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Fun in the Sun

by maggie_the_gurl_


The temperatures have spiked and the sun seems to shine every day here in Neopia! That can only mean one thing: Summer has arrived. This summer, many Neopians are looking for new and exciting clothing styles to fit their summer needs. It seems such a shop has arrived in the NC Mall, just making its grand opening this past week! That’s right! All of your fun in the sun clothing for those Neopian summer months has arrived. Stocking clothes for beach adventures and underwater missions, the shop is packed with new trends and styles for every Neopian taste.

I arrived at the NC Summer Shop a day after it opened in order to find out more. The store owner, a fashionable Xweetok, talked to us about what kind of new objects are out there for your summer needs. She assured me the shop is trendy, fashionable, and economical.

What’s all the fuss over this summer shop anyway?

Well, first of all, the variety of the shop is the biggest attraction, I think. We have decorations, clothes, food, pretty much anything you need for summer, even a Giant Squid costume.

Um... A giant squid costume? Why in the world would you have something like that?

Well, a lot of Neopians enjoy traveling during the summer holidays. Two of the biggest destinations this year, it seems, are Mystery Island and Maraqua. The giant squid costume is particularly popular with those visiting Maraqua as you might have guessed! They can dress up and enter the underwater society without having to look like a tourist! Not to mention, it could double later as a Halloween costume this fall! Stylish AND economical.

I somehow have a hard time believing that, but you’re the stylish summer shop owner! Is there a way for Neopians to travel to Maraqua in style without this costume?

Of course! We also have a Maraquan Exploration Suit and Helmet! Not to mention our Fanciful Seaweed Dress and Headband. Also our Shimmering Fin Wings! Buy those and you’ll be the talk of Kelp. Well, as long as you order well too. Kelp is one of the central fashion places of Maraqua, after all.

Indeed! What kind of items do you have for Mystery Island travelers?

Well, it's not necessarily only for those traveling to Mystery Island! However, in the spirit of Mystery Island, we have a Luau background and a beach background. We also have some Tiki Tack Torches in stock! They’re excellent for those summer events! We have summer hats and even a beautiful purple swimsuit that would be excellent for beach excursions.

A lot of Neopian readers are really into the Mystery Island surf scene. Do you have any items to help them look hip at the beach?

Surf Trousers are definitely in this year and we have them! Not to mention we carry our own surfboard, the Wave Splash. This surfboard is perfect for riding Mystery Island waves! We also have Spiky Orange Mohawks in celebration of Harry the Moehog, last year’s surf champion!

What about for the spectators?

Butterfly sunglasses are a must for any beach goer. Eye protection and brilliant style all wrapped in one.

Those Sunglasses sound great! You also said you carry food in your shop?

That’s correct! We have a Bountiful Banana Splits, Very Berry Ice Lollies, Iced Fruit Kabobs and Dripping Ice Cream Cones just to name a few. We even have some picnic baskets so you can take your food right to the beach with you!

What about we Neopians who stick to Neopia Central for the summer?

Just because you stick around Neopia Central doesn’t mean you’re giving up having fun this summer. I’m sure plenty of Neopians enjoy camping and fireworks too! We have a Camping Background and Backpack for those who like to spend the summer sleeping out of doors. Also, we have a Summer Fireworks Background. There’s so much in the shop, no matter where you are spending your summer. Trust me.

Okay then. I’ll take your word for it. Now our readers really want to know, have there been any celebrity Neopians shop at your store yet?

Oh, absolutely. There have been quite a few, actually. I think the most memorable one was Fyora, Queen of the Fairies.

You’re kidding! What did she buy?!

She bought our Delicate Wispy Cape and Pretty Pointy Hat! They are absolutely adorable, after all.

I take it that they must be purple then?

Naturally. Oh! I believe she also bought our Beautiful Clam Shell Purse. It's imported from the depths of the underwater fishing caves in the Maraquan Ruins.

You must be so happy that the Faerie Queen bought from your store! Tell me about some signature NC Mall items that you’re also carrying.

Well, most of the NC Mall shops carry a few different items. One of the signature items of the shops is wings! Yes, while some Neopians are blessed with natural wings, there are many of us, such as myself who are wingless. This season we’re carrying Wings of Water and those Shimmering Fin Wings I mentioned earlier!

You’re wearing those wings right now, aren’t you?

I am! They’re just beautiful, aren’t they? The turquoise color and scale detail is exquisite. I’m sure plenty of Neopians won’t be able to wait to get ahold of these.

Well, what about winged Neopians like myself? I’m a disco Shoyru after all.

Plenty of Neopians like to spice things up once in a while when it comes to wings, even winged Neopians. These clothing wings serve as a decoration on top of your already admirable wings. They can be removed at any time so you can see your gorgeous natural ones again!

I never thought of it like that before. I might be in to buy a pair myself. Are there any other signature items the store is carrying?

The item I’m most excited about is one for any Neopian who loves a good surprise. Our Summer Fun Mystery Capsule is on sale at our shop for the low price of 200NC! I really want to let your readers out there know that I highly recommend this item.

Wow! Thanks so much for talking to us today! Could you remind our readers where you are located?

Absolutely! Look for the Neopian NC Summer Shop in Neopia Central in the main shopping district inside the NC Mall! I really hope I see you all here soon!


There you have it, ladies and gentleman! The Neopian NC Summer Shop is your one stop shop for fun in the sun! Even if you’re not able to purchase, the NC Summer Shop owner has assured us that visiting and trying on these summer styles is more than welcome. What will you be wearing this summer? If you’re lucky, one of these excellent pieces that have been introduced today! This is your disco Shoyru fashion reporter Madeline saying, Have a Great Summer, Neopia!

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