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9 Holidays That Should Exist

by ju_ju_beans220


Have you ever stopped to think how many holidays there really are in Neopia? So many items displayed, art shown, poems created, and galleries created just for a specific pet day? Well, there are many different holidays, but there are few that should be scattered within the year. Ones that commemorate important people, places, or items. In my opinion, these are a list of the Top 9.

9. International Muffin Day

Battle muffins, chocolate muffins, blueberry muffins... pure savory goodness wrapped up into a tiny, portable pastry! Think of how Neopia would be affected with the loss of muffins. Battledomers entering the arena would be horrified and grief-stricken without their stone muffins. Coltzan might have to give out other things, not burnt Sutek muffins. Friends would be at a loss for what to buy on Valentine's Day without the adorable Valentine's muffin. And of course, what in the world would we DO without Invisible muffins? These are crucial to our health! As several specialists have suggested: Your daily dose of invisible keeps your Neopets happy, healthy, and very sweet to you! Muffins are a vital staple of any diet, battle, and lifestyle. Ways to celebrate: Who wouldn't appreciate muffins falling from the sky during random events and a muffin-themed sidebar? The pastry shoppe should also sell them for half the regular price!

8. Princess Fernypoo Appreciation Day

I believe everyone in Neopia has played a good game of Cheat from time to time, and how could we forget the beautiful Acara Princess Fernypoo? With her golden crown, ivory pearls, and polished blue fur, she adds a glamorous flair to any game that she plays. She's much more mature than that silly loser Capara and can stare down Brucey B until he bursts into tears. She can also wear the best of the best without getting a single stain from food on her, wears primped jewelry, and has the best makeup in all of Neopia. Even though Capara is the one on the avatar, that's just so people's eyes won't tear from the brilliance and beauty of Princess Fernypoo. Ways to celebrate: Every blue Acara should get a free paper crown while playing Cheat, and anyone who accuses Fernypoo of Cheating should be forced to be her servant for the day.

7. Potato Day

The staple of the diet of most Meridell and Brightvale inhabitants, the potato is a sadly-overlooked root. There are so many toppings you can accessorize your potato with--bacon, greens, chili, or cheese. Jacket potatoes are immensely popular and can be found in the food shops, and of course, potato wedges are always a favorite with Neopets. Potatoes are cheap, easy to fashion into any meal, and are delicious starches that can intrigue even the pickiest eater. King Skarl's favorite dish, in fact, is rumored to be a simple raw potato with a side of corn. Queen Fyora even admitted, when pressed about her favorite meal, that she missed Illusen's famed mashed potatoes in Meridell the most about leaving her home. Potatoes can be considered a simple meal, but they're also fit for royalty! Ways to celebrate: Give free potatoes at the food shop and include an extra jacket with every meal at the hippest restaurant of Neopia: Kelp!

6. Socks Madness Day

Socks, though sometimes not donned by Neopets, are a lovely and warm clothing item. They can be fuzzy, pink, and soft. They can also be fashionable argyles from the NC Mall or gym socks for whenever your Neopet needs to work out. Crazy socks can be mixed and matched to create the craziest, most unique customized outfits, so that everyone knows your pet simply as "Crazy Socks". Without socks, how could we wear the majority of shoes? However, socks are underappreciated, just being torn until they cannot be worn, then thrown out into the rubbish dump or the Money Tree with piles of floating dung. Our little socks experience our joys and excitements with us--when we're jumping up and down because we won 10,000 neopoints on the Wheel of Excitement, who's there to protect our feet from being injured? Keep that in mind. Ways to celebrate: Every Neopian should buy a pair of socks and wear them the entire day. Pictures of socks and stockings should be submitted to the Art Gallery. And sock-related stories should sprinkle the Neopian Times.

