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Is A Chocolate Pet Right For You?

by huntersmom1242005


You know, my mother always told me, "You are what you eat, so be careful not to eat too much of the same thing." I wonder if that is what happened to the irresistible pets we all love. Yes, I am talking about Chocolate pets. They are adorable, yummy, and resisting them is almost impossible. However, if you have or are considering adopting a Chocolate pet, please read this because it is not as easy as you may think, and not all of us should consider it.

There are risks to owning, and for that matter being a Chocolate pet.

1. Melting: how easy it is to make the mistake of allowing your pet in the sun or warm areas for too long. Let's say you have decided to go on a picnic; it is a beautiful day, and you lose track of time. Next thing you know your precious loved one is becoming a puddle of deliciousness. Of course, you can fix it by carefully scooping all the chocolate as well as your loved one into some sort of bucket and freezing for a little while to form a hard chocolate again. The problem is they will never look the same again.

2. Being Bitten: this is one of the most common risks for Chocolate pets. How easy it is when you see a Chocolate pet go by to lean over and take a quick bite. You will find owners and even other pets trying this often.

3. Self Infliction: what am I talking about it? Well, let me tell you, do not let your pet go hungry for any period of time. The urge to eat him or herself becomes stronger and stronger. Trust me, you do not want to walk in on your precious pet to see him gnawing on his own legs.

4. Freezing: just like the problem with melting, you have to be cautious of very cold temperatures as well. As we all know if you freeze Chocolate, it can become very hard and brittle. That will make it harder to walk as well, as easier to break apart.

So how do you deal with all the risks of owning a Chocolate pet? Following these steps will help you to be the best owner you can and help keep your pet safe:

1. Well, first the temperature will have to be watched carefully. If you find it is getting way to hot place a fan near your pet to keep him/her cool. On the other end of that if you find it is getting too cold for your loved one, get a space heater. This will be trickier, though. You can not have a space heater running right on your pet because of course that will run the risk of melting. I recommend putting the space heater in the next room on high heat. That should keep your neohome warm enough but not too hot.

2. Clothes, clothes, clothes. I can not say that enough. Try to keep as much of your pet covered as you can when out in public (again, though, be careful not to overheat). The less delicious chocolate seen, the easier it will be to keep others away and stop other Neopian owners and pets from taking chunks out of your pet.

3. Make sure your pet is fed every day. Twice a day if possible. If there is even the remote possibility you will not be able to feed your pet, even if it is only one day, spend the extra NP and put your loved one in the neolodge. Trust me, you do not want your pet to eat itself. That is horribly traumatizing for you and your pet.

Let us not forget that your pet has special needs for their neohome as well. What I mean by that is you will need lots of flour or confectionary sugar. Honestly I recommend the sugar myself. It gives them something yummy to lick when they have the temptation to lick themselves. You will find your pet is more comfortable sleeping and sitting when their chairs, bed, and furniture is covered in it as well. It helps to keep them from sticking to things.

Bath time is another hard one. Your pet just like any other will want to bathe. Some more often than others. Of course using water is not an option. A chocolate bath is the best and enjoyable since they can take a drink when wanted. It will keep your pet clean while preserving their chocolate yumminess. Some pets prefer warm chocolate while others just enjoy the relaxation of the cold chocolate on them. If your pet wants his or her chocolate bath warm then make sure it is only luke warm (any hotter and you would risk melting) and limit their bath to five minutes. If your pet is in a bath of cold chocolate they can have up to twelve minutes. Yes, these time limits are important, so please make sure to have a timer ready for baths.

Oh and last but not least, if you are a chocolate fan or addict, DO NOT consider a chocolate pet. The temptation will be too much to resist. You will never be able to live with yourself if in a moment of weakness you eat your own pet. Even the strongest of us have a hard time resisting those delicious ears and delectable tails. If you like Chocolate but think you can resist taking a bite and think you can handle the special needs, then you might be a great candidate to be an owner of a loving Chocolate Aisha, or maybe that Chocolate Kougra you have always wanted. Of course the perfect owner would be the rare Neopian that does not like Chocolate at all. If you are in that category, then you should really enjoy your new loved one!

If you have decided to adopt a Chocolate pet, you now have to decide which species you would like. You can choose from any of the following: Aisha, Bori, Chia, Chomby, Cybunny, Kacheek, Korbat, Kougra, Meerca, Mynci, Ogrin, Pteri, Ruki, Scorchio, Skeith, Usul or Xweetok. They all have wonderful qualities.

I hope that this has helped some of you decide if a Chocolate pet is right for you. For those of you who have decided to adopt one. Good luck and remember, resist temptation and keep temptation away from others as much as possible.

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