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Three Ixi You Should Be Aware Of!

by truely_hyper


Exactly seven years ago, Year 4 on Neopets, in the month of Swimming, the 46th neopet was introduced, and to commemorate that day we celebrate 11th July as Ixi Day! On this special day, let us look at three of the most famous Ixi, from different parts of the globe, who have left their mark in Neopia.

We start our journey in Meridell where we encounter an astute little Ixi called Sinsi. Then we travel to the Haunted Woods to meet the enigmatic Sophie. Finally we head off to Terror Mountain to become acquainted with the benevolent Ixi called... Ta... Oh, you’ll find out soon!


This acute Ixi from Meridell is the mastermind behind the famous puzzle game 'Shapeshifter', which she came up with to entertain her friends. The popularity of this game spread quickly and people from all over Neopia visited Meridell to crack this addictive brainteaser. This enterprising game designer’s puzzles make sure you don't end up just counting potatoes or playing cheeseroller all day in Meridell. The objective of the game is to use all the given shapes and convert every symbol on the board to the goal symbol. As you advance to the higher levels, more shapes will be added and extra symbols will be put on the board. Unlike flash games where you have to send your game scores in order to receive the neopoints, Shapeshifter automatically gives you the neopoints when you complete a new puzzle.

Not only does she have an avatar and a game dedicated to her, there are some rare and expensive Sinsi items up for grabs as well!

Items dedicated to Sinsi:

Sinsis Crown

Sinsis Gauntlet

Sinsis Grail

Sinsis Helm

Sinsis Puzzle Book

Sinsis Sword


Sophie, also known as the "Swamp Witch," is originally from Neovia where she lived with her family. After being attacked by the villagers, Sophie's elder brother Reginald took her to the woods where Ilere, the mysterious Earth Faerie, mentored her and taught her magic. Now, she lives alone in a shack in the swamplands of Haunted Woods. Because of her troubled past, Sophie is known to be a bit harsh, though she is a good Neopian inside.

She along with her brother Bruno had ended the curse of Neovia. Featured in The Tale of Woe plot, Sophie's interest of potion making and Meowclops were combined in the game dedicated solely to her- 'Sophie's Stew'. In this game you help Sophie get every ingredient into her cauldron. Using her wand to bounce the items across the room, you have to maneuver the items into the bubbling pot. You lose a life when you drop an ingredient on the floor. The game ends when you lose all your five lives.

Warning: Never... I mean NEVER annoy Sophie or she’ll turn you into a little stink beetle!

Just like Sinsi, Sophie has a range of items dedicated to her... Here are some of them...


Sophies Hut Background

Sophies Magic Hat

Sophies Elixir

Young Sophie Plushie

Sophie the Swamp Witch (TCG)

Sophies Whim (TCG)

Sophie the Swamp Witch (TCG)

Sophie (TCG)

Sophies Wooden Spoon

Sophie Plushie

Sophie, A Biography

Screaming Sophie Toy

Stained Glass Sophie Window

And the final Ixi we look at is...


By far the most famous Ixi in Neopia! (I would have said the most famous character, but I did not want to get zapped by Dr. Sloth's ray gun!)

She is known to practically all Neopians because of ‘Tarla's Toolbar Treasures’ where she randomly gives out items ranging from an Ultranova Rug to Secret Laboratory Map pieces and 100 Dubloon Coins and even some Paint Brushes!

People have different opinions about Tarla. At one side there are ones who consider her as the best medium to counter the over inflated Secret Laboratory Maps, dubloons, etc. They know she has played a major role to make low-level training for the new players a bit cheaper. On the other hand, there is a total opposite view blaming Tarla for doing more harm than good. According to them, barring some, most of the items Tarla’d (the term used when a particular item is given out by Tarla) have resulted in unnecessary deflation of items and ultimately resulted in monetary loses to them.

Regardless of these opinions, Tarla has given out (and hopefully will continue to do so) a huge range of items. These include Plushies, Coins, Shells, Stamps, Books, Gardening items, Petpets, Furniture, Weapons, and other items like Treasure Maps, Secret Laboratory Maps, Dubloons, Neggs, etc.

Note: You can get the alerts for these giveaways by downloading the Neopets Toolbar free of cost from here:

So now the question arises... what if you can’t download the toolbar for some reason (as in with Mac or due to some incompatible browser)?

Well, there’s good news for you! Some kind Neopians post the link to her warehouse from where you can get the prizes. So keep a lookout on the boards for Tarla threads. TNT has stated in the past editorials that it is perfectly fine to post Tarla links since everybody can’t download the toolbar.

But what do you think Tarla does when she is not giving out items? Very few people know that this pink Ixi is also the owner of Shop of Mystery on Terror Mountain! She scaled the Terror Mountain to reach the top, as she wasn’t aware of the steps leading up.

Her shop is one of a kind in Neopia where you can buy a random item for the given price (which is random as well). The item can be 'Bit of Barbed Wire', 'Ultra Icy Negg' or any other random item.

The cost of this item may vary from 100 NP to a couple of thousand neopoints.

You can't haggle with Tarla, though, so be careful when buying.

Some of the random items you might end up with from Shop of Mystery are:

Neggitus Injection

You Did It Card

Broken Fake Uni Hat

Punchbag Bob Plushie

Speckled Paint Brush

White Mallard

Hopefully, now you know more about your favourite Ixi than before! Oh yeah and Happy Ixi Day!

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