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Paint Brush Free Painting

by lollipop_dude


The theatre doors open. You make your way past the rows of plush velvet seats and sit down. Gradually the whole hall starts to fill up. You are surprised as you thought not many other people came to these economic lectures. You hear a harsh voice from the side of the stage, "Hurry up and get on there!' Muffled mumbles come from the side of the stage. You look at your watch and wonder why you bothered coming to this lecture. A nervous-looking girl shuffles onto the stage, holding a piece of paper with dog-eared corners. She really doesn't look as if she wants to be there. Anxiously she begins to speak, her voice trembling with every word:

Uh... hello everybody. I'm going to talk to you about Paint Brush Free Painting. (At that moment smothered giggles come from many of the audience) Um... so here I go. (She glances down at the piece of paper) You may think the title is confusing. You may think it is contradictory, maybe even an oxymoron. You may also think I am crazy. And you are right to think that because this article is about how to get looks of paint brushes using normal items. It may not be as "deluxe" or "cool" but it certainly saves a whole lot of Neopoints. Unfortunately many of these items are very expensive and don't look as good as paint brushes but they are still cheaper than the paint brushes. Also I have tried not use very many NC items because many people do not use neocash. OK, let's go:

Paint brush 1: Faerie Paint Brush

Costs around 3.5 million NP. You need to be rich to afford this coveted paint brush. Luckily for faerie fans you can get a faerie-like look using Shell Faerie Wings. The cheapest I could find were 42,900 NP on the Shop Wizard. For a more authentic look try Fire, Earth or Dark Faerie wings and perhaps My Sisters Frilly Skirt.

Paint brush 2: Mystery Island Paint Brush

Aloha! If you love the tropical heat of Mystery Island but are shocked at the asking price of roughly 5.1 million on auctions and TP, try a codestone lei. They are available in blue, orange, pink and even rainbow! The cheapest is the blue codestone lei at around 90,000 - 99,999 NP. If you have a Bruce, try the Tropical Bruce Shirt. The cheapest on the Shop Wizard was 21,301 NP. Also try the Zafara and Kacheek Tourist clothing ranges.

Paint brush 3: Halloween Paint Brush

This is truly the most spooky paint brush and perfect for trick or treating but costing an average of 1.4 million on the TP, you may not be able to afford it. I recommend you try the Spooky Skull Mask. It is just a small mask but it gives your neopet a Halloween look. I found one for 35,567 NP. There are other masks to try such as the Meowclops mask (21,989 NP), the Esophagor mask (9,291 NP) , Scary Witch Mask (6,001 NP) and the Jack-O-Lantern Mask (28,999 NP). Maybe you could also use some Vampire Wax Lips (1,100 NP) They are all very spooky. Hey, what's that behind you.... (She points with a shaking finger at something in the corner. Everyone turns in horror and sees nothing. Her sombre expression turns into laughter and then to sombre again.)

Paint brush 4: Royal Paint Brush

Ah, the royal paint brush. It is only the finest and most regal paint brush there is. This paint brush costs 1.75 million NP in the Hidden Tower and it also is one of the few colours the lab ray cannot zap your pet. To get a royal-like look, you will need to use species-specific clothing. For a Royalboy look, use a cape like an Ixi Forest Cape, a Lupe Hero Cape or a Kyrii Mage Cape. For a Royalgirl look use a dress like Frilly Pink Scorchio Dress, Pretty Spring Cybunny Dress, Techo Fancy Dress or any other dress you happen to find. The NC Mall also has nice tiaras like the twinkling pink tiara if you are lucky enough to have Neocash. (The red Usul next to you grins hugely. You can see her Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress and feel instantly envious.)

Paint Brush 5: Usuki Paint Brush

If your neopet is a complete Usuki addict and is begging to be painted Usuki, then use the cheaper option. Don't spend 1.2 million neopoints on the paint brush unless you are very rich and can afford to buy loads of paint brushes. The cheap option is to buy an Usukicon Y9 Magical Hair Usuki Mask. The cheapest on the Shop Wizard was only 25,500 NP and this miracle mask makes your pet look like an Usul (even if it already is one, because, as you may know, only Quiggles and Usuls can be painted Usuki) and even have (non-) magical green and purple flowing hair, just like an Usukigirl painted neopet. Try adding a cute purse like Pink Knit Purse or a pretty skirt like My Sisters Frilly Skirt, or maybe even a delightfully pink Usul Ski Suit.

And finally for a few little ideas for you. You can make your Aisha look like an Alien Aisha using Alien Aisha Ears. A Plushie Eyrie mask can give a pet a plushie-like feel. For a Christmas-like look use Seasonal Wings and a Holiday Tutu, maybe with a Seasonal Turtleneck Jumper.

So I... uh... I guess that's it. I hope you enjoyed it.

She bobs a small bow and shuffles off the stage again, breathing a sigh of relief. You nod neutrally, showing neither approval or disapproval in case people still think it is ridiculous. When you are sure no one is looking, you start avidly scribbling notes in your notebook. Then you notice everyone else is doing the same. The large red curtain drops down from the ceiling. The lights flash back on and you think about which one you are going to try first.

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