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Slorgs: The Perfect Petpet

by warriorsrock965


Are you searching for the perfect petpet for your lovely little pet? Well, search no longer! Slorgs are, of course, the best petpets to give to your pet! Why a Slorg you ask? Well, you’ll find out the Top Ten reasons why Slorgs make great petpets by reading this. :D

Reason #1: Slorgs are cute.

Your pet wants a petpet that is cute and lovely, soft and cuddly, right? Well, look no further! A Plushie Slorg would be the perfect petpet for your little lovely! Plushie Slorgs are one of the cutest petpets throughout all of Neopia! And they don’t even cost many neopoints! If you go searching around the Shop Wizard, you can find them for only 17,000 neopoints. Not that expensive, eh? Once you get that Slorg, your pet will be forever happy! Don’t forget, if you’re an avatar collector and you have a Slorg attached to your pet for enough days, you’ll get a new avatar. ;D It’s a win, win!

Reason #2: Slorgs match any pet’s interest.

Is your pet an evil minion of Dr. Sloth? Well, there is a Slorg that follows Dr. Sloth as well! The Darigan Slorg would be a great petpet for your evil, brainwashed minion.

Is your pet a Faerie that enjoys putting everything off and sitting on clouds all day? Well, get the Faerie Slorg! The Faerie Slorg loves to do just that. Even if you have a depressing Grey lovely, there is a Slorg just as depressed! The Grey Slorg will slouch with your depressed pet in the rain and take deep sighs with him/her. See? A perfect Slorg for every pet! :D

Reason #3: Slorgs have their own avatars.

How many petpets have two avatars? Not so many, eh? Well, the Slorg has two lovely avatars for you avid collectors! One is the one mentioned earlier in the passage, by getting any colour Slorg and having her/him on your pet for a certain number of days. You just made your pet happy and you got yourself a new avatar!

There is even another avatar that features Slorgs; the Attack of the Slorgs avatar! You’ve heard of that game, right? Where you keep those cute Slorgs away from your crops? Well, if you score enough points, you get the ‘Beware the Slorgs’ avatar! It’s just one of the best avatars ever featuring the best petpets ever!

Reason #4: Slorgs have many items.

Slorgs are one of the petpets in Neopia that have many items featured after them! There are toys, books, food, even Battledome weapons! Once you get your pet a Slorg, they’ll be in a huge frenzy, bugging you for every Slorg item in Neopia! Once you give in to your pet and buy them all the Slorg items in Neopia, you’ll find out that you just love those little creatures and make a very dedicated gallery of Slorgs! Your pet will be forever happy with their petpet all in your gallery.

Reason #5: Slorgs have their own day.

Whoa! Slorgs have their own day? Yep, they do indeed! That day happens to be November 3rd of every year. Now, tell me how many petpets you know that have a day all to themselves. Only the Symol, right? Right. So in all of Neopia the only two petpets that have their day listed on the calendar are the Slorg and the Symol. How awesome would that be? Having your own day? It would be very awesome indeed. So once your pet got a Slorg, they would be anxiously waiting November 3rd to come around every year and so would you.

Reason #6: Slorgs listen to you.

How many times have your pets come up to you and told you all about their day at Neoschool? Yeah, you listen to them and respond really lovingly, but sometimes don’t you wish that they could talk about their day to someone else? Well, wish no further! If you bought your pet a Slorg, he/she would listen intently to your pet’s day! The Slorg will respond with accurate actions according to your pet’s feelings that day. How fun would that be, right? :D

Reason #7: Slorgs eat whatever.

Buying petpet food gets very expensive after a while, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t have to spend your hard earned neopoints on your pet’s Slorg! Slorgs eat whatever you give them, even your pet’s food! You can save so many neopoints by feeding your Slorg anything and not those special petpet foods that other petpets require. Your pet’s Slorg will grow up full fed and healthy on any diet.

Reason #8: Slorgs make slime.

You might be thinking, ‘Ew! That’s so gross!” but Slorg slime is actually a very good thing. What does Slorg slime do exactly? It helps you in battle, of course! Just throw it at your opponent and, WHAM! They get a very nasty surprise. Your opponent will be grossed out covered in a sickly green, sticky slime made by your own pet’s petpet! That saves you neopoints too. You wouldn’t have to spend 25,000 neopoints on those already made Slorg slime bottles. ;D

Reason #9: Slorgs can never blame anyone.

I can bet that your pet’s current petpet has gotten into the Cookie Jar at home and blamed it on your pet, hasn’t it? Well, Slorgs can’t do that! If your pet’s Slorg tries to blame your pet, just walk on over to the Cookie Jar and look to see if you see slime trails over there. Once you see that, your pet’s Slorg can’t do anything but admit it. Much easier than listening to your pet and petpet argue over that, right? But you know, Slorgs would never even blame your pet. ;D

Reason #10: Slorgs are reliable.

Finally we have gotten to the last reason on why Slorgs make great petpets. The most important trait for any good petpet to have is reliability. You can definitely rely on a Slorg. They will do exactly what you say and will never betray you, no matter how evil they get. You can put all your trust into them and they will never take advantage of it. You can leave them all alone in your Neohome, and once you and your pet get back, your Slorg will have made the house perfectly spotless. How wonderful would that be? :D

Well, now I hope you see why a Slorg would be the best petpet you could give to your pet. Also, I thank you for taking your time to read this. Have a great day! ~Phroto

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