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Adventures of Tubby the Meerca - The Snowy Surprise

by gigglygirl111


The adventures of Tubby the Meerca and friends –the 1st story

The Snowy Surprise

"What is this?" thought Tubby the Meerca, holding out his blue, fluffy paw and letting drops of cold stuff fall onto his palm. He had walked over to the park for an early morning stroll but strangely, everything had turned white!

     His usual sight of green had disappeared under a colossal blanket of -

     "SNOW!" cried two excited voices from up above. Kory and Flap (the mischievous male Korbats of Neopia) were shouting and turning somersault after somersault in the frosty air.

     "Hello, you two!" called Tubby from underneath. "I thought you sounded famil, family, famular -

     "Familiar you mean," corrected Flap, landing softly onto a nearby tree branch. Suddenly, Kory sat down with a bump beside his loyal buddy. He explained what snow was to the inquisitive creature, who was completely enthralled by it.

      “So, it’s The Pant Devil who is making it?” asked Tubby.

     “No, silly!” Flap laughed. “I said he hates it, but it all comes down to the water cycle...” The twins started to explain it again, loud and clear.


     Twenty minutes later, Tubby heard his mum calling him over for breakfast from Cosy Cottage. He loved their little house on Roo Island; the sweet smell of a steaming English breakfast warmed his heart. Once he had eaten, his mum told him he could go out and play in the snow with his friends until lunchtime, but could come back before that time if he wished.

     “Flap! Kory!” he called. Running towards him at top speed he noticed a little red Scorchio sitting beside them. She looked very shy but very willing to make friends.

     The twin Korbats waved at the little Meerca. “Oh, hi! This is our new friend Fireball the Scorchio. She has just moved here today and we met her a few minutes ago!” Kory informed Tubby, giving Fireball a soft pat on the back. Tubby smiled at her and introduced himself. Then having found out their names she taught them how to play a couple of traditional snow games she had loved playing with her old friends in Meridell. They all built a snow-uni together, chatting as they did so.

      Forty minutes later, Tubby rolled up a handful of snow into a ball and chucked it, aiming for the park fence. Unfortunately, it hit Fireball straight in the face! She screamed, fell to the ground and started crying. Once she had rubbed as much off her face she could, she stood up and looked angrily at Tubby. Time and time again he said sorry but it didn’t make any difference for the little Scorchio was already boiling up with anger and hate.

     “What did you do that for?” she asked menacingly.

     “I-it-it was on-only an acci-accident!” stammered the poor little creature. He felt terrible inside – an awful guilty feeling enveloped him.

     “No it wasn’t!” cried Fireball, purple with rage, “It wasn’t, it wasn’t! You did it on purpose, don’t deny it, Tubby!”

      The two Korbats were getting very frightened now, and were feeling sorry for both of them. They tried to make things better by saying kind suggestions but that only made things worse as they got a massive frown from their new friend.

      Tubby suddenly heard his mother calling him in for lunch so he told his friends and ran home as fast as he could. When he had finished eating, he had not told his mum about what happened in the park, but decided to be brave and go back out there and face things and put things right with everyone. He had to!

      Back at the park, Fireball had left and he saw the two little Korbats sitting on a bench sadly.

      “Where is Fireball?” Tubby asked Kory, placing himself beside him.

     “She went home crying and said if you bother to come and see her she will be in Roo House in her room.”

     “Do you reckon I should go to her house and see her or would that just start another riot again? I really want to repair our friendship as much you do.”

     Kory told him that he could, but without himself and Flap. Tubby asked if they were sure and they were sure (Flap agreed too). Therefore, off he went to Roo House.

      Knock knock knock went his paw on the door; boom boom boom went the beating of his big heart at the same time. Why did this have to happen to what started to be a really strong friendship? Now it was all down to him. His knees where shaking whilst his teeth were chattering. Immediately, the large, wooden door opened with an ear-splitting creak. An old female Scorchio stood there, not looking tall and scary as he expected, but surprisingly short and kind–faced blue Scorchio wrapped in a winter scarf.

      “Why, hello, dear! Step inside. It must be freezing in the ice and snow out there. Are you a friend of my beautiful granddaughter Fireball? Yes?” Tubby nodded, spellbound at the lovely paintings in the hallway of their family. “Thought so. Well, you may enter then. She is up in her bedroom, but she is feeling gloomy, so be nice please.”

     He nodded once more and slowly walked along the corridor and up the stairs, admiring the old Tyrannian-style furniture and walls. His footsteps were the only thing that could be heard upstairs, but as he loomed closer to a particular room, he heard soft sobbing.

     “Fireball,” Tubby thought instantly. He sneaked over to the door and knocked gently.

     “Is that you, gran? Come in. Oh it’s you, Tubby. What are you doing here?”

     The little Meerca explained that he was here to try and smooth things over and try and make friends again. He told her why they should be, and he was sorry for throwing the snowball at her.

     “I was aiming at the fence, you see?” he told her truthfully.

     “I am sorry for bursting up like that; Scorchios are always like that, especially our family. Sorry,” she replied sadly, picking up a teddy and hugging it.

     “I am sorry too; let’s be friends again, everyone, yes?”


     When they got to the park, they explained their little chat and they all became friends once more, and enjoyed the last of the snow.

     Suddenly, Tubby’s watch started beeping telling him it was time to go home now. “Dinner time already!” he exclaimed, feeling reluctant to leave his three great friends.

     So, Tubby waved to all his friends and ran off in the direction of home.

      Two hours later, when young Tubby was tucked up in bed, his mother came up to him to say goodnight.

     “So what did you do with your friends today in the snow?” asked the little meerca’s mum stroking his head.

     “I did loads! Built a snow-uni, played with Flap and Kory and even met a new friend! It was a very snowy surprise! Goodnight!” he replied, then yawned and turned over.

     “Goodnight then, Tubby.”

     But he had already fallen asleep as Mum kissed him on the cheek and tiptoed out of the room. And I am not surprised he had a very strange dream about the snow and his friends that night...


    So that was Tubby’s first experience of snow. I wonder what next story will bring?

The End

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