possible. Many recent reports have stated that Terror Mountain locals have been caught in rolling snowballs that grow larger and faster as they rush farther down the mountain. You can only imagine the injuries one will sustain if one of these snowballs catches you by surprise.

Thanks to some helpful advice from an anonymous Poogle, I can confidently tell you that if you see a slushie standing on a steep slope all alone, you must take another route. For some unknown reason, these snowballs seem to try and swallow slushies in their ever-growing shell of snow.


And that concludes the top terrors of Terror Mountain besides the obvious danger of falling off a cliff. (For some odd reason, Tuskaninnies are most prone to this accident.) Hopefully you will take in all you have learned here and use it to exert more caution when exploring Terror Mountain. After reading this, with some luck, you should be able to journey to the Advent Calendar without being thrust down a mountain by a gargantuan snowball.

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