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Geo on Neo: The Hairstyles of Neopia

by icesmith


Hair. A word that strikes alleviation and amusement in some, dread and dismay in others. Thankfully, I am one of the latter, more stylish, Neopians and whether you’re reading this article for the latest trends or in desperation for a gorgeous hairstyle, you’re bound to find The Hairstyles of Neopia a treat.

As I sit here, twiddling with my own hair (which, as you can imagine is a figurative speech as I’m typing), images of dazzling designs and styles flourish within my mind. But which hairstyle has swept Neopia and tingled its fashion sense? Read on, my friend, and discover for yourself which hairstyle you should home yourself.

10 - Skarl’s Saucer

Yes! At the tenth position on our chart is none other than his highness, King Skarl, a man I entirely respect. For his chivalrous fortune? For his blossoming sense of humour? No, for the mere fact that this Skeith knows how to flaunt the classic bowl. It’s no wonder Meridell is swooning when they have such a fashionable diva in throne as Skarl, his brown locks cascading beautifully into a circular pattern that so gorgeously embraces his loving scalp. For all those who wish for the kingdom’s respect, why not choose the bowl haircut?

9 - Tekel’s Tyranny

At position nine is none other than the Tyrannian master of spells and potions, Tekel. This Techo has enjoyed his time in the shadows for long enough and is now stepping into the limelight with his portrayal of the brilliant disaster. The disaster haircut is not for the faint hearted, symbolising a catastrophe of power and strength within the messy curls and locks. If aiming for this superbly scruffy look make sure to gaze upon this Tyrannian trend carefully as it only takes a clumsy hand to turn this stylish manner into a sticky mess! Bravo, Tekel! Bravo!

8- Caylis’s Charade

Are you a loner? Perhaps underappreciated? Depressed, maybe? Whatever your gloomy life may hold, remember that there is always a silver lining, and Caylis flaunts this mysterious mode perfectly. This hairstyle is bound to grab some attention, the silvering frizzles creating a sense of mystery and suspense. Share your disheartening life with others as they gaze upon your ruffling locks, each wondering what stories your life holds to cause such a messy (yet gorgeous) look. Remember, however, this look only goes well with the sad individuals, so if an upcoming event might spark even a hint of joy, think twice before deciding on this charade.

7- Fyora’s Fraud

Why, I hear you ask, have I mentioned this overrated Faerie when her hair is nothing more than a flat anticlimax? Well, let me tell you, dear readers. I have mentioned the Queen not for her hairstyle, but instead for her colouring. Her shocking greys have been perfectly shrouded by this pristine fuchsia, keeping her youth sparklingly fresh. Having trouble controlling your grey manes? Talk to Fyora and ask for the magic that implements her pink and banishes her greys.

6- Jhudora’s Jeopardy

Now this is more like it! Planning world domination or the destruction of a few kingdoms? Why not flaunt Jhudora’s style, her green streak installing fear in all who gaze upon it. Truly a refreshing look, but make sure to condition regularly; otherwise, the green streak will turn from a marvel to a mane, provoking nothing but laughter within your victims. Want people to scream in terror when you enter the room? Jhudora’s got it sorted.

5- Edna’s Expression

Edna? Your laughter is most likely filling the room now, but let me slap it right back. This Zafara may look frenzied with that horrific hat, but alas, you have not seen the marvel that lies under. Some may assume that her barely noticeable quiff leads into more tragic hairstyle mishaps but you would be mistaken. Under that hat is a stunning flow of emerald locks, each strand cascading towards the floor beautifully. This hair is evidently well cared for, a sense of frizz nowhere to be seen. Even I dream of homing the gorgeous flair and flourish her hair holds but no matter how much I try, her style is impossible, even for me. Enchanted? Who knows. All I know is that I want it -- now!

4- Chuckling Charisma

Mr. Chuckles. What words could possibly describe this icon in Neopian styles. This Chia is simply the emblem of fashion, his crimson hair piercing out of the side of his head with such beauty, such confidence. No wonder this Chia is invited to every social event in town. Who wouldn’t envy this pure genius? I’m afraid, however, that Chuckles has kept the secret to his perfect hair well secured. Please do not attempt this hairstyle without confidence, as it looks absolutely foolish on Chuckles impostors.

3- Adee’s Amazement

Aiming for an unbeatably cute and adorable look? Look no further than Adee, her tender tufts triumphing above the rest. Whether you wish to be looked upon sweetly or seen as one of the most annoying random events in Neopian history, this look has it all. While you’re at it, why not compliment this blazing look even further by wearing a hat? A floral pattern or luminous green hat is bound to amplify the level of irritation you give to random users!

2- Cylara’s Catastrophe

Cylara, like so many unfortunate Neopians, suffers from the most horrific thing imaginable -- untameable hair. So why have I placed this into my elusive article? This Cybunny may have shocking and scruffy hair, yet she manages it with ease, creating a messy marvel out of her meandering mane. None would have guessed that this fashionable Cybunny has such horrific hair and, as such, she has earned her position at the honourable number two space! And who is the most fashionable diva in Neopia, I hear you ask? Well...

1- Sloth’s Star

Yes! Sloth is the most fashionable diva the universe has known, his three beautiful strands spiralling towards the skies. His tender hair is amazingly perfect and not even I, your beautiful writer, can compete with this fashioned figure. Just gaze upon his emerald quills, each managed perfectly. How long this idol stays in the bathroom, we don’t know. All I can say, however, is that Sloth is truly the master of hair.

And there you have it, dear readers, the top ten hairstyles of Neopia. The inspiration of a lifetime lies within this article, and now you too know of the best fashions, whether chivalrous or evil. Right now I can imagine the different ideas of styles that are flooding your mind and it’s all thanks to the top ten divas of Neopia. go sort out your hair.

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