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The Altador Cup And Your Health

by no1_tails_fan


With the Altador Cup here, Altador Cup fever is growing. Altador Cup related titles, such as ‘Which team will you be on this year?’ and ‘Which team do you think will win?’ fill the Neoboards, and people begin to practice and prepare for the many hours of Yooyuball that lies ahead of them. However, during the Altador Cup time, it is important to look after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally, as the Cup and excessive hours of play will be trying on your mind, body, and soul. In this article, I will explain to you how you can help your team out to the full amount, while still caring for yourself, in a number of simple ways.

Sleep: Sleep is arguably one of the most important bodily functions, and can re-energise you after a long and tiresome day (Dreamer and Rise, Y8). Getting a regular amount of sleep is extremely beneficial to the spirit, and can provide a much needed break after hours upon hours of playing Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, or Make Some Noise. Sleep can also work as a de-stress mechanism (Dreamer and Rise, Y8), and provides an optimum chance to relax and dream about winning the Cup, what you had for lunch, or even world domination (Sloth and Nox, Y2).

Meditation: An alternative to sleep is meditation, the goal of which is to relax, and to clear the mind of conscious thought (Master, Y1). Meditation could be an essential part of your daily Cup routine, for example, you’re half way to your goal of one hundred Yooyuball wins, and you’re feeling awfully tired, so you take half an hour out of your playing time to meditate, in any position you want. For example, you could be lying down, you could be sitting in the traditional lotus position, or you could even be sitting in your warship that you will use for enslaving alien races (Masters, Y1. Sloth and Nox, Y2). After you meditate, you should be re-energised and peppy for the fifty more games you set yourself to play.

Nutrition: Playing hours of computer games can actually burn many calories (Avinroo and Avinroo, Y9), so it is important to maintain a healthy diet while doing your best to play for your favourite team. Food is an important source of energy, and can be quite tasty (Sophagor, Y6). Though junk food is high in sugar, which gives you energy, it is also high in saturated fats, and other nasty surprises that can make you feel yucky (Sophagor, Y6. O’Pot, Y2). If you do get hungry while playing, replace those fatty potato chips with fruit or vegetable pieces. It will revitalise the brain and give you more energy (O’Pot, Y2). Also, take the time out to prepare yourself a proper meal, rather than eating out at a fast food restaurant. Quite often, these foods are full of unwanted, unhealthy fat, and besides, food tastes a lot better when you cook it yourself!

Do not forget the importance of water. Water also plays an important part in revitalising your mind, and body (O’Pot, Y2). Water is perhaps the most important substance for your body, and it is important to keep hydrated throughout the tournament. However, the same conditions with snack foods apply. Rather than have a bottle of soda, or your hourly dose of java, replace it with a bottle of water. Remember, even being slightly thirsty means you are dehydrated (O’Pot, Y2).

Exercise: You may begin to feel lazy, and wish to do something about it, or maybe even your muscles are aching. So, what better way to revitalise your mind and body (and prevent bedsores) than exercise? Although playing Yooyuball all day will burn a few calories, it is highly beneficial to commit yourself to daily exercise. Some ideas for this would be walking to the corner store or local supermarket for grocery shopping rather than driving, riding your bicycle to school, doing aerobics, or carrying around your overfed petpet (de Guerre, Y7).

Stretching and pain: After playing Yooyuball excessively, various body parts may begin to feel sore. Stretching will be very beneficial in dealing with these pains. A few tips to remember when playing are to stretch every ten to twenty minutes, and even take a break, keep your hands warm and the blood circulating (for those in cold environments), and to improve your posture (Finneus, Y8). Remember to look after your body with exercise and stretching to ensure maximum health while playing.

Leisure: One would think playing Altador Cup games all day would be counted as leisure; however, for some, their dedication to their teams makes this leisure become almost like a chore, and sometimes quite stressful. That is why every so often, take some time out to read a book, or do a jigsaw puzzle. Even a leisurely bicycle ride (which can fulfil your exercise and leisure requirements) can help reduce your stress levels, unless you are going up a steep hill (de Guerre, Y7). Leisure can mean anything from sports, to playing an instrument, to writing an article for the Neopian Times; it is whatever you enjoy doing.

Socialising: During the Altador Cup, one could have little to no social life. So it is important to spend some time away from playing to let people know you are still alive. Take some time out to talk to family members, go out with friends, and above all, have fun. Even go onto the Neoboards and chat to friends, and other team members in the many chatgroups available. Spending time with other people can be frustrating at times, but can also be extremely beneficial in your overall well-being, as it can reduce stress levels (Glade and Faerie, Y6). Even if you do not plan to play during the Altador Cup, be sure to encourage others and make them happy. This can also help boost team morale when the team is feeling grey.

To ensure that you are the healthiest that you can be, take every precaution in looking after your health. Remember to sleep regularly, socialise, eat good and healthy food, and drink a lot of water. Exercise and take time off for yourself. Altador Cup time can be trying on the mind, body and soul, but keep yourself healthy, and it will go by quickly, and you will have a lot of fun.


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Author's note: All references are fake and completely unscientific. The article is based mostly on my own personal experiences.

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