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Confessions of a Morphed Xweetok: Part One

by beautiful_sim


Author's note: In order to understand who Tomoyo is, why my pets have such a rivalry with her, or how some of the events mentioned in the story occurred, you might want to read my previous story, The Different Uni. It should clear things up.

"Hey, Ayesha? Where'd you get that dress? The Second Hand Shoppe?"

     I closed my eyes, counted to ten, and breathed out slowly. I opened my eyes again, and turned around.

     "Oh, gee, Tomoyo, I don't know! Perhaps it was the NC Mall, and you just got that skirt of yours with your owner's 150 free Neocash?"

     The desert Uni in front of me scowled. She tossed her hair back. "Well, I guess it can't be helped that not even a dress from the NC Mall can make a Tonu look good!"

     I repeated my earlier procedure, and then walked away.

     "Ooh, that dirty Uni... she makes me so mad..."

     As I headed to my locker, a voice behind me said, "What's wrong, Ayesha?"

     I turned around to see my friend, Seth the blue Grundo. "Oh, Seth, it's Tomoyo again... Ever since Star stood up to her at the slumber party, we've had an intense hatred of Tomoyo. She feels the same about us."

     He nodded. "Say no more. I've gotten a little bit of revenge on her for you..."

     I froze. I could feel my face turning pale.

     "And just to show her how angry you are, I slipped a little note in her locker that said, 'How do you like that? From, Ayesha...'"

     "Are you crazy?! Principal Tarren made it clear that anybody who pulled a prank would be expelled! What did you do?!"

     "I just filled her locker with mud..."

     "Just filled her locker with mud?! Seth, when she opens her locker, I'll be blamed, and will get expelled! We've gotta get that stuff out of there!"

     Just then, the lunch bell rang.

     I buried my face in my hooves. "Oh, dang, oh, dang..."

     Seth looked at me, concerned. "Why the two dangs?"

     I looked at him, worry written on my face. "It's Friday! She always brings her lunch on Friday! We've gotta get that stuff out of her locker!"

     Seth looked worried. "Well, let's go get that stuff..."

      * * *

     As I washed my face to get the mud off in the bathroom, my sister Devie, the Christmas Ixi, walked up. "What happened?" she asked.

     I told her what had happened, and how we had barely managed to get the mud out of her locker just before Tomoyo had walked up.

     "I told Seth to never do that again. I just want Tomoyo to stop being rude to me...”

     Devie looked down at her feet - er, hooves - and smiled.

     I frowned. "Why are you smiling? It's not funny!"

     She grinned. "Oh, you'll see..."

      * * *

     "Girls! Family meeting!" my owner, Katie, called.

     I quit brushing my blue mane and walked downstairs. My sisters, Star the cloud Uni, Wish the blue Kacheek, and Devie, were sitting on the couch, ready for Katie to start talking.

     Katie looked at me and smiled. "Ayesha, you'd better sit down, to prepare for what I'm about to say..."

     My heart started beating rapidly. Had something serious happened? Did Devie tell Katie about the prank that Seth had pulled earlier? I sat down.

     "Ayesha, I would like you to know..."

     My sisters and Katie grinned.

     "That I've finally got a Xweetok morphing potion!" she said, pulling a red bottle out from behind her back. My mouth dropped to the floor.

     "Y-you mean... I'm finally getting morphed?!" I squealed. Katie nodded.

     "Your sisters knew about this all the time. I made them promise not to tell you."

     Devie smiled, as she knew that I had realized why she had smiled earlier.

     Katie handed me the potion. I couldn't believe it. Not longer would I be a blue Tonu, but a red Xweetok...

     I lifted the potion up to my lips. I took a sip of it, and all of a sudden I crashed on the ground. I blacked out after that...

      * * *

     "Ayesha? Ayesha!" I opened my eyes to see my sisters hovering over me.

     "Ugh, what... happened?" I said, getting up.

     Wish grinned and handed me a mirror. I took it from her. Once I saw my reflection, I nearly fainted again.

     I was beautiful. My mane had turned into a lovely collar of red fur. My previously blue hooves were now brown paws. But it was my face... my face impressed me most of all.

     My horn was now a little black dot on my now brown face, and red hair now flowed down my body, starting on my head and ending at the tip of my new tail. My eyes were blood red, but in the most beautiful way. Two brown ears stood on each side of my red hair.

     I couldn't believe it... I was beautiful. I smiled.

     "Let's see Tomoyo make fun of me now!" I said, giving the mirror back to Wish. "I can't wait until Monday..."

     Star sighed, and said, "Ayesha, I know that you think that this is a huge improvement, but no one's gonna like you if you become as vain as Tomoyo."

     I nodded. "I know. I just want to see the look on her face when she finds out that she has no reason to make fun of me anymore..."

      * * *

     Monday came, and I walked the halls of Faerieland Junior High confidently. Neopets stared at me, whispering, "Is she new?" "No, Principal Tarren would have made an announcement if she was; he always does that with new students..."

     I walked up to Seth. "Hey, Seth," I greeted him. He turned around, and dropped his books.

     "Ayesha?! Is that you?!" he asked in awe. I nodded.

     "Now, let's see Tomoyo make fun of me..."

     "Ayesha?!" I heard a voice behind me gasp. I turned around to see that it was Tomoyo. She grinned.

     "Wow, I knew that you didn't want to be ugly, but to go as far as to morph yourself... Wow!" she said, laughing.