5. Edible Chia Week

Now, edible Chias are already scorned because you cannot customize them. However, they are adorable, rare, and exceedingly delicious! Peppers, apples, oranges, peas, grapes, gooseberries, and peaches are only a few of the many fruit and vegetable Chias that exist. Of course, chocolate Chias also exist, providing a sweet kick with their whipped topping and sprinkles. There is a holiday for Chias, but it is quick and mostly centered around Chocolates, not just all of the darlings. We need an entire week for all of the edibles! Chias are not just food for Lupes or a step closer to getting the Super Attack Pea avatar: they're adorable pets who many people don't like very much. However, with a holiday that would call upon some cute Chia art or poetry, they might discover that edible Chias are amazing. Ways to celebrate: Neopians can wear fruit or vegetable Chia avatars and submit Chias to the Art Gallery. Chias should also get free training and an announcement that they can now wear bows or other head items.

4. The Exploration Celebration

There are so many worlds in Neopia that people don't really take the time to explore. People go to Faerieland for the Poogle Races and Hidden Tower, but when was the last time they paused to see what novels arrived in the library? The Lost Desert is visited for Scratchcards or Fruit Machine, but no one really goes to admire the newest battling gear. Perhaps with a few new items or a remodeling of the worlds, people would take more time to explore the worlds and realize how amazing they truly are, taking time to stop and smell the air-dried space food in Kredulor.The Exploration Celebration would be topped off with tours of different worlds and of course, food samples to anyone who pays the neopoints required to go on the tour. Ways to celebrate: Hmm, TNT could always give a new world-related avatar. (: But besides that, exploration caps and outfits would be given, happily worn by Neopets. History lessons would also be given on people like Jake the Explorer.

3. Tombola Man Day

I'm sure all of us have grumbled at the Tombola Guy at least a few times in our Neopian experience, either because we've been on a losing streak or he gives us a bug sandwich instead of a Vo Codestone. However, we don't realize how much it takes to run Tombola, with people darting in and out with eager faces, reluctant faces, or angry faces. He only takes two breaks a day, wearing a stuff mask and an old-fashioned shirt, because Neopians cannot go without trying to win something. No one appreciates him, throwing an occasional fit when he requires money. Think of all the things you've won through Tombola. The sum would add up to a lot more than just a thousand neopoints that you could bring yourself to donate. A little good inspires a lot of good, especially when it comes to the Tombola man and his favorite game. Ways to celebrate: Write thank-you notes to the Tombola man and petition so that replicas of his mask can be available at the NC Mall.

2. Random Event Day

Random Events affect us every day, or most days. They can make you scream with happiness when you get a transmogrification potion or paint brush, smile when you find a codestone or a few hundred neopoints, yell in anger when the Bug Brothers come and steal your neopoints, or break down sobbing to take away the image of your Unconverted Royal Girl Draik being zapped into a Baby Draik. It can even make us passive, not caring when Adee tells us to make Neobadges for your homepage. However, REs, as they're often abbreviated, are crucial to splashing each day in Neopia a little bit differently. Ways to celebrate: Stories of crazy Random Events (Ex. I got a Draik Transmogrification Potion and the Pant Devil stole it!) should litter the Neopian Times Submission Forms and angrily drawn pictures of the Bugs Brothers attacking a jar of neopoints should be submitted to the Art Gallery. There should also be a double chance of getting a Random Event to suit the day, right, TNT?

1. TNT Appreciation Day

Does this really need an explanation? TNT works hard to make sure that what we do is correct, safe, and fun. They deserve a day to themselves! Neopets all over should gather to recount the stories of the first Neopets, the most recent, and maybe tell tall tales of TNT workers and the things that they've done while searching Neopia. Ways to celebrate: TNT Staff Smasher should be postponed until further notice, and the Art Gallery could be dedicated to the members of TNT.

Well, there you have it! Nine holidays that should exist. I come up with these random things all the time: maybe you should think of these underappreciated people or places or things once in a while!

Thank you so much for reading! =) If you're reading this, I made it into the NT! Yay! =D

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