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Incredible Edibles - Pancakes vs. Waffles

by purplepassiony2k


My fellow Neopians, I come to you today with another tasty topic that is of some importance. It's a question that is long overdue. Pancakes or Waffles? Some people like a soft, flappy pancake to melt in their mouth, but others like the crunch and the little dents that hold the maple syrup perfectly in a waffle! It started when someone asked me the other day, “you must be really hungry, 'cause all you do is talk about food!” Well, I thought that was really funny as what else did you expect from the gooey goodie goddess?! :) I totally blame my obsession with gooey treats on TNT! Almost every week TNT is releasing new ooey gooey foods for me to drool over!! Although I have noticed it’s very rare to find art of Neopians enjoying messy, sticky gooey pancakes or waffles, and why isn’t there a bottle of maple syrup in all of Neopia?! (hint hint, *bats eyes*!)

Which is better? What kind of toppings?...

Chocolate Chia Pancakes: (Mmm... a deliciously unhealthy way to start your day.) Why not start off your day with the perfect candy lover's breakfast? Is it breakfast or is it dessert? This is my favorite pancake to date! This pancake is more than a syrup soaker! Melt-in-your-mouth, ultra fluffy, homemade pancakes that’s adorable, and of course chocolate! I especially love these toppings! It’s topped with warm chocolate syrup, a dollop of whipped topping and those adorable sprinkles. What’s not to love about it?

Chocolate Chia Waffles: (Add some chocolate syrup to make this a morning meal you will never forget.) For breakfast, lunch or dinner, this pancake is a winner! Perfect for waffle lovers, this chocolate waffle is thick, delicious and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. The drizzled toppings will not disappoint you! Does love at first sight truly exist? *smiles*

Swirled Pancakes: (With a swirl of chocolate and vanilla flavours with maple syrup on top, these are very yummy.) There's almost nothing in this Neopian world as fine as a perfect stack of pancakes. Seven fluffy, decadent pancakes on a fun plate, with a dollop of whipped topping, stacked high with maple syrup dripping down the sides. What a tasty lookin' stack of pancakes too! I can’t help but think how cool would it be to set up a pancake condiment buffet and let everyone build their own. This sure is luscious with that drippy syrup running down the pancakes... but it would be perfect if it had a cherry!! *sigh*

Maple Koi Waffles: (How cute, these maple syrup topped waffles look just like Koi!) What do little neopets love more than waffles? FUN waffles!!! Waffles come in all shapes and tastes, something for everyone. There are lots of ways to make their breakfast a little cuter. These look absolutely delish! I can’t help but notice this has a generously thick layer of maple syrup too! Lipsmacking goodness!

Hot Cakes: (A delicious stack of pancakes.) You can’t get any better than this!! What are three different names for pancakes? Pancakes, flapjacks, and hot cakes. You are correct! Butter and syrup are classic toppings and these pancakes are making me drool! I love the way there is a slab of butter on the top of them and the butter is melting against the heat of the warmed stack, which makes you realize why some people call them 'hotcakes'. Yummyness!

Kau Waffle: (Delicious vanilla waffles covered in creamy butter and cooked in the shape of a Kau's head.) No boredom here! The sight of this delicious waffle, drenched with melting butter just spins my head and you might not even need to add the rich, golden syrup! - Now, that's fab-u-lous!

Strawberry Wocky Pancakes: (Four freshly baked pancakes smothered in strawberry syrup and decorated with fresh strawberries.) Tired of round pancakes? Why not enjoy pancakes that look like a Wocky? Could there be anything more amazing? These pancakes are soo rich and sweet you can enjoy them without any toppings. In fact, my neopet eats them as a finger food snacks! YUM!

Strawberry Nova Waffle: (Cute, this waffle looks like a nova and tastes like strawberries!) Strawberries are one of those fruits that I can't seem to get enough of when they are in season. Mmm, I love strawberry covered waffles that are dripping down the sides and pool around the plate! They made me feel all gooey inside! Yummy, a little of that over this way please. ;p

Mutant Pancakes: (Mmm... topped with delicious mutant syrup.) Not just any pancakes; these have a usual twist! If you're tired of the same old breakfast, wake up your taste buds with some delicious, ermmm... ummm... green and purple pancakes??!! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! (Did I just say that?)

Green Apple Waffle: (This waffle has been smothered in thick apple jam - yummy!) These waffles look absolutely delicious. The little dents in the waffles hold the jam so perfectly! An apple a day still makes good sense with this wonderfully cinnamony apple jam topped waffle. – It sounds amaaaaaazing!

Smiley Pancakes: (Buttermilk pancakes topped with a pat of butter, two fried eggs, and a strip of bacon.) Flavor explosion! This looks like a delicious way to eat bacon and eggs. The sweetness of maple and the smokiness of bacon mixed into the perfect pancake! They are unbelievably tasty! Oh my!

Fried Chicken and Waffles: (Spicy fried chicken served with waffles covered in maple syrup.) The unlikely sounding combo of chicken and waffles - fried chicken next to a waffle served with butter and syrup. I've had fried chicken and waffles separately, but they say this is A-MAZING! So, are you supposed to put syrup on it? Does one eat a bite of chicken, then a bite of waffle? Yowzas.

So what's it gonna be? I know it’s a hard choice to make! Sometimes you're just in a pancake mood, and sometimes you're in a waffle mood. If you have a minute, neomail me your choice... and think syrup. Lots and lots of syrup.

Well, with that said, have a tasty day! ;)


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