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Addie and Me

by spiderpigkid


As I stare at the books on the shelves in the Neopia Book Shop, I hardly pick up one to read the back of it. Sure, I've heard to not judge a book by its cover. But, I can't help thinking the ones with friendly titles will be a much better read than those with disgusting titles. Or that the book with the cheerful neopets on the cover will be better than the book with the Haunted Woods on the cover.

      So, as I glance at titles and covers, I don't bother to read the backs. I've read nearly all my books on my shelves at my neoIIhome, and I need some new ones for the Summer. I don't have a lot of neopoints to spend, the few I am given for an allowance by my owner are special.

      When my owner made me, a green Xweetok, she thought I was the cutest. My name is just a scramble of numbers and letters -k13aj22- but my owner (I'll get to her later) always says my eyes are like emeralds. So she calls me Emerald, or Emy for short. I quite often ask why she named me so randomly, but she'll just quickly respond by saying "Not now, Emy" or "Never mind that, have you seen anything interesting in the book shop lately?".

      Anyway, my owner Sheila has curly black hair, green eyes (just like mine!) and a big heart. She made another Xweetok, a blue one, with a name that was also a scramble of letters. That Xweetok's name was a4ad18, but we called her Addie. We two sisters were so close!

      But then Shelia fell in love with Kacheeks, and sure enough, in a mere month, we had two new sisters. c7aa4 the yellow Kacheek, whom we call Cayla and h17am15 the red Kacheek, whom we call Ham. You heard right, Ham! She looks like one too, her red fur and chubby body. She's not fat, but you know what I mean.

      Shelia couldn't earn enough neopoints to support us... so she abandoned Addie. When I heard that she was going to, I immediately began to sob and I grabbed Addie who in turn began to silently cry. But Addie was strong, and when the day came and Sheila took her to Dr. Death, Addie gave me the biggest hug you can imagine and whispered to me, "I will never be far away. As soon as I am adopted, I will track you back down and we can still be the best of sisters, and friends."

      She never did.

      It breaks me heart to realize that she will never find me. She probably has a happy new life filled with neopoints and not me.

      And so, as Sheila barely earns enough for me to have an allowance, and I read the the book titles and look at covers. Somewhere Addie is happy in her new life. Without me. How could she leave me!

      Oh no, no no no. Here come the tears. I quickly pad over to the door, open it, and step into the bright sunshine. Sheila says I should get out more, but it is so hot out here!

      I swallow a sob and begin to calmly walk around to look at the shops. I see Cayla and Ham across the grass as they walk into the NC mall, probably to try on a bunch of junk. Oh boy.

      Sheila often, at least once a week, takes us here while she shops and we wander around. It's a good way to pass the time, and I enjoy using my allowance on good books.

      The buildings offer little shade, which makes sense because the sun shines right overhead, but I stand in between a couple and it feels slightly cooler. Man, I need to hit the beach.

      I see Sheila walk out of the food shop, carrying a couple bags in one hand, she spots me, standing between the Book Shop and the General Store, and waves me over to her.

      I jog over to her and she smile and messes up the fur on my head using her free hand. "Hey!" I shriek playfully and I gently tag her leg and run away. "You're it!"

      As I crouch in the grass some yards away, Cayla and Ham walk out of the NC mall. I call out their names and they spot me. They walk closely together over to me, whispering. Probably talking about the latest fashions in the mall. I don't care for shopping- except for books that is. When Cayla and Ham come to a stop beside me, Shelia walks over to the three of us and asks the same thing she always does.

      "Ready?" Sheila asked.

      "Well..." Ham says.

      "You see..." Cayla continues.

      "No smoothies, girls. It will ruin your dinner," Sheila answers. The Kacheeks always ask for them after Sheila is done shopping, and Sheila always says the same thing back to them.

      My sisters groan. Sheila turns away from them and faces me, she rolls her eyes. I stifle a giggle.

      "What about you, Emy?" Sheila asks me.

      I don't look at her. I am looking past the money tree at the post office. A blue Xweetok is patiently waiting outside for her owner. I gasp as I realize who it is.

      "Emy?" Sheila was still waiting for an answer.

      It couldn't be, could it? I stare at the Xweetok and choke out a single word as I begin to cry.



      Here I sit, staring out the window of my room. After recognizing Addie, I desperately began to run to her. She didn't see me, until I was a mere yard away from her and she screamed. It caused quite a scene. Her owner ran out of the post office and saw me trying to stop in front of Addie. The owner, a teenage boy, got between me and Addie and roared at me "GET AWAY FROM HER!"

      I whimpered and the Xweetok peered around the owner. "Addie?" I whispered. Oh, Addie, recognize me... I know it's been a long four years, but recognize me....

      "No. I'm Eliza," the fellow Xweetok whispered.

      "Oh." I blushed and slowly backed away . "I'm so sorry," I muttered and began to run away, turning onto the road which would lead me to my neohome.

      And here I am. Sheila and the Kageeks (That's my secret name for my sisters) have not come home yet. I am so embarrassed! I have written this Neopian Times submission in secret.

      I don't think Addie and I will ever be reunited.

      I have been thinking so much about Addie, and here I begin to cry yet again. I am going to stop before I get this submission paper wet.

      I'm beginning to think that you should judge a book by its cover. If there was a book about me, the cover would be sad, and so is my story.

      Uh oh, I hear Sheila and my sisters coming home. Better hide this, or Sheila might see it. She will read it and probably sign me up for some group to deal with grief. I do not need that. I hear her coming down the hall to my room!

      I think I'll look for my long lost sister sometime...

The End

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