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Legends of Pinball: Become a Pinball Wizard!!

by iloveben14


Can you remember all the times you went to an arcade to play pinball? Sitting there for hours hitting the flippers, and being overjoyed when you scored a top score? Well, now you can have all of that excitement by playing the game Legends of Pinball! The best thing about this game, that you can't get at an arcade, is the changing of the levels! Are you ready? This is a guide to help you out and show you what to expect in the Legends of Pinball!

Basic Rules and Controls

The basic rules for this game, is to mainly keep the pinball in play! Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Each level gets more difficult to advance. The main thing is just to keep your pinball in the gaming area. You'll receive five pinballs at the start of each level. Press the down arrow to shoot the pinball. The longer you hold down the button, the stronger the pinball will shoot. Use the left and right arrows (or the control keys) to move the flippers and keep your pinball in play. Typing the letter "P" will pause the game and then simply type the letter "P" to resume the game.


Level 1.1 - In this level you have the advantage of an extra flipper at the top left. To get into the next level, you want to get the pinball into the very top area with the flashing triangle at the top. A great way to do that is by using the top left flipper, if you get a chance, and hit the pinball on up! Another way is by hitting the pinball in the lower level of the metal tubes, which will shoot the pinball straight up. That takes you to Level 1.2.

Level 1.2 - Again, you have the advantage of using a third flipper on the top left. If you hit the pinball in the top left red circle, you'll be able to play with two pinballs! This will definitely rack up the points. A great way to do this is by using the top left flipper when you get the chance. Be careful to watch for both pinballs! To get to the next level, you'll need to hit the pinball to strike both Gorix and Cylara a few times. This will send Gorix and Cylara into orbit, thus taking you to level 2.1.

Level 2.1 - Ahh! It's Turmy!! Level 2.1 gets interesting. If you shoot your pinball into the wishing well, you'll be able to play with 2 pinballs! Again, watch out for both of your pinballs. Having two makes it trickier, but it helps with points. There's a sleeping guard in the top left corner of this level. Every time you hit him with the pinball, his eyes open more and more.The object is to wake him up completely by hitting him a few times, which will take you to level 2.2!

Level 2.2 - This is the last level! You have an advantage of another flipper in the middle right. Hitting the pinball into the top right corner, where the black hole is, will let you play with two pinballs!

This level is all about timing. There are cylinders that come up and down in this level. These can both help you and hurt you. If you hit the pinball with your flippers, and the cylinder comes up when you shoot, the pinball will come back down fast! So get those quick reflexes going and be sure not to lose a pinball! The game is over once you hit the guard at the top left. Try to keep the pinballs going for as long as you can on this last level!

Scoring Points

There are many ways to score points in this game. These are the main things that will get you points.

Each bumper that the pinball hits is 5 points.

The metal tubes in level 1.1 and 1.2 are 10 points when the pinball enters them. In the first two levels, if the metal tubes are the first place your pinball falls into, it's an automatic 30 points!

If you hit Gorix or Cylara you receive 10 points in level 1.2.

Hitting the pinball into the wishing well will also get you 5 points in level 2.1.

Anything you hit basically, is normally 5 points. Scoring points is fairly easy in this game, and a great way to earn 1,000 neopoints playing each time!


-In level 1.1, be aware of which triangles are lit up. If all of them are lit up, you can shoot the pinball into any of them to advance to the next level. If only one is lit up, you have to go for that area.

-If Turmy eats the pinball, click on his mouth to set the pinball free.

-In the earlier levels, you mainly have to hit the characters a few times before advancing to the next level.

-Constantly be aware of where the pinball is. Looking away for even a few seconds could lose you a pinball!

-Try to get the pinball into the area that holds the pinball for a few seconds, while you shoot another one. You'll be able to play with two pinball's which will gain you points faster. Try to do that as many times as possible, and you could even get up to playing with three or more pinball's at the same time!

-Try timing when you hit the pinball. Try waiting until it comes to the bottom of the flipper before hitting it for a stronger hit. Don't just continuously hit the left and right arrows like crazy. That just makes it harder for you to follow the pinball, and more likely for the pinball to fly far to the left or right and fall off the edge, which will lose you a pinball.

-In the last level, hitting Jeran will end your game right away, so try to go as long as possible without hitting him!

That's about everything there is to know about the Legends of Pinball! Have a great time playing, and hopefully this guide will make you become a pinball wizard!

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