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What's Wrong With Spooky Petpets?

by rotomia


I wrote this article for my Baby Fireball. I wish others would realize how special he is!

Everyone loves an Angelpuss, and no one can resist a cute little Gruslen. We all want a Kazeriu or Faellie, and the Baby Blu and Turmac are just too cute! It’s nice that these sweet little Petpets are all loved, but what about Spooky Petpets? You never hear someone say, “Awww, what a cute little Psimouse, I just want to take it home!” Why is that? There are so many great Spooky Petpets out there that no one ever seems to notice! I myself own a Spooky Petpet. He is sweet, cute, affectionate... everything you could ever want in a Petpet! I have done a bit of research and put together some of the most unpopular Spooky Petpets here.

Slymook: The Slymook is cousin of the Slorg, though it is more agile and has 20% less slime. According to my research, the Slymook was originally designed to be a Neopet, but the role of a Petpet seemed more fitting. Why don’t people like them? Perhaps it’s just because of their price, but the Slymook is actually one of the cheaper Spooky Petpets. Slymook are worth their price of about 5,000 NP. They are loving and cute. With those big, endearing eyes, it’s a wonder that the Slymook isn’t more popular!

Sludgy: Gooey it may be, but beneath all that sludge, there is a big heart. Though it may be a bit creepy, this Petpet deserves a home too! Sludgy may not be the cutest Petpets around, but they are just as loyal and affectionate as any Warf.

Psimouse: Who wouldn’t want a Petpet that can see into the future? What’s so wrong with this Petpet? It is probably the fast that it has an extra eye, but why does that matter? There are many other great Petpets with more than two eyes! The Psimouse may be a bit spooky, but it’s worth it to own such a strange creature.

Blorpulous: It really is a wonder that the Blorpulous is unpopular. This is probably the cutest Spooky Petpet in Neopia! Though it isn’t very fast, and can’t fly with its tiny wings, it loves to sit on your shoulder all day. If that isn’t a loving Petpet, then what is?

Slorg: If you don’t mind the slime, the Slorg is the perfect Petpet. They are usually very happy little creatures that are glad to join you on all of your adventures. Those big eyes are full of life and adventure! So then why aren’t there more Slorgs? Is it just because of their appearance? If you can see past their looks, then Slorgs can be loyal companions.

Meepit: Perhaps the most famous Spooky Petpet. I don’t understand why there aren’t more Meepit owners out there. They may have big, staring eyes, but is that really a bad thing? If you really take a good look at them, Meepits are actually very cute. They even star in two games of their own: Meepit Juice Break and Meepit versus Feepit. The rumors surrounding Meepits are not all true. They can make very good Petpets with love and affection.

Tyrowbee: Though very timid, the Tyrowbee is still an excellent Petpet. After all, who wouldn’t be skittish after living in the Haunted Woods their whole life? It can be assumed that the Tyrowbee is unpopular due to its tense nature. The Kacheek has a similar personality, and is one of Neopia’s most popular inhabitants. What is so different about them? If you treat a Tyrowbee with love and gentility, then it will warm up to you and become a great friend.

Skelly: Never in my time on Neopets have I seen anyone that owned a Skelly. Why? The answer is fairly obvious: Who would want to own a skeleton fish? The Skelly is a book that is often judged by its cover. In spite of its appearance, it is one of the most affectionate Petpets in Neopia. If hugging bones poses no problem to you, then a Skelly is a perfect Petpet!

Melton: This Petpet is known for its fiery personality (no pun intended.) It is a friendly Petpet that can be somewhat mischievous. Despite its fun-loving personality, it can also be a very calm, loving Petpet. Like most Spooky Petpets, it is very misunderstood. It will never hurt you if you are kind to it. Similar to some other Petpets, it is somewhat pricey at approximately 18,300 NP. However, it is very much so worth it to purchase a Melton, as it will be an excellent Petpet.

Devilpuss: The evil twin of the Angelpuss, the Devilpuss is a creepy but interesting Petpet. However, Devilpuss are not all bad. Despite that evil appearance and bad temperament, if trained well, they will be fiercely loyal to their owner. So why aren’t they liked? They look scary and evil. No one even gives them a chance to prove how special they can be. If only they got that chance, maybe they wouldn’t seem so bad.

Baby Fireball: Though a Baby Fireball’s body is composed of fire, it will not burn you unless you mistreat it. I have, in all my time on Neopets, only seen two Baby Fireballs owned, one of which is my own. Baby Fireballs are very cute and adventurous Petpets. Why are there so few? It may be their price. Their approximate value is said to be over 70,000 NP! However, they can be found at other players’ shops for approximately 10,000 NP. Expensive? Compared to some other Petpets, including the very popular Kazeriu, not at all! Baby Fireballs are definitely worth that sum.

As you can see, Spooky Petpets are both unique and lovable. So then why are they so few? Maybe just the term “Spooky” Petpets is misleading to many. That name is not all true. Spooky Petpets are cute, affectionate, and loyal. They need someone to love them, just like any other Petpet. I hope that Neopia will learn to look past the term “Spooky” and see how wonderful they truly are.

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