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What Would You Wish For?

by celebi797


It was 9:00 p.m. and Othello and his siblings were very excited. Now that it was Friday, and time for bed, his owner, celebi, would be reading them a bed time story. They all anticipated this day most each week, as celebi would only read them a bed time story on Fridays, which just made it seem better for some reason or another.

     Othello had it all figured out. He would read the story What to Wish?. It was apparently a very good read, and celebi had bought it just the other day. Othello had looked at it and immediately checked it off as the book he wanted to have read the next story time. Of course, he checked with his brother and sister first, but they both agreed, and they all decided not to try and figure out what the book was about beforehand so that they could get the whole story out of what was read to them.

      When celebi came up the stairs and asked them what book they wanted to have read to them, Othello immediately ran up and thrust the chosen book into his hands. He smiled then climbed back into his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin. His brother and sister looked expectantly at celebi and smiled as well. His owner just looked down at the book in his hands, sat down on Othello’s bed, and began to read.

      The story was about a poor young Usul. She had been painted grey by an owner whom soon after left her in the pound. She had been adopted soon afterwards, but almost never saw her owner because he was always out trying to keep enough money to feed herself and her three new siblings. She also had no friends. Everyone at school, and even her siblings made fun of her. Even other grey neopets made fun of her because she was new. After all, who cared about the feelings of one pet, as long as you were cool because you made fun of said pet? Her owner was never home to put a stop to it, and wasn’t a part of her life enough to even know what was going on. She was bullied, but at the same time, she was much too scared to tell the headmaster of the school. Everyone would know it was her if she told, and they would seek her out and bully her so that she would not tell again. So normally, she stayed in her room, went on walks in the woods, or sat on the playground staring enviously at other neopets. Neopets with friends.

     One day, she decided to take a walk in the woods. She accidentally went farther out than she intended and got lost. Night fell and she stumbled in the darkness trying to see where she was going. She was utterly lost. Then, she tripped on something hard and fell into a lake. She got out, cold, wet, and miserable, and felt around for what she had tripped on. She didn’t want anyone else to suffer her fate. She discovered that it was a bottle. Hardly able to see, she stumbled blindly into an enormous tree.

     She slept between its roots, and in the morning, when the mist rose, and she could see again, she found that she knew where she was and walked back home. There, she examined the bottle more closely. Within the bottle was a light faerie. She had beautiful golden hair and yellow wings, and golden dust fell around her. As the sun shone through the bottle, she shimmered slightly. She pressed her face to the glass looking sad, and rustled her wings a bit. The Usul, pitying the poor faerie, freed her. Upon being freed, the faerie did not bless the Usul, but instead decided to grant her one wish. After telling the Usul so, and that she could not wish for more wishes, the faerie fluttered off so that the Usul could contemplate what she most desired.

      The Usul spent many long nights and days thinking about what she wanted. 1,000,000 neopoints? No, that was too much, even for a faerie. A faerie paint brush? The Usul had always loved the idea of flight, but her owner couldn’t afford it normally. However, the Usul knew that this item would be difficult to get as well as they were exceedingly rare.

      Perhaps any paint brush in general? It would change her from her grey color. However, she found she rather liked grey, and knew that she would hardly be accepted now anyway. They labeled her as different, because she was grey, and even if she were to become gold, they would still shun her. She discarded the idea.

      She could ask for an entry of hers in the Neopian Times to be accepted, though she knew this request was ungrantable as that was decided by the NT editors.

      Maybe, a white weewoo? No... too rare and though cute, the incessant weewooing would get annoying...

      The Usul had an extremely difficult time trying to figure out what she wanted! She could not ask for a faerie yooyu. WAAAY too expensive.

     She decided to think about what she most wanted. What was her heart’s desire? A makeover? Money? Food? She didn’t know.

     Finally one day she walked out of her house and shouted, “Grant my heart’s greatest desire!” Almost at once the light faerie appeared. She smiled widely.

     “Good choice,” she said. She put out her hand and opened it. A light flashed and a small white ball of fur, flecked with green appeared. It uncurled to show a young tasu. It mewled softly. The light faerie gently put it down and it padded unsteadily to the Usul. Immediately the Usul knew she had chosen correctly and, thanking the light faerie over and over again, picked up the tasu and went back into her house with it, overjoyed.

     “That was a great story!” Othello exclaimed. “I wish I could have a wish from a faerie.”

     “I doubt that would occur, but if you like, we can take 3000 neopoints and go to the wishing well. You could each make a wish and donate 1000 neopoints,” celebi said.

     “I heard wishing wells were rip-offs to try and get neopoints out of you,” Kieran stated huffily.

     “You never know with things like these. For all you know, your wish may not come true because you said that... there could be someone working for the wishing well listening right now,” celebi stated, smiling mysteriously.

     “I take it back! I take it back!” Kieran shouted. His eyes were as large as full moons.

     “I think it’s a wonderful idea!” said Jerda. She was obviously very excited, and as the youngest, still had a definite belief in non-faerie magic.

     “Me too!” Othello exclaimed. “I want a—”

     “Shush!” celebi said putting a finger to Othello’s lips. “You NEVER state your wish before hand, or it won’t come true!”

     Othello’s eyes widened, but he didn’t say another word. He just nodded.

     “Now go to sleep. We are going early tomorrow morning!” Everybody went straight to sleep after that.

      When they arrived at the wishing well and made their wishes, all three pets started looking around expectantly. Jerda even looked at the sky as if she thought her wish would fall out of the sky.

     “You must be patient. It may be a few days, and sometimes it doesn’t work.” celebi sighed. All three pets nodded, but still looked around casually at irregular intervals. All three had wished for petpets of their very own, and they wanted them NOW.

     A few days passed and nothing happened. Then a week. Finally, after another week, the three pets grew very sad. They wondered if their pet had gotten mixed up with another, and that’s why it hadn’t come. After a month, they gave up hope of ever seeing their dream petpets.

     Then, one day, when the three pets got home from a day of games on Mystery Island, they found three packages. One for each pet. Jerda got an angelpuss, Kieran, an abominable snowball, and finally, Othello got a bearog. Overjoyed, they ran to show celebi. He smiled mysteriously, and congratulated them.

     Wishes do come true after all, but sometimes, they require a bit of help.

The End

I'm in the NT!!!! I would like to thank bearcatt, buizelmaniac, and ssjelitegirl whose comix inspired me 2 write! :D

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