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Bomberry Bonanza!

by dragonstorm_75


Do you like your meals hot and spicy? How about flaming hot foods that burn a hole in your stomach? If you are like that, then I got the perfect guide to you! Jalapenos are overrated; try BOMBERRIES! These freaky-hot bubbles of joy are really delicious, but no one knows what to make of them! So I have decided to make a delicious, fiery bomberry guide so you can choose the right bomberries, and what to do with them!

Bomberries grow exclusively on Mystery Island. But apparently some geniuses decided to smuggle a few and grow a new strain of bomberries in Meridell that are blue. (We will read about that later.) So if you aren’t interested in climbing trees to get your luscious berries, try buying one or two from the Tropical Food shop! They are often pretty cheap. Remember to carry fire-retardant gloves with you, unless you WANT to burn your paws when you pick one up!

Now, let's choose from the variety! Let us start with the unripe bomberry.

Unripe Bomberry:

This bomberry is spicy enough to tingle your tongue, but not so much. If you like your foods mildly spicy, feel free to peel this fruit and grate the pulp into your meals. It adds a tasty twang that few other fruits can duplicate in any way, shape or form!

Ripe Bomberry:

The average ripe bomberry has enough heat to burn your tongue when you eat it! The pulp is much more thick, not as squishy as an unripe bomberry’s flesh, but it makes it easier to grate onto foods. Remember, if you are new to the bomberry, start with small amounts. Unless of course, you like extreme heat. If that is the case, then let's go on to the ULTIMATE BOMBERRY!

Flaming Bomberry:

You need to be a Scorchio to eat this thing. It’s called ‘flaming’ for a reason; it is as if you are actually eating fire! Wowza! Flaming bomberries are good for all sorts of things. They can be used instead of a bonfire, and can even warm up water for a bath if your hot-water plug is not working. When dried, they are still burning hot. WARNING: Upon drying they develop a blue tinge. Don’t mistake these bomberries for the blue variety when you want to top an ice cream, or it will melt in seconds.

Blue Bomberry:

This is the only bomberry that does not live up to its name, but when you eat it, there sure is an explosion of flavor! Blue bomberries were grown in Meridell, but turned out totally different. Instead of their fiery cousins, these berries became very sweet, and juicy as well. If you like sweetness, use this bomberry!

Those are the only varieties of bomberries out there at the moment, but who knows? Maybe next Gadgadsbogen, there will be more, or maybe some crazy Meridell farmers will attempt to cross the blue bomberry with cabbage or potatoes! (Good luck with that.) But you might be wondering: what is the story of the blue bomberry? How did it become so sweet? Well, let me tell you everything!

Two farmers from Meridell one day got a break and decided to travel to Mystery Island. When they arrived, it was Gadgadsbogen, and they were invited for the feast. So anyway, they were offered bomberries to eat, and they were so delighted with them (yes, they were both Scorchios) that they smuggled a couple of different types back to Meridell and decided to practice their skills on these things to make them hotter.

After a couple of attempts, however, they realized that these bomberries were not getting any hotter; instead, they were getting sweeter. Displeased with their efforts, the farmers threw out all their hard work and went back to growing rutabagas. Ironically, these altered bomberries flourished, and after a few years they became famous in Skarl’s court for their delicate sweetness. The farmers tried to explain that they were responsible, but no one believed them.


Now that you know everything about bomberry berries, lets go on to the tasty, wholesome recipes! Blue bomberries can be made into anything. An example of this can be found in a blue bomberry slushie. Hubert also decided to have some fun and invented a tasty blue bomberry hotdog, or as I like to call it, the ‘bombdog.’ Did you ever see the bomberry birthday cupcake? Made from fresh blue bomberries!

If you want a kick to your food, try a small bomberry pie! It's absolutely delicious, and a perfect choice for those who like good ‘hot’ pies! Bomberry grog, a delightful concoction that has become a restaurant favorite at the Golden Dubloon, has just enough fire to really make the average pirate say ‘arr!’

If you really want to burn it up, try flaming bomberry krawkade! If you are at a sporting tournament and really need to kick it up a notch, this delicious drink is perfect for you! But if you are a more refined Neopian with good taste, try flaming bomberry tea. Put aside the sugar; you will need a tub of water beside you after you’ve drunk this brew!

Did you know that bomberries are also used to make wonderful elixirs? Yes! In fact, blue bomberries, if made just right, can either damage your pet upon drinking or give it a defense point! Bomberries can be sold for cheap at Kayla’s Potion Shop in the Meridell Castle.

Now, did you enjoy my bomberry guide? Surely it makes you want to go out there and grab one to liven up your scrambled eggs? But this is just for starters! If you are interested in a whole cartload of recipes, then the recipe book Cooking With A Bomberry will be simply perfect for you! All this and so much more, for a cheap price of 14,999 neopoints!

So what are you waiting for? Get ‘bombing!’

WARNING: This guide takes no responsibility for pets who have been damaged, burned, or harmed in any way upon eating bomberries. No one was harmed in the making of this guide, except for a puppyblew that ate a scrap of flaming bomberry in the garbage can. Don’t worry, he got better.

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