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Sophie versus the Existence of Jelly World

by a_greenparrot


Please note: This story is a sequel to my previous story, Sophie versus the Neopian Times; you can read that first if you don't understand this one.

“A Meepit working for TNT, gasp,” exclaimed Sophie as she read the headline of her weekly Neopian Times.

     The enthralled Swamp Witch paid no attention to her long green hair as it drooped over her sight; she was too busy reading the article. Today was Friday and currently the filthy jade Ixi was sitting in her favourite rocking chair with the Neopian Times clutched tightly in her paws. She read from top the bottom the accusations of how a Meepit had burrowed its way into TNT and was now a powerful administrator. However, when she saw the author, a mix of emotions went through her: disbelief, fury, confusion, and many more. The article was written by Samuel Peterson.

     “I thought I got rid of that fraud of a writer long ago,” growled Sophie as she tossed the newspaper to the floor of her already crowded shack.

     It actually wasn’t too long ago when Sophie had revealed the sly Lutari as a phoney. He had written a slanderous article about her and she gone to put a stop to him. When in Neopia Central, she learned that Mr. Peterson had gotten away with fabricating false tales many times, and he almost got away with hers. Thanks to Sophie’s quick thinking and a pinch of magic, all of the week’s issues claimed that Jelly World was real. She had even read that the Lutari had been fired.

     So this was why she was having a hard time swallowing the fact that Mr. Peterson was back and writing even more ridiculous tales. Once somebody says that Jelly World is real, you know that they are immeasurably insane.

     “A Meepit working for TNT?! How can people believe such rubbish?” she exclaimed, ignorant of the fact that she had believed it only a few seconds ago. “I don’t know how he got people to listen to him, but I’m going to find out and put a stop to it... permanently.”

     With that, she snatched up her curled magic staff and marched out of her dilapidated home. Her feet sloshed through the muddy swamp and she stomped angrily. She made her way through the Haunted Woods without stopping and soon was entering the fields that lead to Neopia Central. It had only been a couple months ago when she had taken the same route, so she was prepared for the brightly coloured, cheery town.

     The Ixi shoved her way through crowds as she searched for the catacombs. She soon spotted her target and worked her way towards it. On her path she passed several goofy stores, all containing smiling people. It sickened her. Once she was in the shade of the catacombs, she easily located the bland building in which she had first encountered Mr. Peterson. The blocky building looked unchanged since she had last seen it; the only difference to the Neopian Times headquarters was that the guard was gone.

     “I guess he got tired of nobody taking him seriously,” mused Sophie as she recalled the Grarrl who had put up little resistance to her complaint.

     She pushed open the door with force and barged into Mr. Peterson’s office. The short, red Lutari was scribbling down something with zeal until he noticed Sophie and looked up suavely.

     “Oh it’s you,” he said, somewhat disappointed. “What do you want? I haven’t written anything about you recently.”

     Sophie banged her fist on his desk and barked, “I demand to know why you’re not living in the streets begging for change!”

     Mr. Peterson grinned mischievously, like someone who was always in control, and explained, “As you recall, you fiendishly changed my papers to read ’Jelly World is real’. Well, it turns out Jelly World is one hundred percent real and therefore I was fired erroneously.”

     “Ha, Jelly World is something that not even toddlers believe in; how did you get all of Neopia accept your fabrication?” demanded Sophie.

     The Lutari slyly opened a drawer and pulled out three pictures which he handed to Sophie. She examined them and gasped; each image showed a scene of Jelly World (or at least what it would look like had it been real.) Everything was a translucent neon, from the wobbly homes to the sticky streets.

     “Th-these can’t be real,” breathed Sophie in shock.

     “Oh no? Pictures don’t lie, and according to them, neither do I,” said Mr. Peterson with a smirk.

     “I don’t care how you got these,” sneered Sophie defiantly. “I know that you’re a lying conman and I intend to prove it.”

     “What’s the matter, Sophie?” inquired Mr. Peterson with mock sympathy, “Are you suffering from denial? Why can’t the people believe in Jelly World?”

     “Because the whole concept is absurd,” shouted Sophie as she waved her hands in the air furiously. “If people believe in Jelly World, who’s to stop them from believing in Neoschools and an actually working Lutari Paint Brush?”