     I was stunned. She was still making fun of me. I was getting more and more angry as she continued insulting me.

     "And you're still hanging with the Grundos? Wow..."

     I couldn't handle my anger. I had to let it out.

     I punched her. Hard. And I laughed.

     "I might be a Xweetok, but I still have my Tonu strength!" I said, laughing. "Am I right, Seth?" I said, turning around.

     Seth was gone. It was then that I had realized too late what I had done.

     I was about to apologize when Tomoyo rammed me down with her horn. I screamed from the pain. I got up and jumped on her back.

     "Unis are made for riding, aren't they?" I mocked her, laughing.

     "Ayesha, what the heck are you doing?!" I heard a familiar voice scream. I turned my head to see my sisters watching the fight. I was about to answer when Tomoyo bucked me off of her back.

     Star's eyes were full of tears. One look at her and I could tell that she had heard that riding comment.

     Wish's eyes were also wet. She hates to see people get hurt outside of the Battledome.

     But Devie's reaction was the worst. She stared at me with a blank expression. We had been in the Pound together, back when I was a Tonu. She knew me, and she knew me not to do what I was doing now.

     But I was.

     She sighed, and shook her head. "Ayesha, I don't believe you..." she said, then walked away.

     I stood there, hurt. My eyes started to water. I felt like I didn't even know myself anymore...

      * * *

     "Whoa, Ayesha, you got morphed?! You look great! Wait a minute... shouldn't you be at home?" the assistant manager of the Faerie Food shop, Lily, asked.

     I nodded sadly. "I should, but something happened..."

     Lily smiled and said, "Well, what was it? You can tell me. We've known each other since you were adopted in the Month of Collecting."

     I looked at her, and I burst into tears. The whole story spilled out.

     "Oh," she whispered once I was finished. Lily was young; her mother was the real shop manager. She didn't know what to say.

     A small smile curled on her face. She knelt down to my height. "Well, how about I tell you this. Mother is friends with a local light faerie who specializes in giving advice. How about I have her take you there in her cloud racer?"

     I looked up at her in awe. "You mean it?!"

     She nodded.

     I grinned, for the first time in hours. Not only was I going to find out how to get my sisters (and, I hate to say it, Tomoyo) to forgive me, but I was going to ride in a cloud racer! But, that's beside the point.

     "I'll go get her now," she said.

     I waited for a bit, and Lily came out with her Mother, Petal.

     Petal kneeled down to my height and said, "Lily told me what happened. Are you ready to go?"

     I nodded eagerly. "Let's go!"

      * * *

     The light faerie's home was magnificent. It was a gold, pod-shaped building, with lights hanging from the sides. A wind chime rang, making lovely music. Goldy swam in a freshwater pond.


     "It's fantastic, isn't it?" Petal asked. I nodded, mouth agape.

     "Wait'll you see the inside," she said, winking. "It's even better."

     Petal knocked on the door, and a faerie Kougra let us in.

     "Excuse me," the Kougra said. "I'm the Mistress's maid. I'll get her for you. In the meantime, please come in."

     Petal wasn't lying about the inside. The walls were painted gold, the rug a light pink. Golden veils replaced doors, and pictures and awards hung on the walls.

     "Whoa. This place is awesome," I said, putting myself together.

     The maid bowed and walked into another room.

     "Mistress Beam, Mistress Petal and a young Xweetok are here to see you," the maid's voice said.

     "Thank you, Lavender," a calm voice said.

     The light faerie walked in. I couldn't believe it. She was prettier than her home.

     She wore her light blonde hair in a bun, and surprisingly, didn't wear a golden dress, like other light faeries. She wore what looked like a school uniform. To top it all off, she wore golden glasses and a light blue crystal hung from her neck on a silver chain.

     "Hello," she said in that calm voice of hers. "Petal, it is nice to see you. And, who is this pretty young Xweetok?"

     "I'm Ayesha," I said. "Petal took me here for some advice."

     The faerie smiled and said, "Nice to meet you, Ayesha. Please call me Beam."

     "Okay," I responded, and we sat down. I breathed in and told her the story.

      * * *

     "Wow," Beam whispered when I finished. "I can see why you're so sad."

     I nodded. I was afraid to speak, because if I did, I was afraid that I would cry again. Beam smiled.

     "This Tomoyo girl... I believe that I've met her. I think you should know the reason that she can be so rude..." Beam said, a smile once again curling on her face.

     "I was once on my way to the Faerie Library, and on my way, I stopped at Faerie Foods to get something to eat. Petal herself knows this story. Petal..." Beam said, gesturing towards my earth faerie friend.

     Petal nodded and looked at me. "Tomoyo was a blue Ogrin, taking a lashing from her owner about her looks and stats."

     My mouth nearly dropped to the floor. And I was standing up.

     "I remember what her owner had said - it was one of the worst things I had ever heard. The words torture me by remaining in my head. She said, 'You are one of the ugliest pets I have ever seen! You're weak, too! I can't believe I ever created you! And your name - Tomoyo_Sakura_Awesome_44? What was I thinking? You know what? I think that we'd better make a stop by the Pound on the way home.'"

     "Y-you mean..." I started. My mind flashed back to my days in the Pound. I was good friends with a blue Ogrin, who claimed that her name was Sakura...

     "Tomoyo was one of my best friends?"

To be continued...

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