     “I suppose you could try,” pointed out the Lutari.

     “That’s right, I will try and succeed,” declared Sophie. “Neopia Central isn’t a bunch of gullible idiots.”

     With that, she stormed out of the Neopian Times headquarters and back into the blazing sun of the town.

     Once she was in the centre she bellowed out, “Attention, people! I, Sophie the Swamp Witch, have something very important to tell you.”

     From all sides of the town people stopped what they were doing and faced Sophie with curiosity.

     “Who’s Sophie the Swamp Witch?” called out a Techo.

     “What do you mean, you don’t know me?” shrieked Sophie with fury. “Didn’t you people read the Tale of Woe? I was the star of that. I saved Neovia, I make potions in the woods, I handed out your pathetic prizes; that was all me!”

     A few people showed recognition in their faces, but most just stared blankly.

     Sophie sighed and continued her speech. “You have been mislead by the Neopian Times. There is no such thing as Jelly World; it is one of Neopia’s most well-known facts.”

     “But Mr. Peterson had pictures,” protested a Cybunny.

     “Pictures, bah!” scoffed Sophie. “Anybody can fake a picture.”

     The crowd still looked sceptical.

     Sophie clutched her staff so hard it was close to snapping as she growled, “Fine, I’ll prove it.”


     Late that night, Sophie stealthily sneaked through the catacombs. There were still some customers, but only a fraction of what there had been in the day. She easily found the bland headquarters and approached the door. It was unlocked, luckily. The Ixi cautiously turned the handle and tiptoed inside the building. Mr. Peterson’s office was at first pitch black, so she had to watch her step. After a few minutes a slow progress, her eyes adjusted and she could make out the furniture.

     “If I were some incriminating evidence, where would I hide?” she muttered to herself.

     She scanned the room; there was a potted tree, a filing cabinet, and the Lutari’s neat desk. She decided to check the cabinet first. She stepped over to the steel box and examined the first drawer. After a slight rattle, she found that it was very firmly locked. She could easily open it with magic, but that might cause a clatter and right now she wanted to stay hidden. She moved over to the desk and began searching through the drawers. Too late, she saw a figure approach the back door and catch her red-handed.

     “Looking for something, Sophie?” inquired Mr. Peterson knowingly. “I thought that you wouldn’t want to give up immediately, but you’ll find that there is nothing of interest here. Now, get lost before I have you locked up.”

     “I will not stop until the whole world know the truth,” protested Sophie as she tossed her staff away in rage.

     With a CLANK! the staff rammed into the steel cabinet. This caused the four drawers to fall forward; revealing that they weren’t drawers at all, but one door painted to deceive the eyes. Sophie gazed into the “cabinet” and saw something that astounded her. There was a miniature model of what people claimed Jelly World looked like, matching Mr. Peterson’s pictures. It contained tiny houses made of jelly all coloured in a ridiculously bright style.

     “Ah, heh, heh,” chuckled the Lutari nervously, “I can... um... explain that.”

     “I’m sure you can,” said Sophie sarcastically, “to the Defenders of Neopia!”

     With that, she picked up the mini fantasy world and her staff and darted out of the room.

     Mr. Peterson just sighed. “Oh dear, I’m in trouble now.”


     It was one week later and Sophie was back at her shack. She had successfully proven that Mr. Peterson had tricked all of Neopia and he had been removed from his career forever. Currently, Sophie was being congratulated by her friends for once again foiling Mr. Peterson.

     “Good job, Sophie,” exclaimed Bruno. “This guy could cause serious problems if he kept writing.”

     “Yeah, there was something wrong with his head,” laughed Sophie. “I mean, c’mon, Jelly World, a TNT Meepit, it’s all ridiculous.”

     Just then a Weewoo swooped down and dropped a letter at Sophie’s feet. The witch picked it up and began to read it.

     Dear Sophie,

     Thank you so much, *meep*, for getting rid of that awful Lutari. We at, *meep*, TNT can’t thank you enough for, *meep*, making sure the people are not misinformed.


     *meep* The Meepit who works at TNT

     “Ha, ha,” chuckled Sophie uneasily. “Those TNT members sure know how to joke.”

     With that, she tossed the letter into her fire and concluded that some things were best left unknown.

The End

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